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Road Rash-Inspired Road Redemption Confirmed For Wii U Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

Assuming Kickstarter goal is met, of course

Road Redemption is a motorcycle combat game which owes a massive debt to EA's 16-bit title Road Rash — and it could be coming to the Wii U, if it can meet its Kickstarter goal.

DarkSeas Games — a studio made up of talent from Sega, Sony, Bioware, Gameloft, EA, Pyro Studios, Disney Interactive, 2K Sports and Lucasarts — is seeking $160,000 to fully fund the development of the game. With 18 days remaining it has raised just under $60,000 of that amount.

The game is currently in development for Windows, Mac and Linux. A Wii U version — presumably on the eShop — has only recently been added to that roster.

Here's what the studio had to say about the addition of the Nintendo port:

We believe that the Wii U is a great fit for Road Redemption. The tablet-style gamepad has great potential for local multiplayer gaming without the need for a splitscreen, and we hope to see more developers taking advantage of this potential.

Nintendo has reached out to independent game developers by wholeheartedly embracing the Unity 4 gaming engine for Wii U development. Thankfully, the Wii U’s strong technical specs, specifically the 2GB of ram, will allow us to bring the full Road Redemption experience to this console.

Do you have a desire to play a next-gen Road Rash? Will you be laying down some cash to support this venture? Post a comment to fill us in.


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Shiryu said:

Best news EVER! They have to succeed, they have to! /o
And we were talking about the original missing from the Virtual Console just a few weeks ago!



luminalace said:

I would love another Road Rash. The last one I played was on my ill fated 3do system. It was a great game.



Einherjar said:

Nothing against the game, but im getting sick of seeing "kickstarter" in every article. It feels like the only way to make games today ist to beg for money online...
What have we done all these years before that thing was started ?



Damo said:

@Wilford111 Welcome to the future of game development. With Nintendo opening up to indies in a big way, you're only going to see more Kickstarter-funded projects for Wii U and 3DS, not less.



Damo said:

@Einherjar This is the future of games development, moving away from a publisher-driven model (which usually results in games which play it too safe, or publishers which shut down perfectly decent studios because of lower-than-expected Metacritic ratings) to a model which allows indie developers to make the games they want to make. It also means that gamers can positively contribute and shape the kind of titles they ultimately want to play.

I fail to see the negative side, myself.



dizzy_boy said:

It's a far better option to get a kickstarter going than going to a bank and asking for a loan.
Atleast indies have a better chance of getting the funds that they need with a kickstarter, and they don't have to pay back a loan with tons of interest.
Besides, the more choice of games that come to the WiiU is always welcome, regardless of how it's funded.



Wilford111 said:

Kickstarter related articles barely count as news. It's like saying what could happen in the future, but most likely won't. A lot better news story would be what kickstarter projects actually succeeded.
After all, this is a news article; not an advertisement.



HeatBombastic said:

@Wilford111 Not really, they confirmed that it will be on Wii U if they make the goal. That's news to me. It concerns the Wii U, and there's a possibility of it happening.



Captain_Toad said:

@Einherjar Heh heh, the amount of kickstarters showing up here does seem overwhelming. Surely kickstarter reliance may seem lazy, though having a game having fan support and money than relying on other big-name developers to carry you may be more advantageous than in first glance.



Wilford111 said:

@HeatBombastic Sorry I may seem like I'm trying to start something, but I'm getting pretty annoyed by all of this "false news" as I like to call it. Kickstarter is unreliable information.



Einherjar said:

I know that kickstarter brings the huge advantage of having total controll and free will about your product. What baffles me is the sheer number of projects that come up with absurdly high amounts of money that they ask for. Indie development is not a new thing, and it worked before net bagging was popular. So why the sudden need for so much money, when it worked in the past ?
Thats what annoys me. But dont get me wrong, its not kickstarter or the idea behind it, its the sheer number of "sudden projects" that come up whenever they smell possible cash.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I welcome the news of kickstarter games that could potentially come to Wii U. Thanks to NintendoLife, I find all these indie games that I've never heard of!



JSuede said:

@Damo Not only that, but the developers themselves are the future of the industry. I could easily see them being offered positions in larger studios or having their dev team be offered a 2nd party type deal in one of the Big 3. I'm sure many of them have aspirations to do just that and it would be a smart move......retain your independence while getting funding from a major company to build a game where the only limit is your imagination/coding ability.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Kickstarter could lead to some very good games. As Damo said, it's the future. Smaller studios just wanna make great games & turn a small profit. They don't need to make $50 milllion off every game. Plus it gives the gaming community the chance to help develop the game unlike the big corporations using "focus groups" & other useless marketing statistics to muddy up the waters.



ThumperUK said:

It seems like pledging $17 (or about £12) is a pretty good punt for me to get a copy of the game (assuming the goal is met). Looks like I'll be placing my first pledge on kickstarter for this game!



19Robb92 said:

That looked like a LOT of fun. I'm definitely interested, multiplayer should be an absolute blast!



SilentHunter382 said:

I am really surprised that they are offering a Digital copy of the PC and a Wii U version for just $17 (€13 ish). May put money onto my card and back it.



Dude_McGrude said:

well... i immediately backed this game. Ive been wanting a game like this for a LONG time. I hope it hits its goal!



Link41x said:

I think they always add a Wii U version right at the end just so they can meet the budget they need, and then release the game for the systems they originally intended to....



cyphid said:

I had to adjust my pledge for the Wii U. Its so awesome to see their support for the system!



MJKOP said:

Road Rash! Used to love going to my mates and playing it on their Mega Drive! Forgot all about that game, cool



rdenton85 said:

I can't wait. It's looking likely that the Wii-U will be my next gen console (at least the first one I buy) this time so having games like this available is a great thing.



FabioSMASH said:

$160,000 is nothing for a game budget. With 11 people working on this project, plus rent for a studio, there's no way these guys can stay afloat for more than a few months at most.



Bulbousaur said:

I'll be sure to back it when I get a bit more money in, since I just bought Fire Emblem.



timp29 said:

@luminalace I miss my 3DO too. Man that version of road rash was awesome. I could never finish the last level in first place.



MadAdam81 said:

"Console Ports

We would love to have the opportunity to port Road Redemption to consoles.

We're going to port Road Redemption to the Wii U, and we are exploring the idea of porting to the Xbox 360, Xbox Durango, PS3 and PS4."

At least they aren't adding a high stretch goal for a Wii U version like other ones.
I think I would buy this on Wii U, but I don't think I would fund it. Pledging $17 gets PC/Mac/Linux digital copy and Wii U digital copy, might be worth when it's close to it's target.



SDDMN said:

Yeah, I have a feeling we won't be seeing this game on account of the stretch goal not being met, I hope I'm wrong though.

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