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Little Inferno Hits High Temperatures With Impressive Sales

Posted by Andy Green

Tomorrow Corporation left with money to burn

Of all the titles currently residing in the Wii U eShop, Little Inferno is one of the more unusual. It's essentially a fireplace simulator set in a dystopian world that has you burn things in order to pick up coins, which in turn are used to buy more stuff to throw into the fire.

It's hardly what you'd call a mainstream game but according to figures revealed by its developer Tomorrow Corporation, its sold quite a few digital copies - 250,000 in fact.

Of course, these figures are taken from all platforms including PC and iOS but even so, it's an incredible feat for such a niche title which has had very little money spent on marketing it.

Tomorrow Corporation has shown indie developers it is possible to be creative and achieve a hefty reward for their efforts. We thought its creation was well worth downloading, as we explained in our Little Inferno review.

What are your thoughts on Little Inferno? Are you surprised it's sold so much? Let us know in the comments below.


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sgotsch said:

I have bought it twice.. My preorder (-> Steam) and a Wii U purchase and I regret nothing.
I will never grow tired on their style in video games and cant wait to see what they will do next.



Hunter-D said:

Hmmmm, want to try it out but I'm going to have to wait. Juggling far too many great games at the moment.

Good to hear they're doing well, hope it continues and allows them to come up with some more interesting ideas.



briwipdx said:

i wish more people would play it ( u can beat it in less than 3 hours). i try to make my friends play, its a joy to re-experience just watching. the social/consumerist commentary riding the surface of that game can all but be lost when playing it. from the music to the graphics to the humor to the fire sounds... this game is EPIC. super joy happy times. go games!



Moco_Loco said:

I bought it from that $0.99 sale. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Might play it again eventually, as near the end I decided to pursue the story over the combos.



WindWakerLink said:

This game is really different, you know? i usually dont play games like this but what got me to play it was the music especially the free soundtrack for it a while back. This gane is the perfect game for leisure-ness. so glad i got it on my wii u!



SuperCharlie78 said:

Well, they showed other indies how to do a videogame with their previous masterpiece, World of Goo, which was near to perfection.
I'm not surprised with Little Inferno good sales, I personally bought this game moved by pure trust.



Drobotic said:

One of those copies was mine,with me wasting more than 12 hours burning stuff.



evanescent_hero said:

This game was awesome. I picked it up when the price dropped to ten bucks on the Wii U, but I would gladly pay fifteen for it.



RantingThespian said:

I loved the game. I don't think it's as good as World Of Goo, but it's still great and 100% original. I am eagerly awaiting to see what they come up with next.



Nareva said:

It's the first game I bought and the first game I finished on the system. Great game and well worth every penny.



Giygas_95 said:

I wouldn't mind having Little Inferno on the 3DS, but I REALLY WANT a new World of Goo on the 3DS! Please, Tomorrow Corporation!



BetweenTheTrees said:

the game was worth the money, it was short, pointless and awesome. some of the combos stumped me for a while



TromaDogg said:

Excuse the pun, but I felt literally burned after buying this on Wii U, even at a discounted price. It's too short, very easy, isn't very engaging and has virtually no replay value. Curiosity (and other people's glowing reviews) got the better of me, but I honestly wish I hadn't bothered with it.



FineLerv said:

Definitely well deserved sales figures. The game's not for everyone, obviously, but there's little denying Little Inferno was a welcome addition to the endless catalogue of video games.



Svengoolie said:

@ToxieDogg Then you went into it expecting something other than it wasn't. I bought it expecting a fireplace simulator and I got that and much more.



ArcanaXVI said:

I loved Little Inferno as much as I loved World of Goo. It deserves its sales, and I can't wait for Tomorrow Corporation's next game!



TromaDogg said:

@Svengoolie No. I went into it expecting something original, innovative and engaging...what I got was something that was amusing for about the first 10 minutes, but then felt repetitive, dull, forgettable and barely playable. I love short, well crafted games but Little Inferno to me was a game that was every bit as throwaway and wasteful as the consumerism it was poking fun at.

It's strange to me that so many people laughed at the fireplace simulators on WiiWare and yet praise Little Inferno highly, but each to their own and I'm glad you and others enjoyed it.



RandomNerds said:

I loved it, I've been planning to write a post on my blog about the top 5 games I play when I want to relax.



TheAdza said:

I wish the game wasn't so short, but that is my only criticism of the whole game. It is still worth every penny. In fact I think it's because it is so enjoyable that when it ends, it's almost heartbreaking. I can't wait to see what their next game will be.



DerpSandwich said:

I love it. I'm definitely glad I got it when it was on sale though. I think they'd sell a lot more if they kept it at $10.



Bassman_Q said:

I bought it and beat it about two weeks ago because it was on sale on Steam for $4. Well worth it. Plus, the ending is surprisingly good, and really makes you think. Very insightful game, if you're willing to see the game in a rhetorical perspective.



LavaTwilight said:

I got it and I'm well impressed with it! I Love it! I'd recommend it to anyone, unfortunately it's just not everyone's kind of game.



Geonjaha said:

Yup. It being the only Wii U eShop title (Non-VC) that I've downloaded so far should give a fair idea.



Sean_Aaron said:

I bought it during the sale on Wii U - very worthwhile. I'd love to see more "non-games" like this.



RetrogamerFan said:

I really enjoyed my time with it and thought it was well worthy of a download. I finished the story off in one afternoon, but quite a few combos still to work out.
It's hard to reccomend though and must have been difficult to review. It's such a unique experience, if you take away the charming and quirky characters, humour, and the critique of mass consumerism, the nearest thing to gameplay is completing a series of cryptic crossword clues.



McRokert said:

Really great game! At first i doubted if i would buy it, but i did thanks to the review on NL (Like with almost every game haha) And yeahh what a "Game" It is really fantastic!



Taya said:

This was a surprisingly good game. I was very glad that I made the plunge and decided to give it a chance. Getting all of the combos was the best part, as well as following the understory.

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