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Weirdness: "Pikmin 3" Shows Off a House in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The Wii U game is speaking to us

So it turns out that Pikmin 3 is more than just a Wii U game, but also a space suit-wearing inhabitant of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf universe. If our games are alive and interacting with other games, then this hobby just got more interesting.

Silliness aside, Nintendo has opened a special Pikmin 3 house — with the self-named character — in New Leaf in Europe, popping up as SpotPass content in the Happy Home Showcase area. It may have appeared in North America ahead of the Wii U title's arrival this weekend — if so let everyone know in the comments section — or could arrive after that title lands.

We had a look around while enjoying our daily check-in on our plucky citizens, and it's an impressive house packed full of furniture that we didn't even know existed. As a thematic dedication to the Wii U release, it's on the money.

You can check out our tour of the house below, but if you want to wait and explore for yourself then click away now. For those of you that do take a look, let us know where it ranks on the scale of awesomeness (10 for super-awesome) in the comments below.

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tchaten said:

Love this cross game promotion in Animal Crossing - makes Animal Crossing the center of the Nintendo universe - could be used to bridge caps to nearly every Nintendo franchise ...



AyeHaley said:

Today the 3rd time I see a blue icon and nothing new in game. I check the spot pass space and my mailbox. nothing.
Edit: with spotpass space I mean HH showcase of course.
Nevermind, finally my first house in the HH showcase. But this still doesn't explain those other 2 times I got a blue notification on the ACNL icon. When that happens I always check everything, even the HH showcase. So it still doesn't make sense.

Also its weird being able to order most stuff from those houses. It almost feels like cheating...I was looking forward to gradually collect the entire Space/Astro collection. Already got a few...but now I can order them all from within that house in a few days time.
Its awesome but at the same time it takes away most of the surprises of finding those items at T. Nooks or anywhere else.



ThomasBW84 said:

@AyeHaley Have you been to the Happy Home area, where StreetPass homes are on show? That's where this house can be found



Gioku said:

I'll have to check on this! I might already have it and just not noticed it yet! XD



MetalKingShield said:

I think it's a very nice house and it's always good to give people more chances to order furniture. I hope they do more like it. Made me want Pikmin 3 too.



Captain_Gonru said:

Reporting from NA, no sightings just yet.
On a side note, the Pikmin paintings are cool, except for the red one. That one is just, strange, to me.



zipmon said:

Wow, what an awesome house! I love the individual Pikmin rooms!

I like to think that, instead of just doing all this via code & a back-end interface, there's a person at Nintendo whose actual job is to play Animal Crossing enough to set up all these amazing SpotPass houses.



akabenjy said:

How funny is the picture of the red Pikmin. It reminds me of when Jack painted Rose in Titanic. Haha.



Dpishere said:

I have been playing this game every day since a week after launch, and I still am not tired of it! I hope americans can get this house as I like checking out Nintendo's official houses to see how they place their furniture. This was my first Animal Crossing and even though I did not know what to expect I certainly haven't been disappointed with my purchase!



Dpishere said:

@TheItalianBaptist Olimar and the Pikmin are already confirmed as a playable character in Smash Bros. I never used them in Brawl, but maybe that will change for the new entry.



Big_Boy_Chubs said:

one pikmin thing in every room. I want the polka-dot furniture. i've been taking it to that blue sheep and making it beige. only have the tv and clock so far......):



Kyoto said:

Awesome house! I love how every type of pikmin has it's own room, although every side-room is not that big. Even more awesome though is the fact that you can buy all the awesome furniture that's in there.

9/10 from me



Triforce83 said:

Just checked out the Pikmin house on my AC new leaf and the main room is exactly what I'm after being abit of a sci fi nut so going to spend a lot of bells to get most of the furniture 😃



Kyoto said:

@Tobias95 Yep, once you are in the house you can touch "order furniture" on the touchscreen to buy things that are standing in that room. You can do that for every room in the house



Mowzle said:

Thank you for the heads-up Thomas. I couldn't work out what the blue spot indicated, even thought it might be related to TIY which opened this morning. Didn't think of the HHA exhibition area.
I've been desperate for a Robo floor and wall as I want a space style kitchen - now I can start making one. And there's an Outdoor Bath, and..., and.., oooh I can't wait to get up there with some Bells in my pocket!
Passes out, breathless..



HeroOfCybertron said:

@NightmareXIV It sure seems that way, whenever I click on an article like this I am first excited and get my 3DS to check then I get annoyed when the article didn't say it wasn't for NA.



RQuinain said:

Oh shoot, that one room has a BUNCH of space stuff in it... NEED THIS HOUSE IN MY SHOWCASE SO I CAN BUY IT ALL!!



Araknie said:

Ooooh that's what is the Blue Dot, i was i supposed to get that without a clue Nintendo...ok, gonna check that out now.



Noonch said:

I got a new house today in the happy home showcase but it had only 2 rooms. One obviously a Pikmin 3 tribute and one seemed Donkey Kong themed but nowhere near as awesome as the European house.



MeloMan said:

I may end up with the latest AC yet... trying to fight the urge... losing... battle.......

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