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Miiverse Update Now Allows Screenshots to be Posted in Comments

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Cue screen-by-screen walkthroughs

One curiosity with Miiverse, despite its various strengths, has been the no-screenshot limitation when replying to a post with a comment; that functionality has been limited to fresh posts, meaning that any conversations on how to progress in a game — particularly one as baffling as Super Metroid — was limited to words or hand-drawn doodles.

While browsing the latest Miiverse update posts, we've spotted a message from last week confirming that you can now add screenshots in reply comments, too. We imagine this'll be helpful if you want to show someone how to pass a key point, as you can simply progress to that area of the game and jump onto Miiverse with a useful reply. We can see potential for "where are you in the game" style threads and, we imagine, lengthy affairs that serve as bite-sized walkthroughs. With the Miiverse community, we expect it to be interesting, at least.

It's another excellent addition, and if you want proof you can squint at our not-at-all-fuzzy picture below. A small touch, but do you think you'll be throwing screenshots into your Miiverse comments?

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Mk_II said:

Miiverse is much better than I anticipated and quite useful. Nintendo is doing an excellent moderating job because the signal-to-noise ratio is very good



banacheck said:

Didn't Nintendo say thay would be adding the ability to post Youtube vids at some point on miiverse? Being able to take a screen-shots of the game your playing is good, one of the reasons i'm looking forwards to the PS4, is being able to make your own gameplay vids.



NintyMan said:

I already knew this, but it is nice. Miiverse, already a wonderful service, only gets better with each update.



DarkNinja9 said:

wonder if ppl will be using this feature later as games come out cuz so far i havent seen anything

im kinda afraid everyone is now drawing and not chatting like how it was ment to be D=



zombiemole said:

@Araknie yes to clarify I would like to be able to post a link to youtube in miiverse so that I don't have to leave miiverse to view the video. much like the developers and nintendo staff have the ability to do. also the ability to upload videos from in-game to youtube without having to have specialized equipment would be nice.



dumedum said:

You can't do any instant cool drawings from the games you're playing on Sony or Microsoft consoles that's for sure.



dumedum said:

On 3DS they probably face a problem doing it so quick and instant like with the Wii U. Swapnote takes a while to load etc. It is a perfect fit for Wii U.



bassoongoon said:

How can miiverse be used? I don't really have much experience with it. Pretty much all I see of miiverse is the whiny comments that pop up after I die in NSMBU. I have only been in the miiverse channel a couple of times.



Dpishere said:

I partially want a Wii U just to use Miiverse since it looks like something I could mess with for hours.



MeWario said:

Yea I've had my Wii U a week now and Miiverse is totally unexpectedly awesome!

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