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Pokémon X & Y 3DS Bundle Pre-Orders Sell Out Within a Day at Amazon Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Saying that Pokémon is particularly popular in Japan is rather like saying Mario likes to jump around on platforms occasionally — it's a cultural phenomenon in the region. The franchise doesn't do badly in the West, either, but the prominence of the brand in Japan is arguably at another level entirely.

Hype for Pokémon X & Y has certainly been building, and Japanese gamers have also been looking forward to the limited edition 3DS XL models coming to the region. Amazon Japan opened pre-orders for the systems on Saturday (10th August) at 10am, and within one hour the allocation of the golden version was sold out, with the blue model following at 7pm, just nine hours later. The retailer reportedly had around 100,000 units to sell, and will presumably be chasing more stock to pick up further orders.

These bundles are yet to be confirmed for the West, but have been loosely rumoured to arrive in some form. While coloured systems with the game pre-installed would likely sell well, these designs are particularly appealing; many fingers are undoubtedly crossed.


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Shambo said:

The golden one... It'd be my third 3ds xl should it make it to Europe... My fifth overall... Wow... I need professional help.



Retro_on_theGo said:

No surprise. I expect a similar turn out here if they come over. If I wasn't poor this would so be enough for me to upgrade to an XL, and I don't even like them!



Icefreak45 said:

Geez, pokemon sure is popular huh? XD, hope this makes it over to the states though I wont be able to get it, money is going towards my Wii U.



Vee_Flames said:

Wow... Pokémon is so popular! This will be a huge hit for 3DS...
Can't wait for Wii U's hit!



AyeHaley said:

I am anticipating at least a Pokémon and/or Zelda limited edition 3DS XL.
And despite having 2 XL's already I'm saving up to buy at least one of the two.
Pet sim, 3Dx2 world, awesome new Pokémon, fairy-type and Mega Evolutions?
I am beyond HYPED. Its like 1000 birthdays packed into one. (Well...2 actually.)



19Robb92 said:

I can't wait for these games, looks like the best Pokemon games in quite some time. It's going to be interesting to see how well it does on the 3DS. The system should see a huge sales boost.



kondabasu said:

These aren't for me. The Yveltal on the back of the gold case looks like the artist was trying to cover up an ink blot, and the blue case looks like some 90's website's Flash intro.

I'm cross that the Eevee XL/LL design will never make it to the States. It's so much nicer than either of these.



swordx said:

They said 3DS was a flop...6 months later, it qas amazing. Now pre-orders for a new color of it are easily going to beat out the Xbox Done and the PS4. Yup, Ninty needs to go multiplatform.



gamerphil07 said:

Perfect excuse to buy an xl! Plus my cosmo black 3ds's speakers are messed up, along with the b button....



Blue_Yoshi said:

My friends would definitely buy this but ultimately I prefer the retail versions. I already have my AC 3DSXL



DarkNinja9 said:

so who still wants to say nintendo is going down and all this bs?

but for some reason i dont rly like the color for those ds like i thought it be more cool or something like other ds have been



Hetsumani said:

@BATRA When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves, when the Xbox One becomes a hit in Japan. Then it will come, and not before.



Big_Boy_Chubs said:

sigh....just got an xl and have already paid for y version.....oh welll...there will be other chances in the future ( ;



Lionhart said:

What have my eyes just beheld? Something WICKED THIS WAY COMES! I want that Golden 3DS XL. I pray and I mean I am praying that the Pokemon Golden 3DS XL comes to the United States ASAP! I'll buy it!



PokemonManiac said:

I'm happy with my pikachu xl and want my game physical but that gold one is incredibly tempting if I ever comes here. I think I'll download z or x2 when that releases.



Shambo said:

@AutumnShantel @RainbowGazelle If the games in the bundles were physical copies, I'd have a hard time not to have bought the bundles for every game I really wanted...
As of now I have the blue 3ds from day one, the Zelda one, the blue 3dsxl from pretty early, and the Pikachu one. I've regretted most limited edition systems I never bought but really liked, like the Minish Cap GBA SP. I love my GB Micro Famicom ed. so much that It's on display and I only play on my pink one. I do use my Pikachu N64 though. Pikachu's cheeks lights up, come on you can't resist that! Who said consoles shouldn't be fabulous?



R_Champ said:


LOL, I know, right? At this rate Wii U could continue to struggle and 3DS could carry it. And love Vita or hate it, Pokemon is gonna frickin' bury it at this rate. I almost think Nintendo is releasing Pokemon in the latter half of the year to shut Vita out of the holiday season.



GamerZack87 said:

Once Pokémon Stadium/Colosseum/Arena/Court/Large Entertainment Centre hits Wii U with full XY support, there should be an increase in Wii U sales. Until that time comes, these beautiful 3DS XL consoles will provide the masses with the greatest slice of Pokémania pie yet.



Kirk said:

Yet Nintendo still doesn't see the merits of making a proper Pokemon game for it's home console systems...



AutumnShantel said:

@Shambo I never said it was a bad thing! I have 3 different GBA's, 3 DS's, and 2 3DS's- I know it's not that much, but more than a sane person would ever need!



Shambo said:

@AutumnShantel well, one luxury car is also more than a sane person needs, and the price difference with an ordinary small car more than covers my entire collection of consoles, games, movies, figurines and statues. And that's a lot!



gaby_gabito said:

I still don't understand why they haven't made these types of games for Wii U. This would definitely sell systems, unlike Pokemon Rumble U.

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