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Expect Batman To Sound Different In Arkham Origins

Posted by Damien McFerran

Kevin Conroy isn't reprising his role in the upcoming game

Voice actor Kevin Conroy has confirmed that he won't be returning to provide his vocal talents to Bruce Wayne's alter ego in the forthcoming Batman: Arkham Origins.

Conroy has lent his voice to the Caped Crusader in cartoons and games for many years, with his first video game credit being The Adventures of Batman and Robin on the Sega Mega CD in 1994.

Conroy isn't the only one who isn't coming back for the sequel; Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill has also stated that he won't be voicing the Joker any more, either.

Word on the street is that the developer is looking for a younger Batman, to tie in with the "origins" element of the game.

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User Comments (43)



Dogpigfish said:

Just wait, they'll hire that awful voice actor who does Nathan Drake. He's the male voice in every video game. Would be great if they used the voice of Monkey from Enslaved, or Marcus Phoenix; then I'd be thrilled.



ajcismo said:

I think it took some convincing (ie: extra 0's on the paycheck) to get them both to do the last few Batman games. Hard to believe they've both been at it for 20 years voicing those characters.




That's a shame, considering conroy just voiced batman for injustice.

I don't understand because when your that good at something why not just keep doing it.

Oh well, they found a decent voice for joker in injustice. So I'm sure they will find a decent enough batman.



Ralizah said:

"Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill has also stated that he won't be voicing the Joker any more, either."

His Joker voice was absolutely iconic.



Jayvir said:

@Dogpigfish Obviously you aren't aware of it, but Nolan North (VA for Nathan Drake) already voices The Penguin in Arkham City.



scottsensei said:

There have been a decent number of good Joker voices. Jeff Bennet's version from Batman Brave and the Bold and John DiMaggio from Batman Under the Red Hood were really good Jokers.

As for Batman, I hope they use Bruce Greenwood.



MrGawain said:

Anyone would of thought Hamill was busy with something else, but what has he ever done apart from be the Joker?

Hard to convey sarcasm on the internet.



Midnight3DS said:


Kevin Conroy loves voicing Batman. I doubt it would take much arm twisting for another go. Guess they just wanna go in a younger direction for this. Sadness. Conroy is the definitive Batman on any level.



Jellitoe said:

WOW, this kinda sucks, those two talents really help make the game feel like the real DC universe.



Big_Gamer said:

Ive heard enough different Joker voices to be able to swallow a new one as long as its good. Batman is gonna be hard on the other hand as he really is Batman for me, but if they potray a younger Batman it might work.



Tasuki said:

Wow. First no Rocksteady, than no Dini and now no Conroy. I hate to say it but this game is going to suck. They are just using the Arkham name as a cash in. Well it was nice to see two good Batman games before they will start being bad again.



Dpullam said:

They are losing two of my favorite voice actors for the Batman Arkham Series. Oh well, hopefully the new actors can either reach half of the expectations fans will certainly have for them;



Gamer83 said:

It's another reason to not care about this pathetic cash-in but hardly the worst thing about the game. Batman has been played by many different people over the years anyway. This isn't changing Sam Fisher's voice actor from Michael Ironside or, worse, having anybody other than David Hayter voice Snake.



Mickey said:

I'll die of happiness if they choose Ben McKenzie. He is the PERFECT young Kevin Conroy!

EDIT: Honestly, I should have expected this reaction from you guys after hearing something was going to be different. Just because Paul Dini isn't doing the writing and Conroy isn't voicing Batman, doesn't mean the whole game will suck. By the way, since none of you are willing to say it, Mark Hamill was losing the voice anyway.




They could use the guy that they used for the brave and the bold.

He was pretty good actually



Moshugan said:

I'm not too bothered with voice actors changing, so long as the new ones are good!
We'll see.



delt75 said:

Lame. Conroy is the REAL Batman. Anytime Batman isn't voiced by him it just doesn't feel the same.



Capt_N said:

@Zodiak13: That, to me, would be hilarious! Unless, of course, you are being serious, b/c to me he will always be Iago from Aladdin, & Mr. Myxpklik from Superman: The Animated Series.

Of course, everyone has their own taste, so just so you know, no insult meant to you.



Rafie said:

@Dogpigfish Awful voice actor?!?!?! HAHAHAHA Wow dude...

Anyway, it looks as though they (WB Montreal) are really pushing the limits of the public here. With Rocksteady absent, No Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil, no Paul Dini writing and adding multiplayer! It's like the want to be hated. I'm actually being serious. Well let's hope that this pans out for them. If not, no one will buy another Batman game from them or possibly any game from them again.

I at least hope Ron Pearlman can reprise his role as Deathstroke a.k.a Slade (Teen Titans). That would be awesome! Bruce Greenwood better do the voice then. He did Bats voice in the Red Hood movie. He was good.



Jaz007 said:

@Dogpigfish Awful!? You have never played Uncharted have you. As was also pointed out he did a good job as the penguin.

Wow. Some of you really have no hope for the game do you. WB wouldn't let a bad Arkham game be made. Hammil said he is leaving for good so I don't see how that has anything to do with how good the new game will be. I'm sure they will find someone who will do a pretty good job. I think new writer will be okay too. I for one have high expectations for this game and can't wait for it.



Galactus said:

Please not that overused Nathan Drake voice actor. The guy is ok for Deadpool but he is no Batman.

As a collector of everything Batman TAS, I will be skipping this game. I only really collected the Arkham games as a continuation of the TV series. Now that that connection is gone, so will I be.



Tasuki said:

Mark Hamill being replaced as the Joker really didnt bug me since he himself said that Arkham City was the last time he will voice Joker hence why it ended the way it did.

But the fact that first Dini was let go and now Conroy. :/



SparkOfSpirit said:

@sonic-doom The Brave & The Bold is awesome for Silver Age Batman. I could go with either him or Bruce Greenwood. Even Will Friedle would be perfect for a younger Batman.

There were plenty of other good Batman voice actors aside from Conroy, guys.



sinalefa said:

It is bad news, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. New blood is not necessarily a bad thing.



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah as someone else said if your good at something and you been doing it for a while it just makes sense that you continue or at least try to D= why would they change his voice all the sudden?

now the waiting game begins to see if the new voice actor would be good or sound ok-ish



MagicEmperor said:

Nnnnnnot good. Every piece of news I've heard of this game so far has kinda knocked a peg out for me. But I'll still keep open to this game.



DKDonkeyKong said:

You know what? I'm not upset by this. Superman's voice actors change all the time, as does Wonder Woman's, Green Lantern's etc. There is no law stating that Batman needs to be voiced by Kevin Conroy, people make that mistake all the time. It's not that Kevin Conroy is a requirement, it's just iconic. However, as time goes on, you need to pass the torch to somebody else.

Look at Alice in Chains, their lead singer died, but they found a new lead singer and they're still going strong. Same goes for this game, besides if they are going for a younger story, it makes sense for the character to not sound like a forty year old man.



Luffy said:




Tasuki said:

@DKDonkeyKong: Well Alice in Chains had no choice really with their lead singer dieing. This is more like when Black Sabbath gave Ozzy the boot, funny thing is Black Sabbath just went down hill after that.



Midnight3DS said:


Yes, there are other good Batman voice actors. Part of the problem here is an Arkham series continuity one. The 'looking for a younger Batman' line is a crock. Conroy is versatile. This is the worst move for the game so far.

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