In recent months we've seen Nintendo — both in Europe and North America — offer the incentive of a free game for those registering a 3DS XL. Nintendo of Europe is now stepping up with an enticing new offer featuring a list of eight retail games (both current and to be released); it's very simple, if you register three of the eight games on your Club Nintendo account, you can pick any of the other eight as a free download code from the eShop.

The eight games in the promotion are below.

That's a rather terrific list of games and, to repeat, to get one free you have to register three from the list on your Club Nintendo account. Half of these games are yet to be released in Europe at the time of writing, and the first codes can only be claimed from 2pm UK time / 3pm Central Europe on 23rd April. Registration of games that are eligible must be completed by 11:59 on 30th June, while code claims for a free game must be made by 11:59 on 31st July. As with previous promotions, if your account has three eligible games registered, a promotional banner will appear at the top of the My Account page when you're logged in; you then select your game and will be emailed a code right away or, if it's yet to be released, shortly after it hits stores. As the code is emailed, the free game can be downloaded — just once, of course — on any 3DS device. Listed games already registered before now will be eligible for the promotion.

With some serious big-hitters on the list, especially Animal Crossing: New Leaf, this is an exciting offer. We recommend checking out the official "So Many Games!" website for all of the details, and we'll be keeping an eye out for any equivalent promotions in North America.

So, European 3DS owners, how many of you are going to take up this offer?