While the 3DS has seen some notable franchises carry across from its predecessor, the DS, one that hasn't done so in the West is Ace Attorney. Japan has been enjoying Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney since late last year, while Ace Attorney 5 is expected in the same region later this year; alas, localisation hasn't even been confirmed for these titles as yet.

While we certainly hope to see these arrive outside of Japan eventually, some may wonder whether there's an opportunity to bundle up the broad range of DS releases as a compilation on 3DS — especially as some of the original games can be hard to find or relatively expensive to pick up. A fan pitched that question on the Capcom Unity forums, and regular liaison Christian Svensson — Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President at Capcom — gave the following response.

I have proposed this many times over the past two years... no news yet though.

Hang in there.

It seems that he's certainly keen, and words along the lines of "hang in there" have been used often during long absences of Western updates for franchises such as Monster Hunter. Could this Ace Attorney collection be a genuine prospect? Let us know whether you'd like it to become a reality in the comments below.

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