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Tue 19th Feb 2013

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Lionhart commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that Nintendo will release the reboot of Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask on this new 'New 3DS' console especially since it's gonna have improved graphical power and all. I'm gonna reserve the New 3DS as soon as it goes on sale at GameStop.



Lionhart commented on Rumour: PAX Prime Flyer Teases Potential 2D Ca...:

Well, I certainly hope this is real and not a disappointment. This MUST pan out. We need more Castlevania (Metroidvania) especially with Dracula Untold on the way. I did enjoy Mirror of Fate on the Nintendo 3DS. That teaser flyer certainly looks promising and if it goes live on Kickstarter I certainly would back it. I only hope that it's not a DS exclusive as I'd like to play whatever this is on the PS Vita.



Lionhart commented on You're Not Seeing Things, There's A New SNES T...:

What needs to happen is for Piko Interactive to get in touch with the fine folks at WayForward and see if they can collaborate to make Dorke and Ymp into a more contemporary video game. I liked what I saw in that video snippet but they'd be selling themselves short if they don't expand to more consoles; the game would be perfect on the WiiU, Nintendo 3DS, PS4 and Sony PS Vita (i.e. Rayman Legends). Looking at WayForward's Shantae: Half Genie Hero is a perfect example of how excellent and crisp Dorke and Ymp could be if they teamed up with WayForward.



Lionhart commented on New Video Content in the Pipeline for 3DS's Ni...:

Well it's finally happened! A animated Legend of Zelda show. I sure did like the Kid Icarus Uprising anime (not the 3D) that was available on Nintendo Video. Hopefully, Nintendo will make these Legend of Zelda: Misadventures of Link videos available for purchase and download in the Nintendo eShop.

I am a bit surprised that they chose to go with the scenarios of Wind Waker instead of the upcoming A Link Between Worlds but it's all good. I haven't played Wind Waker but once I buy a WiiU that will change.



Lionhart commented on Two New Limited Edition 3DS XL Consoles Coming...:

Let's all unite and pepper the Nintendo America Twitter and Facebook pages with request for NOA to release these 3DS XL models in the United States. I seriously want the Orange one. I'm a sucker for orange and it sure looks Dragon Ball-ish! I'd pass up that golden Zelda 3DS XL for this Orange/Black!



Lionhart commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why The Legend of Zelda I...:

Both "The Legend of Zelda" and "Kid Icarus" are synonymous with quality and I wouldn't want for Nintendo to sell out on quality for quantity. I think that Nintendo should stick with their formula for quality and content over speed and yearly releases. We've got a good Zelda lowdown with Wind Waker HD and A Link Betwixt Worlds and so I'm pretty happy with the way things are now. I'm fairly confident that the next Zelda WiiU title will release either in Q4 of 2014 or Q1 of 2015. Kid Icarus Uprising is the BEST Nintendo game that I have ever played and I can't wait to pick up my own copy of KI Uprising once I buy a 3DS XL this Black Friday.



Lionhart commented on Chocobo Racing 3D Fails To Reach The Finishing...:

This is sad news but I knew it was going to happen. There had been like no footage or news on this game for a VERY long time. I really wanted to try Chocobo Racing. Whatever happened to the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series?



Lionhart commented on Mighty No. 9 Passes Wii U Stretch Goal With A ...:

@Ralizah, down in the FAQ they mentioned that they are looking at bringing Mighty No. 9 to the PS Vita. There is quite a large Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita fanbase on Kickstarter. If you check out the comments sections of Shantae, Hyper Light Drifter, Mighty No. 9 and Taxi Journey you'll see quite a number of people asking about PS Vita and 3DS releases.



Lionhart commented on WayForward Initially Planned a Shantae HD Titl...:

Personally, I think it's a bit greedy to want Shantae to remain a Nintendo exclusive in this advanced day in time. The Sony PS Vita is truly the PS3 made portable. The PS Vita is such a dynamically advanced handheld that it makes it's predecessor the PSP look like Rebel Wilson trying to compete against the glorious Olivia Munn. WayForward has confirmed on their Kickstarter page that Shantae Half Genie Hero will be released on the PS Vita in response to many pledgers pleas (myself included) for Shantae to make history on the PS Vita.



Lionhart commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:

Honestly, I think that the 2DS is an absolute piece of expletive which I shall not type out here. I think that pretty much sums up how I feel about a "2DS". If someone wants a 2DS all they have to do is slide the 3D slider down to the "off" position on a 3DS. Also, the lack of a "clam shell" design will hurt the selling potential of this new design. It looks awful in my opinion. Instead of investing time and money in a Next Generation Handheld the Nintendo minds took the time to create a gimmicky toy for children? Granted, the price is affordable but still. I know that Nintendo isn't selling out on 3D but it certainly gives fuel to the fire that 3D haters will and have been spewing against 3D gaming. Sometimes Nintendo just makes me shake my head in disbelief but maybe that's why I love them so. I guess now would be a good time to play Jay-Z's song "Holy Grail" because the lyrics here are so appropriate to how I feel about Nintendo and the 2DS right now.



Lionhart commented on Video: This Super Metroid Animation is Rather ...:

That animated video was really nice. I certainly would that if it was an animated TV show. I could see it fitting in nicely on Cartoon Network. It has a Samurai Jack vibe to it.

I'd like to see both a Sin and Punishment and Metroid game on the 3DS. In regards to Metroid, I'd really like to see a 2.5D Metroid Other M title on the 3DS.



Lionhart commented on Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D Blasting To The 3DS ...:

@Assassin87 I played some of Sin and Punishment on a Wii system in GameStop and I certainly agree that it isn't your average rail shooter. The game was crazy awesome and I certainly plan to buy Sin and Punishment once I buy a WiiU system that is if the WiiU does play Wii games. All these new consoles don't seem to be backward compatible.



Lionhart commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Con...:

I'm certainly going to go to GameStop and pre-order this. Hopefully, Nintendo will give some memorable pre-order bonuses for this game. They should do it like they did with Kid Icarus where when you pre-order you get a nice code to download LoZ A Link To The Past.



Lionhart commented on Sonic Lost World To Feature Connectivity Betwe...:

Truthfully, I had no intentions of buying a WiiU but as a longtime loyal Zelda fan I now plan to buy a WiiU this Christmas season because I truly loved Phantom Hourglass on the DS and so far it's the greatest game Zelda so that I've played. I'm still in need of playing Twilight Princess and I do hope that Majora's Mask is still on track for the 3DS. I also enjoyed Ocarina of Time 3DS.