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Wed 14th Nov 2012

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zombiemole commented on Miiverse Update Now Allows Screenshots to be P...:

@Araknie yes to clarify I would like to be able to post a link to youtube in miiverse so that I don't have to leave miiverse to view the video. much like the developers and nintendo staff have the ability to do. also the ability to upload videos from in-game to youtube without having to have specialized equipment would be nice.



zombiemole commented on Crysis 3 Not Coming To Wii U Due To A "Lack Of...:

Yes it seems EA has ulterior motives but I think Nintendo are falling Victim to the Success and Failures of the Wii. The Wii was the best selling console of the Last Generation but Third Party sales for software were tiny compared with other consoles. Nintendo went their own direction for the sake of the gaming experience but when third parties made games exclusively for the system they had measly sales. Unless It was a "Dancing" or "Party Game" Third party games didn't hit over a million. And even that when your User Base is 90 million 1 million or less is rubbish! Now if you were a developer or publisher would you make every game available you could for the system or put one or two out there and see how it goes. I have a Wii U. I want every game that I can for it but I think Nintendo needs to do some damage control with Third Parties and Quick!



zombiemole commented on Wii U Games Struggling At Retail In The UK:

The games are too expensive. My magic price point is between £30-£35. I will strech to £40 if the game is really good. But I refuse to buy a game for more than £40 so will just hold out until they lower the price. Which I am sure they will.