The 3DS is really starting to push on in the UK and has upped its market share by seven percentage points since the beginning of 2013.

During its analyst briefing, Nintendo stated that the 3DS had 26% market share in May, compared to just 19% between January and March.


This could have been helped by the So Many Games! promotion that kicked off in April, which allowed 3DS owners to pick up a download copy of a fourth game should they buy three - from a select list of course.

Nintendo also ran a similar promotion late last year, which allowed new 3DS XL owners to download a free game, and it has been promoting the system in the UK through several advertising campaigns.

This is great news for Nintendo, as it has been pushing the 3DS in the UK in an attempt to shift more units. Back in April Nintendo UK’s Marketing and PR director Shelly Pearce said this was the "year of the 3DS" and it looks like the company's best efforts are starting to bear some fruit.

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