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ZombiU Developer Hints at a Sequel, Sort Of

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Over the weekend we saw a fairly innocuous Tweet from Jean-Philippe Caro, a Creative Director at Ubisoft. He was asked by a fan about the potential for a sequel to ZombiU, the Wii U launch title that certainly had some staunch supporters, including some members of the Nintendo Life staff. Here was his rather vague reply.

It seemed like a nothing story, but the story has subsequently been picked up by some major outlets and, as a result, has spread like wildfire as if a sequel has actually been confirmed. In our view a developer has expressed thanks for interest in a game that they're proud of, and said the team is working on a prototype, with no specifics; in typical Twitter style, Caro then nudges and winks to tease followers along in subsequent tweets. Not quite the confirmation of a ZombiU sequel that's being stated all around the place.

To give some further context, here's an exchange shortly after on the fact that development teams work on plenty of prototypes, some of which never become games.

As so many are talking about this, we thought we'd leave it open to you in a couple of polls below. We have actually reached out to Ubisoft about a ZombiU sequel, and will update if we hear something other than "we're developing a game but can't say what, wink wink".

Would you like a sequel to ZombiU? (142 votes)

Definitely yes!


Nah, it's not for me


I'm not sure, to be honest


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Do you think Caro was hinting at a ZombiU sequel, or just teasing? (139 votes)

It seems to me he's suggesting that the team's working on a ZombiU prototype


A bit of a tease, it's too vague to be sure


I doubt a sequel to ZombiU is on the cards


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vmoterani said:

@HeatBombastic No need to wait for a sequel in my opnion, ZombiU is a great game as it is. Hey, buy it to show developers we are interested in more zombiu



DerpSandwich said:

There's an enormous amount of potential in that game. Not giving it a sequel would be a sin. Flesh it out, give it more depth, fix up the graphics.



Midnight3DS said:

I don't think the game is very good, but I guess that means lots of room for improvement and more stuff on the Wii-U rack.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Best survival horror game I've played in quite awhile. That's my genre, so I thought it was one of the best games I've played in awhile.



AJWolfTill said:

I would absolutely love a sequel, there are so many things they could add and improve on. I'd love to be able to encounter other survivors but not be allied with them, that way you know that if the going gets tough for them they may try to take you out for loot. I hope this could work without crippling the atmosphere.



Dpishere said:

Improving upon the predecessor and polishing it up to make at a top quality title could make ZombiU a regular series for the Wii U. The first one had some shortcomings, but if they manage to iron those out they could have a great game for Wii U owners.



seronja said:

in my honest opinion a sequel should be at work here... the team got to know how to work on wii u & what people think of it in miiverse, so now they can improve on what was wrong and making the good parts even better! and also they could change an enviroment too, maybe scotland or wales



Dpullam said:

I'm not sure what to think of this prototype. It seems doubtful that they would already be working on a sequel but anything is possible I guess.



Ueoua said:

I do hope that ZombiU gets a sequel as it was an absolute pleasure to play.



Wowfunhappy said:

I think the team is legitimately working on a prototype. However, I really don't think that should be cause for that much excitement. Companies prototype things all the time. The difference is that the developers don't usually say that they're working on said prototype.



PatcherStation said:

Zombiu could end up the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with a slight name change. But it might be a case that Ubisoft cans that idea and goes straight for a sequel. If a sequel is heading for the Wii U, it might also be heading for the Xbox 360 and PS3, or Ubisoft cans that idea and crosses over to the Xbox 720 and PS4. Even though Zombiu hasn't hit high enough sales on the Wii U, a sequel could be possible. SEGA's Condemned flopped on the Xbox 360, but a sequel was released and it also appeared on the PS3 (the sequel also flopped). CODE: Veronica flopped on the Dreamcast, next it appeared on the PS2 and GameCube with a slight name change, but not sure how sales went. Looks like Ubisoft have hit a brick wall with the Wii U. The next Rayman isn't a Wii U exclusive anymore which I'm not too bothered about. Other publishers are jumping ship or have decided to skip the Wii U. But I still say that publishers will have problems with the Xbox 720 and PS4, as gaming is going to hit a brick wall anyway. People crossing over to new consoles is going to be a slow process which will dent game sales (like Zombiu).



KAHN said:

i doubt it. this could easily be something like a DLC though. i wish they did make a sequel though. they'd get a chance to refine all the predecessors' problems (update graphics, fix glitches, add new zombie types, etc). i feel like the original was rushed to the market.



Sun said:

I think Zombi U was not a good game overall but they can try to make a better sequel.



nomeacuerdo said:

I liked a lot ZombiU, but a bug almost at the end loved everything, so I'm yet to finish it :-/

Anyway, something like ZombiU: Paris or ZombiU: New York would be potentially awesome! One Sequel for each capital city in the world would be fine



Elhijodelrio said:

Hope graphics of the game are improved,i know the ''U'' is capable and possibly a american city as back drop, i loved the game despite some bad reviews



timp29 said:

Dad you killed zombie Bono and The Edge!

They were zombies??




DarkLloyd said:

Nothing wrong with this game as far as i know, havent finish it yet but would like a sequel none the less



PopeReal said:

Hell yes, ZombiU is probably my favorite Wii U game so far. Very rarely do I beat games multiple times.

Spruce up the graphics a bit and add some more cool online elements and it should be great.



ThumperUK said:

It would be really foolish of Ubi to ignore the success of the original and not be working on a sequel. All they need to do is keep the London setting but improve the graphics, add more landmark locations (one exploring the Gherkin &/or Shard would be really good). Oh, and make sure there are no glitches like the basement nursery!!



Araknie said:

I don't know, it would be good but i don't know if it play it, i couldn't finish the first one. xD
Oh boy i tried.



PatcherStation said:

@ThumperUK It would be mad for Ubisoft not bring it to the Xbox 360 and PS3, but can't see it what with the Xbox 720 and PS4 on the horizon. Rather than release a sequel for the above consoles, ZombiU is a wasted opportunity. Set in London is a great idea. But I'd like to see a bigger sequel without the annoying game play. I don't see the point in using London again. It'll probably end up being set in NY or something.



ThumperUK said:

If ZombiU was to be ported to the 360 or PS3 then you'd miss out the key component of the game, which is the gamepad being used as a real-time backpack. If you could pause and select items on the other consoles then the game would just be like any other game.....we don't need more CoD clones!!. You'd also lose all the tension and scariness of the current game. I only suggested keeping it in London as it would be cheaper than doing a whole new city....and I'm fed up with playing games which are usually set in a US city (whether real or generic). Alternative cities which would be great could be Edinburgh, Paris or Rome? Or one set in Wales with Zombie sheep?



Sun said:

It was a half-baked game like Red Steel but I enjoyed Red Steel 2 regardless the repetitive gameplay, it was great fun swinging the Wii Remote Plus. Try to make a Zombi U good sequel, Ubisoft.



3Daniel said:

As much of a ubihater i've become i'll set my differences aside for zombi2



LavaTwilight said:

I still think if they released a second ZombiU, they should make it more of a prequel! Let's face it, alot of the time we relied on the baseball bat anyway; if they release it so that it's based during the original plague back in the 1600s, we'd have more melee weapons like bayonets and pikes, pickaxes, scimitars, other swords, etc, along with a select few firing weapons (we can keep the crossbow, woo).
Let's face it, it just plain makes sense!



LavaTwilight said:

Nah that was their original, I'm sure you know what I mean though A sequel that's actually a prequel.

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