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Pokémon Rumble U Figurines and Special Edition Available From GAME in the UK

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Uh-oh, the figurines are blind packs


Having checked the product pages for these items once again, it seems that both the collector's edition and figurines outlined below are now showing as "out of stock". We'll post further updates as we have them.

Original Article:

Pokémon Rumble U arrives on the Wii U eShop in Europe today, but those keen to pick it up in the UK should first bear in mind that there's a special edition available from GAME stores, while the retailer is also going to be selling some of the NFC (near field communication) figurines that will be playable in the game.

To start with the special edition, it's available from the GAME website or stores for £19.99, which is £6.50 more expensive than the standalone download code at £13.49. The special edition includes the following:

  • Limited Edition Black Kyurem or White Kyurem NFC Figure
  • One additional mystery NFC Figure
  • Double-sided Collector's Poster
  • Code to download the game from the Nintendo eShop

In terms of the figurines, Nintendo UK had previously stated that they would be distributed but didn't provide details. While it's pleasing that the figurines will be available — you simply place them on the NFC area of the GamePad to bring them into the game — there are a couple of aspects that won't please everyone. A single figurine will cost £3.99 and will come in a Gacha Ball, but each is a blind purchase "so that each package contains a surprise"; the problem with this is that if you don't have others to trade with, there's an obvious danger of wasting money on a duplicate. It's been a standard sales practice with these kind of collectibles since the era of sticker books, but is nevertheless potentially frustrating and costly.

Below is a fresh trailer that shows the figurines in action. What do you think of this promotion, the pricing and the blind packs?

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DavidH said:

Is this in GAME stores today? wasn't in with the Wii U games 30 minutes when I called in.



DavidH said:

I know, they didn't have that in store a little while ago though.
Guess they will be doing p'ex and taking the figures in exchange and selling them used too?

EDIT: p'ex answer is in the article doh.
Real shame about the "blindness" though, do however love the way you just place them on the gamepad rather the portal with Skylanders.



LunaticPandora said:

@DavidHolliss Oh your post made me assume you thought it was retail, as you said "with the games." In my experience DL cards are on a separate rack with accessories.



DavidH said:

In sunny Essex the Wii U eShop cards are on the shelves with the games, not on the rack, same with PS3 etc, rack space is saved for iTunes and Facebook stuffs.



Shambo said:

I'd gladly see this version appear in a store in Belgium, then I'll bite. Otherwise... No.



GiftedGimp said:

This obviously is because of the way this figure collecting thing works in Japan, They insert thier yen, get an egg out of a machine and see what they have inside. Over here this sort of thing isn't a big thing but in Japan it's Huge.
Nintendo should of made the distribution of these figures over here so people knew what they were buying but as mentioned if you happen to know others who collect them then you'll be able to do play swapsies with your mates.
If you can't play swapsies then no doubt that if people get doubles they will either try to sell them on Ebay or Trade then in at GAME meaning you'll be able to buy some, at least, Pokemon knowing which ones your buying.



jrwchil said:

well Game Bristol is so up to date with wii u games the top 10 consist of Batman Arkham City, tank tank tank and zombi u and no i didnt miss the other 7 games they are spread out on the dusty shelf.



Torchwood said:

Couldn't you just scan the figure while it's still in the package to see what it is and return it if you own it already? I know Skylanders were scannable from within the package, so unless the GamePad NFC reader is really weak or the packaging for the figures is thick, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to see what they are. Either way, I'm not buying this game, because I'm tired of the Rumble franchise, and the figures look cheap and polygonish.
Also, it should be noted that figures aren't REQUIRED to play, so people shouldn't be complaining in the same vein as the Disney Infinity power ups.



rjejr said:

Yeah, I remember reading about the blind packaging back when this was announced. It was some small fine print detail on either the Pokemon or Gamestop (US exclusive) website. Wasn't happy about it then, still not happy about it now. But it was kind of obvious this was going to be the case when they announced they were only $3.99 compared to Skylanders $8.99 and whatever Disney Infinity figures will cost.

I pretty much only decided to buy my Wii U b/c this game was coming out (along w/ Pikmin 3 and W101) so we'll be getting a couple of these just to try them out. I think they'll make good stocking stuffers or Hanukah presents. My kid looked at the screen and quickly rattled off all 18 names in 1 breath. He then went on to tell me which ones there will be the most of and which ones will be hard to find. At least he's sane enough to not have to catch them all.

We're also going to the store today to buy the new Pokmeon cards that released Tuesday. And I think next Tuesday to Gamestop for the Pokemon exclusive DL. Somebody forgot to tell Gamefreak it's the year of Luigi



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

If they had told us beforehand about the £20 pack, I wouldnt of topped my account with the funds to get the game.

Too late Game, too damn late... :/



sillygostly said:

4 pounds is a ridiculously high price for blind packaged figurines. That amounts to over AU$6.80 which means that the price is almost certain to be even HIGHER if the figurines were to be released in Australia, and even if we imported them, the cost would be too prohibitively high for what these things are worth. They should have been 2 or 3 pounds tops.

This is poo.



rjejr said:

Here's my July 18th post (4 weeks ago today) round-up of everything I could find out at the time about the US, including blind toys in Pokeballs and even my Wii U purchase decision

Around the web US recap -
Aug 29 (Thurs before 3 day Labor Day weekend FYI)
$17.99 DL only
$3.99 for each of the 5 figures available ONLY at Gamestop - BUT they will be "concealed", probably in Pokeballs, so you'll need to buy 20,000 balls to get a Pikachu or whichever one it is you really want (probably why they seem cheap)
Pikachu, Victini, Deoxsys, Genesect and Evee (brown little dog form)
4 player co-op and competitive, but doesn't look like you'll be battling each other, just a timed competition to see who can beat the most other little guys first (that's how I read it anyway, I could be wrong on this last one)
Now we really need to buy a WiiU.


Looks like I was WAY off on that 5 count. $4 x 18 = $72, 4x the price of the game



Blue_Yoshi said:

Will Gamestop do this? Because I'll buy a starter pack and nothing more. I don't like gambling and as much as I want to take my chance with these(there $4 in the US) it's still ultimately a gamble. Maybe we'll be able to pick them eventually on Ebay and such.



Marshi said:

Used to love blind packs when it came to sticker books when I was a kid. Diference they were 30p(50c) and you got a stick of gum with them,so you never felt cheated if you doubled up.But for £4? Two words,the second is off!



Emblem said:

The figures are not required to play the game at all. They are used only if you want to 'grow' a certain pokemon and take it to friends houses to play with the 'grown' pokemon.

Growth = minor stat increases

This game operates nothing like Skylanders or Disney infinity as you have access to all 650+ Pokemon in game, there is no need to buy a single figure.



GiftedGimp said:

The Figures ARE for Collector Purists. Pokemon are unlocked in game aswell as codes that Nintendo will release Via Twitter and Facebook.
Unless you 'Gotta-Get-Em-All' then you dont need to buy any figures.



Rief said:

IF i buy the game, i wanna have the figurines, but they sure are a little too expanisve.



JaxonH said:

Here in the US the figures only cost $3.99. I'm wondering if they got the numbers right, because it would seem the figures should be no more than £2.99 in the UK. If the numbers ARE right, then it looks like they'll be 3.99 no matter what the region or currency.



sinalefa said:

Good to hear that the figurines are not really required, bad to hear they are blind purchases. So if you want to purchase one because you like it, then you need to buy a ton or go to ebay to get ripped off.

Like we use to say here: Do you know how to count? Well, then don't count on me!



JaxonH said:

@AhabSpampurse I agree. It's fair in US dollars, but the British pound is not nearly as devalued as our currency, so I don't understand why they're both 3.99. That's like $6.50 US dollars!



LuigiIsAwesome said:

Blind packs? No.... I hate when they do this... it's like the Super Mario 3D Land Keychains or something. But, this is different, it's for a game.... not toys.



DBMONK said:

well, was getting this in the morning.... but screw that now, £4 for a blind guess at what you will get is just too much for a crappy figure that looks as bad as these do



Kyloctopus said:

I'm conflicted about the blind packs because, I like the surprise, but I really want to buy my Pokemon SouSilver/Black party.



unrandomsam said:

If you want to get them all then at least do a quick probability calculation and know before you start roughly how much you will end up spending.

(Nobody will even tell me how much it costs for all the Skylanders figures at RRP - nobody puts it in the reviews which would be an obvious thing to do for someone with integrity).

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