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Nintendo and System Exclusives Earn Golden Joystick Nominations

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

You still have time to vote

The Golden Joysticks are an annual games industry awards shindig in the UK, which take place this year on 25th October. The awards are based on the votes of the public, so they also give you a chance to back your favourite games and companies.

You can vote until the end of this month at the link above, and as we know you're all dying to support anything and everything Nintendo, below are categories in which the big N or exclusives to its systems are nominated.

Best Newcomer


Best Handheld Game

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — Mirror of Fate

Best Storytelling

LEGO City: Undercover

Best Multiplayer

Nintendo Land

Best Visual Design

Pikmin 3

Best Platform

Wii U

Innovation of the Year

Nintendo Direct

Studio of the Year

Nintendo Intelligent Systems

Most Wanted

Super Smash Bros.

Game of The Year

Pikmin 3
Fire Emblem: Awakening

So, will you be casting your votes? Let us know, while you can also check out voting information from the award's host Ed Byrne, below.

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User Comments (36)



Mk_II said:

Animal Crossing New Leaf should certainly get the Best Handheld Game award.



deusy said:

Went and voted for all the Nintendo things. I think SSB has potential to be most wanted.



cookiex said:

I voted:
Best Newcomer - The Walking Dead
Best Online Game - Guild Wars 2 (Never played any of the games nominated, so I just threw a random vote)
Best Indie Game - Hotline Miami
Best Handheld Game - Fire Emblem Awakening
Best Storytelling - The Walking Dead
Best Multiplayer - Halo 4
Best Mobile Game - Deus Ex: The Fall (like with the online games I just threw a random vote)
Best Visual Design - Pikmin 3
Best Gaming Platform - 3DS
Best Gaming Moment - Metal Gear Rising Revengance
Best Innovation - Miiverse
Best Studio - Ubisoft Montreal
Youtube Gamer - Yogscast
Most Wanted - Smash Bros.
Game of the Year - Fire Emblem Awakening



seronja said:

my votes:
Best Newcomer - dishonored
Best Online Game - defiance
Best Indie Game - guacamelee
Best Handheld Game - Fire Emblem Awakening
Best Storytelling - The Walking Dead
Best Multiplayer - sonic & all stars racing: transformed
Best Mobile Game - xcom- enemy unknown
Best Visual Design - Ni no Kuni: wrath of the white witch
Best Gaming Platform - ps3
Best Gaming Moment - the walking dead: the boy in the attic
Best Innovation - Miiverse
Best Studio - TellTale games
Youtube Gamer - i skiped this one
Most Wanted - thief
Game of the Year - dishonored



ULTRA-64 said:

Nintendo don't deserve any awards! At least not relating to Wii u, the games, and company have been stagnant since launch. I love lots of the games out on the console, zombie u in particular I thought was great. However loads of bugs, lack of online and replay value mean it won't win jack. Sorry



bagszi said:

Pokémon XY:
Can't be most wanted since will be released in 15 days.
Can't be game of the year or Best handheld game since isn't released yet.



b23cdq said:

You could vote for GTA V as GOTY before it was released. I can't take these awards seriously.



banacheck said:

(Game of the Year)
The Last of Us.
(Most Wanted)
This is hard, for me it out of Dark Souls II,Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
(Best Indie Game)
Hotline Miami or Guacamelee.
(Best Newcomer)
The Last of Us.
(Best Handheld Game)
Persona 4 Golden or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.
(Best Gaming Platform)
I have to say PlayStation3 where i'm playing most of my games, at the moment.
(Best Storytelling)
With out a doubt, The Last of Us.
(Best Mobile/Tablet Game of the Year)
Don't play on mobiles or tablets.
(Best Online Game)
PlanetSide 2.
(Best Multiplayer)
I'm going with Borderlands 2.
(Innovation of the Year)
Oculus Rift.
(Studio of the Year)
Naughty Dog.
(Best Visual Design)
It's out of The Last of Us or God of War: Ascension for me.
(Best Gaming Moment)
The Last of Us – Joel’s loss.



ricklongo said:

Best Storytelling - LEGO City: Undercover. HELL YEAH.

Anyway, public-voted internet polls have historically been quite the disaster. Way too easy to cheat.



-Crystalline- said:

I'm sorry, Ninty, and I really am, but I just had to vote for "The Last of Us" for the "GOTY" and "Best Storytelling" categories. No other game has had such an impact on me and been this emotionally engaging.

But no worries, I'll vote for one of your titles for the "Best Handheld Game" category, still.



CanisWolfred said:

I only voted for one Nintendo game, and it happened to be in a category where there were no other halfway decent choices.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Macarony64 although the net is filled with trolls, I think you just mistook my honesty for insult. I said what I feel is true, if you want to jump around clapping hands and singing the praises of a company losing ground on rivals, do so! I have been a fan of Nintendo consoles for 25+ years and I'm an honest person, I don't think many other Nintendo fans would give the Wii u any awards right now, look up through the above posts for evidence of this. And furthermore, fake, as you put it would mean I didn't say what I think. That I blindly followed a company, without an opinion or criticism just because....I don't, I love Nintendo but if they mess up I won't protect them. It WOULD be fake to do that!!



C-Olimar said:

@ULTRA-64 Don't worry, Nintendo won't win anything anyway. It's a community vote. There aren't enough players of Nintendo exclusives, especially people nerdy enough to actually vote.

They might scrape a handheld award...



Morpheel said:

I basically voted for The Walking Dead every time I could.

Also, everyone, vote for SmoothMcGroove for the youtube gamer category! He's awesome... And not in a "lol look at me cursing at the screen and hating old videogames!" way.



ULTRA-64 said:

@C-Olimar cheers for the support, we are in real trouble if we turn on each other eh? They would deserve a handheld award, the 3ds has exceeded all expectations, I don't buy handhelds personally but the sales and games they are getting are worth praise. I hope the Wii u picks up the same in time!?!



SkywardLink98 said:

Fire Emblem: Awakening or Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Decisions, decisions. Sorry Nintendo but my vote for GotY goes to Guild Wars 2.



AJWolfTill said:

YOU GUYS! Vote for Virtue's Last Reward in the storytelling category! This game deserves all the recognition it can get and this would be a fantastic achievement for it!



unrandomsam said:

Hotline Miami / Oculus Rift / DOTA2 should win.

(DOTA2 is the only decent Free to Play there has ever been yet).



nothankyou said:

Virtue's Last Reward better win storytelling or I'm gonna do something drastically stupid to somebody



antonvaltaz said:

I wish there was an archive of all nominations, or at least winners, way back to the early '80s when they were all games for Sinclair and Commodore home computers... would be fascinating to see.



JaxonH said:

They don't? I think they do. Pikmin 3 is like the Fire Emblem Awakening of the Wii U- the mint gem of an underrated franchise which really took us all by surprise!

Not to mention, Nintendoland was a SUPERB game for multiplayer. Hell, I played that game for weeks by myself. But when me and my brother played together in the Zelda game, I cannot express how great that was. The Metroid game also- just fantastic with 2 players! I even got my 60 year old mother to play the Pikmin game with me lol. Tell me a game that accomplished all that doesn't deserve some recognition!

And the Wii U has definitely come into its own the second half of this year. Gone are the days of "Wii U has nothing to offer". Gone are the days of "Wii U has no games". Wii U has become desirable console number 1 at a dizzying rate...



JaxonH said:

I tell you what, Fire Emblem Awakening deserves some kind of award. I don't care which category, but that game deserves some recognition.



Gamer83 said:

Best Newcomer- The Last of Us
Best Indie Game- Guacamelee!
Best Handheld Game- Persona 4: Golden
Best Storytelling- The Last of Us
Best Multiplayer- Halo 4
Best Visual Design- The Last of Us
Best Platform- PS3 (the one category that isn't close)
Best Moment- Tomb Raider: Radio Tower Climb
Best Innovation- Nintendo Direct
Studio of the Year- Naughty Dog
Most Wanted- PS4
Game of the Year- Grand Theft Auto V



Gamer83 said:


Sums up pretty much how I feel. I never understood the point of just blindly defending giant corporations. All of the big 3 deserve to be heavily criticized at times.



TheGreatLord said:

It said that I can vote, so I clicked on the link, and then it said votes are now complete. :/

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