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Former Conker's Bad Fur Day Project Leader Plans Wii U Development

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Through his aptly named studio, Gory Detail

Christopher Seavor may not be an immediately recognisable name, but he was the project leader and widely-acknowledged creator of iconic Nintendo 64 title Conker's Bad Fur Day; it was a game famous for its poor taste and crude humour. Seavor's also voiced a fair number of characters and has credits on titles such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, but in recent times departed from Rare and started his own small game development studio, Gory Detail.

To date the studio has been focused on smartphone titles, but Seavor tweeted a strong hint that his team is planning some Wii U projects later this year.

The developer naturally received a number of replies, including some asking for his perspective on the Wii U as a system to date. As we've heard from various figures in the industry, key games are considered a major priority.

Seavor has been careful to remind tweeters that he was hinting at the future, while current projects for the studio remain focused on smartphones. It's another developer expressing an interest in the system however, which can only be considered a good thing.


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DerpSandwich said:

I'd like to see more ex-Rare devs developing for Nintendo. Hey, maybe one of these days they'll all come back together to form Rare 2! (One can dream... XD)



Einherjar said:

They own a lot of licenses that should have stayed with nintendo sigh
But this looks promising. But why arent WiiU dev kits cheap ? Didnt they say that nintendo went and gave them away for free ? Or are there limitations ?



Kifa said:

@Einherjar They are not giving them out for free. A few were distributed that way to a limited number of studios to promote the system, but that's it. A devkit is an expensive piece of software and hardware, and no company would give away this stuff for free. Shareholders would rip executives apart...



BJQ1972 said:

Does anybody still work at Rare who worked on the N64 titles? It makes a mockery of Microsoft's announcement that Rare are working on a sequel to one of their big franchises.



Kirk said:

I used to go for curries with that guy when I worked at Rare once upon a time

I look forward to seeing what his company comes up with for Wii U...



SKTTR said:

Oh yes. Awesome news. Love Seavors humour. Exciting games incoming.



BetweenTheTrees said:

conkers other bad fur day would be great but won't happen. rare owns it I believe, which is unfortunately. but this guy and his team came up with it so i'm sure we could see some equally offensive games coming our way from Gory Detail. I'll keep my eyes open for them.



gohanrage said:

It wont be Conkers bad fur day if RARE LTD Owns That. If Nintendo owns it then that is Possible. Rare is supposed to be bringing an iconic old franchise to XBOX ONE. People have been Hoping for Killer Instinct or Conker Sequel



gohanrage said:

The Original Conkers Bad Fur day for N64 sells for 200 - 500 USD that is Crazy. Yet Live and Reloaded sells for around 90 Dollars

Haven't seen it for 500 but Above 400 Dollars



R_Champ said:


This is what I always hoped for. MS ruined Rare like EA ruined Bioware. I'd just hope Nintendo wouldn't give them the cold shoulder if they did want to develop exclusively.



FriedSquid said:

Remember that Grant Kirkhope mentioned getting old Rare employees back together to make Banjo-Threeie on the Wii U... it's unlikely but who knows...



QuickSilver88 said:

I have conkers for N64 but not sure if I have box or manual still.....Cart alone goes for about 100-150 on Ebay. Won't see a sequel as Microsoft owns the IP now but something new from this mad genius would be just fine....they wouldn't have purchased 3 dev kits if they werent planning something.



Godstrike said:

It kinda sucks that microsoft still owns rare and to an extention the conker rights so ya no conker's bad fur day 2



mikeyman64 said:

Regardless, I'm anxious to see what peeps from the "good ol' days" can bring to the market. Seavor should be able to make us proud to own a Wii U.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I was just about to bring that up,way to steal my thunder.
I'd sure be nice wouldn't it, to see the ex-Rare employees back together again? After all last time a bunch of ex-Rare employees got together we got Timesplitters.

Thats the thing that really bugs me about the N64 virtual console, a good chunk of the best games were made and owned by Rare making them all but taboo.



Araknie said:

Mmmmm, it's a pity that Microsoft has the moneyz, they really can stop some rare opportuinity to stay where it is because of the moneyz.



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

Welcome home!!! Hopefully more staff from Rare will take that cue and come back where it started for Rare!! Lord knows Microsoft ain't doing nothing a thing with Rare except for making games for Kinect.



Neferupitou said:

One of the greatest games of my childhood man!
i,m still near unstoppable with the sniper in multplayer.



TenEighty said:

Rare, Activision and Nintendo made the best games ever back in the N64 days. Wish they would keep making games like they use to because it hasn't been the same since.

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