Disney Infinity Toys2

To fully grasp the concept behind Disney Infinity, it’s important to understand that the whole game uses a meta concept in which things in-game also must exist in real life. Without delving too deep into theories or abstractions, the simplest way to put it is by saying that everything is a toy. Whether it’s the character that you’re playing as on your television screen or the physical figure in your hand, you have to keep in mind that they’re both toys that occur in separate spaces, but one cannot exist without the other. Because these toys exist outside of the game and permeate into real-life, the creators of the figures were thoughtful enough to make something that reflects the quality of the actual game.

Each figure is made from a soft plastic that allows just enough give to bend without breaking. Some of the thicker characters such as Mr. Incredible or Sulley obviously have larger masses so their forms are much thicker and sturdier, but even without flexibility they still feel durable. Characters such as Jack Sparrow and Mrs. Incredible who are thinner or have lanky proportions and protruding accessories – namely Jack’s sword – are noticeably softer and provide for more bend. Again, this bend is just enough to allow for the characters to be moved and tossed around without serious risk of damage. It is still advisable not to play with these figures too hard though, as everything has its point at which some breakage is bound to occur.

The one downside to their sturdiness is that the figures lack in any form of articulation. They make for good trophies to proudly display on your shelf, but outside of the game you won’t be getting much action out of them. This lack of articulation also brings up the first of few issues that these toys present, and that is their seams. At the points where limbs connect with torsos, some of the figures are a little off, leaving obvious lines where one piece of plastic is attached to another. It is also at these points that some of the figures have issues with discoloration. The paint jobs on all of these are absolutely gorgeous, but that doesn’t always hold up at the connection points. Whether this is a case of mixing chemicals between the paint and adhesive or a simple quality control issue is unknown, but the results are disappointing nonetheless. From even a slight distance everything looks fine, but the flaws are easily noticed by scrutinizing eyes.

Disney Infinity Figures

The issues with discoloration and broken seams only appear to exist on some of the smoother figures such as Mr. Incredible and Sulley however, as other figures – particularly Jack Sparrow and Lightning McQueen – have such attention to detail that it’s astounding. Captain Jack, the outlandish and ostentatious pirate, is adorned with his signature dreadlocks and accessories, all of which are detailed and painted, making for one of the most attractive of the launch figures. Lightning McQueen, while less intricate than Jack in form, showcases all of his brandings and decals from the Cars films. Most noticeable are McQueen’s hubcaps, all four of which contain more precision painting than some of the other figures contain on their entire person. It really is impressive that so much attention to detail was paid to such a small and innocuous aspect of the McQueen figure. The hubcaps are a testament to how much the producers care about the aesthetic appeal of these plastic figures.

The Power Discs, conversely to the figures, are made of a hard plastic with a sticker labeling. Because of their build, they’re not much to look at outside of their in-game effects, but they are very sturdy and capable of withstanding a good tossing around. If you’re looking to build and create as much as you possibly can in the Toy Box, then you’ll want to get your hands on as many of these accessories as possible, but they don’t provide much to impress the majority of casual collectors.

Disney Infinity figures are obviously targeted to owners of the game, but it’s clear that they were also produced with any Disney fan in mind. Whether or not you’re playing Disney Infinity, there’s bound to be a character that you like who eventually gets the figure treatment, and these are hard to resist. As collector’s items, it’s difficult to determine whether or not the figures will hold any intrinsic value, but fans of the Disney universe will love having these on display with the rest of their memorabilia.