So it turns out that Pikmin 3 is more than just a Wii U game, but also a space suit-wearing inhabitant of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf universe. If our games are alive and interacting with other games, then this hobby just got more interesting.

Silliness aside, Nintendo has opened a special Pikmin 3 house β€” with the self-named character β€” in New Leaf in Europe, popping up as SpotPass content in the Happy Home Showcase area. It may have appeared in North America ahead of the Wii U title's arrival this weekend β€” if so let everyone know in the comments section β€” or could arrive after that title lands.

We had a look around while enjoying our daily check-in on our plucky citizens, and it's an impressive house packed full of furniture that we didn't even know existed. As a thematic dedication to the Wii U release, it's on the money.

You can check out our tour of the house below, but if you want to wait and explore for yourself then click away now. For those of you that do take a look, let us know where it ranks on the scale of awesomeness (10 for super-awesome) in the comments below.