While, admittedly, Japanese gamers currently suffer from comparatively empty eShop platforms — particularly on Wii U — due to tough publishing rules, as always there are some extras in the region that make us jealous. Notably, there's been a SEGA range of 3D Classics, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Space Harrier. Now there's another on the way — 3D Altered Beast.

With the Mega Drive / Genesis title being a SEGA arcade conversion, it's a demonstration of what the 16-bit machine could do, even if the attacks start off as a little wimpy. If a typical gamer fought zombies, we wonder whether it'd be more of the shin kicking shown in this game than the gruesome cricket bat wielding of ZombiU; it's a game where it's ultimately all about transforming into snarling beasts, of course.

This title hits the Japanese eShop on 29th May, will support the two-player option and cost 600 Yen. It adds to the steadily growing list of reimagined retro SEGA delights, and given Nintendo's cosy relationship with its former rival we certainly hope to see them come West.

Would you be up for some shin kicking in 3D? Check out the screens and let us know in the comments below.

[via destructoid.com]