If you haven't noticed already, there's a new 3DS system update in town. The last entry brought a save backup feature, locked out the one working 3DS flashcard before it even went to market and, in PAL regions and Japan, brought additional paid-DLC to the StreetPass Plaza.

Released yesterday, the fresh update seems to be one of those rather uneventful "stability" additions, with the Nintendo of America changelog saying the following.

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

Exciting stuff, which means that North American gamers are up to version 6.1.0-11U, while in Europe we're on 6.1.0-12E; the additional update in the EU was to fix the problem of the StreetPass DLC shop crashing a lot of user's Plaza apps.

Unfortunately this update hasn't brought that extra Plaza content to North America, so the rather puzzling delay on that front continues.