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3D Altered Beast is Ready to Kick Some Shins on the Japanese 3DS eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wise-ing Fwom Its Gwave

While, admittedly, Japanese gamers currently suffer from comparatively empty eShop platforms — particularly on Wii U — due to tough publishing rules, as always there are some extras in the region that make us jealous. Notably, there's been a SEGA range of 3D Classics, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Space Harrier. Now there's another on the way — 3D Altered Beast.

With the Mega Drive / Genesis title being a SEGA arcade conversion, it's a demonstration of what the 16-bit machine could do, even if the attacks start off as a little wimpy. If a typical gamer fought zombies, we wonder whether it'd be more of the shin kicking shown in this game than the gruesome cricket bat wielding of ZombiU; it's a game where it's ultimately all about transforming into snarling beasts, of course.

This title hits the Japanese eShop on 29th May, will support the two-player option and cost 600 Yen. It adds to the steadily growing list of reimagined retro SEGA delights, and given Nintendo's cosy relationship with its former rival we certainly hope to see them come West.

Would you be up for some shin kicking in 3D? Check out the screens and let us know in the comments below.


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WanderingPB said:

No question that im getting this the day it comes out over here! Would it be crazy to hope dreamcast games come out on the WiiU VC one day?



Karakato said:

Heard the Arcade version was the good game, not sure if I'll get this. But I'll be all over the first two 3D releases. Just hope this isn't the last game to be given the 3D Classic treatment, there are other Sega Classics that will be glorious in 3D.



Nomad said:

I'm really hoping this games gets a European release. I'm a big Altered Beast fan ( if you can't already tell by my profile pic.) and would love to see this in 3D. I'd also get space Harrier too.



fluggy said:

Loved altered beast ... At the time when it came bundled with my MD! Realise now its absolute pants. Slow as sludge with a 2 frame walk/punch and the oddest kick move ever committed to pixel!!!



kissoon said:

Remember hiring Altered Beast out back in the day for the Master System and beating it in a few hours. Fun but disappointed with the length even back then.

I'd give it another go if it came to the Wii U VC for cheap.



Ron_DelVillano said:

YES. The arcade version is so great. If they bring this to the NA Virtual Console, then I'd be fine if they immediately dropped VC support after.



ToxieDogg said:

Interesting screenshots. How the heck are Werebears (the stage 3 transformation) fighting the stage 2 boss then?



Trikeboy said:

SEGA!!!! RELEASE THESE CLASSICS OUTSIDE OF JAPAN!!!! I mean, seriously, are they worried that 3D classics won't sell? I have all of the Nintendo ones, except the stupid fighting one. I may get that if it is free, maybe. 3D Sonic, Altered Beast, Space Harrier. They are all guaranteed sellers.



Knuckles said:

Darn, I'm not upset that this is a 3D Classic, I'm upset that this is their last 3D Classic. SEGA of Japan kept on advertising 4 spaces in their 3D classic series, and now all 4 are filled.



Harley said:

I'll probably pass on this one unless the price is considerably low. I already have the original Sega Genesis version, complete in the box. I enjoyed it thoroughly though, even if it is mindless button mashing. I wish it would've been the Arcade version that got the 3D Treatment, though. I've never played that version...but I can imagine that the effect of pixelated zombie guts hurtling toward the screen would be much better in that version. The effect in the Genesis version is so, idk, flat. Not that I'm counting out the Genesis conversion for a second. I just think the arcade version would look better in 3D.



YUXLOA said:

Damn, I was hoping for Afterburner 2. Super Hang-on and Space Harrier were great, but Sonic 3D was a little underwhelming. It didn't nearly have enough options and the 3D was barely noticeable unlike the other two Sega 3D classics.

I'm going to be a bit hesitant picking this one up.



Superconsole said:

Haha WISE FWOM YOUR GWAVE. This just reminds me of our Christmas round-table now. Absolutely loved Altered Beast on the Mega Drive.



Dpishere said:

Hopefully Sega will at least bring 3D Classics Sonic over to the states since I would love to play that game in 3D! Though I would prefer a 3D version of Sonic 2 or 3 since I liked them a bit more than the first game, though it is enjoyable in its own right.



gojiguy said:

This realy excites me, but... it's based on the butt-ugly genesis version instead of the arcade version... why SEGA??? WHY???



AcesHigh said:

I honestly don't know why these haven't been brought to the West. I doubt it's licensing. And there seems to be demand. I'd love to purchase all of these titles! Also, what happened to the 3D classics line? I was so looking forward to more of these. I have all of them. There are SO many classic 8 Bit and even 16 bit games that should be converted to 3D that I'd give my middle nut to have!



Undead_terror said:

I got it on Sonic's genesis collecton on ps3 and didn't like it much so I might not get this.



SetupDisk said:

I got the 16 bit version already on my Wii VC. What a freaking letdown. If they are adding 3D why use not the arcade version?



Zodiak13 said:

Altered beast is not a good game, even when I was kid and it was new. Just because it was a pack in title doesn't make it good. Unsure why this game has such a following, but to each their own.



Ootfan98 said:

@ Angelic_Lapras_King
What do you mean when you say Super Hang On 3D is at MCM Expo ?
I agree, 3D Streets of Rage would be fantastic.
I'm hoping for a 3D Outrun. It should be possible, although I think they will have to change the car like in Shenmue 2



RetrogamerFan said:

Was really impressed by this when i first played it on my brand new Megadrive, but it hasn't aged well.
Played it on various collections over the years since and it's alright for a quick gaming session, some of the animation is quite amusing.
However, i wouldn't buy Altered Beast as a standalone game, added 3D or not. Of the four Sega '3D classics' so far this would be bottom of my list to get, if any of them ever get released outside of Japan.

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