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Wed 3rd Aug 2011

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himemochi commented on Review: Disney Infinity Figurines:

I understand that the method is Skylander-ish, but I bought all the characters that are out and preordered Jack Skellington because these characters are what I want NOT the weird Skylanders. Also each character being a beautiful piece makes me happy to spend that little bit extra. Skylanders are terrible looking for the most part, I had to search for a hot dog where his eyes weren't already chipped in the pack.

Being able to create in this game is one of the main things I love and the Disney created worlds are fun to jump right into. I love playing multiplayer locally with my friends because when they have to go or are done playing they just take their character off the pad and go on haha. Its the mash ups like Sugar Rush and Tron that get my creative juices going and I collect all kinds of things for my in game Toy Box.

Also with each figure, you get a digital card that gives you that character in the PC gaming coming out in October. Skylanders are 12-14 and so are these, so i am not sure about the price difference in my area.

Overall , I am very excited for this, I hope they announce Alice or Mulan, they have two girls from Frozen already in the game for when they come out this fall.

This is one of those games you really have to try it to know if you will like it