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Video: New Project CARS Footage Gets Down to Nuts and Bolts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Making a big play of visuals

Slightly Mad Studios has been making a lot of noise about Project CARS, with plenty of focus on its visuals, realism, community involvement and an assurance that the Wii U won't get a "crappy" version. If a title's quality was determined by hype and positive intention, then this one would be a guaranteed success.

Of course, that's not how it works. Nevertheless the developer has released fresh footage of the title that's expected in early 2014, featuring pre-alpha footage to give a taste of what it'll offer. This is undoubtedly PC footage, but is nevertheless rather pretty, and if the Wii U version is built from those same foundations then there are reasonable odds on it looking rather good on Nintendo's system, too. It may be early days, but this does look encouraging for car nuts and driving game fans.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think.


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ScorpionMG said:

Now thats what you call a racing game! ok nothing can beat mario kart but i would gladly get this that the crew.



Big_L91 said:

bring back the 90's these realistic racers bore the life out of me...



votum said:

First was GRID (and no, no grid 2 for sure)...and now will be Project CARS.



Nintex said:

This looks so beastly. I love games that stick to the track and aren't open world. The physics in this game look so very good. Oh and those engines... how they pure. Day one purchase for me.



Subie98 said:

Will buy, but probably not day one. Ill be broke from other games preordered with releases of early spring. Ill pick it up after my wallet recovers from holiday and spring.



Scollurio said:

@ScorpionMG This does not compare to Mario Kart, it's different genres. But I can tell you, this baby looks and drives stunningly awesome!!



TruenoGT said:

iRacing has ruined all other realistic racers for me, but this definitely has my attention. If it plays great on the gamepad, it would be awesome to have a sim like experience in semi-portable format. It also sounds weird to say it, but Wii Wheel style tilt controls (if applied as well as Mario Kart) would be awesome for this game. Those are just a couple of reasons the Wii U version can really stick out on the console side.



Gunorgunorg said:

The trailer was un-doubtfully amazing and beautiful, but there was no gameplay footage. It was all pre-rendered cut scenes, and CGI is extremely powerful now.



banacheck said:

I've be watching the demo footage of DriveClub from E3, you also have to remember the E3 demo was only 33% complete [an old build]. It has the realism of the graphics like a sim, but more of a arcade racer. Project Cars looks good but i'm not really into sim's more arcade racers for me.



takyon98 said:


they's mario kart... xDD

but yea it would be a great idea if the did a racing simulator game like froza or GT



Captain_Gonru said:

Followed your link. That one will be a buy for me. I always WANT to get into a sim racer, but then find myself bogged down in the nuance. Back in the PS1 days, I was way more into Ridge Racer 4 than Gran Turismo. Still, this does look pretty. Anyone want to wager on when $ony or M$ will offer up a moneyhat to get this onto their "next gen" systems?



bassoongoon said:

I have been waiting for more news about this one! I can't wait to have an alternative to Mario Kart and Sonic&Allstars



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Nice to see all the enthusiastic comments! See developers? You put effort in the Wii U version of your game, you get showered with praise!



marck13 said:

I hope the gameplay is good too. If so it might turn into a must-have for Wii U owners!



Nintenjoe64 said:

Please everyone support this game if it turns out to be good! Nintendo haven't had a top quality track racing game since the SNES days. EA have had free reign with average NFS games. I bought NFS:MWU for a Wii U fix at 'real' driving but this is more like what I would call real racing!



Sjoerd said:

I really want to get this game on Wii U, but I'm so annoyed it doesn't have ANALOG TRIGGERS. Argh..



TheRealThanos said:

@siddyp00h The Project CARS team consists largely of former team members of the people that made the Need for Speed Shift games and they added quite a bit of other talented people to it, so the controls are the least thing to worry about.
All I want to know if they can make the graphics stack up against the other versions. Need for Speed Most Wanted showed what a racing game can look like on Wii U, so it should definitely be possible and they promised that the Wii U version won't be a crappy one, but more publishers promised that in the past cough*Aliens Colonial Marines*cough so we'll just have to wait and see...



Kamek-Koopa said:

As a gamer and a car enthusiast, I am reallh stoked for this. All though I own the other systems I will be purchasing on wii u



Jgam said:

im not much into cars myself but this looks sooooo promising keeping an eye on this one for sure



Captain_Toad said:

If the controls and content are as good as the graphics
Help me figure out an answer people!



drumsandperc92 said:

hopefully the wii u version will look like this! i think it's very likely.
it's certainly pretty, but it's also certainly current gen level graphics. it's clearly not next-gen level stuff running on PC, seeing as it doesn't look nearly as good as Forza 5 or even GT 6. it's great that Wii U owners can get a racing sim (hopefully) on that level, but I also hope there is something to Project CARS that separates itself from Forza and GT.



Lan said:

Not trying to be a downer but how will this work on WIi U? Unless you use the analog stick or touch screen for the accelerator, this will be pretty unplayable if it's a "sim". It won't work if the gas pedal gets floored every time you press R



GearsOfWarU said:

Is this anything like Grid ? that was the last serious racing game I liked... this looks cool... not a big racing game fan... But if I could Drive a Dodge Viper or new Lamborghini I would be game : )



kendorage said:

Wii u isn't going to get many racing sims the way 3rd party support is going, and we know nintendo isn't going to make a racing sim, so this will be a definite purchase for me. I just need one great racing sim to tide me over for the consoles lifespan and this could be the one. Although that 90s arcade racer eshop title looks fun too. Both day one purchases.



retro_player_22 said:

This looks pretty awesome for being a Wii U title. If Nintendo's smart they could pretty much just snatch this franchise away from Sony and Microsoft. Then again they are having trouble making their own racer (F-Zero) so I probably wouldn't count on it.



SideScreamer said:

Nintendo should have published it. It would have been great to have a 'mature' racer on a Nintendo console to compete with Forza and Gran Turismo.

Even if the game had remained a Wii U and PC only game like originally planned, that would have been great.

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