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Tue 21st Feb 2012

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buzzn commented on Feature: Our Nintendo Moments of 2013 - Part One:

Best single-player game of the year: Dual Destinies.
Best announcement: Shin Megami X Fire Emblem
Best multiplayer game : Super Mario 3D World
It was a bumpy year for the Wii U but the 3DS was pretty incredible I must say. I just hope that Nintendo makes better decisions next year.. I honestly don't understand the hype around Hyrule Warriors.. Zelda is not a hack and slash game, it looked pretty awful in my opinion. What really annoys me is that they haven't spoken about SMT X Fire Emblem at all since the extremely teasing trailer, damn it Nintendo.



buzzn commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights a Strengthening Worldw...:

It is a pretty sweet console. I think it's the best handheld console I've ever had. I would say that the Wii U also has loads of potential, I enjoyed TW101 quite a lot, it has promise. Can't wait for games to start picking up the pace soon.



buzzn commented on Ace Attorney Collection for 3DS Has Been Propo...:

Even though I played all of the games and even the spin offs, if they release the first three as a trilogy with some added content perhaps, I would be MORE than glad to give them my money. I seriously love Ace Attorney, the 3rd one especially brought me to tears at one point, such an engaging story.



buzzn commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

I think digital retail games must be on offer on the eshop especially because of several reasons. 1. Because its very convenient to have all your games together on the go 2. It would show other gamers that Nintendo is catching up in this field and 3. Most importantly, not everyone lives in the U.S.A/UK where you can get games on day one aswell as prices like 40 dollars, some people like me live in places where they ship the games here which takes weeks aswell as being overpriced, i pay 50-55 dollars for 3DS games, this would be really great..



buzzn commented on Next Smash Bros. Development Starts with a Loo...:

This game is going to be so anticipated by so many people, hopefully next year at E3 we at least see a trailer of some sort, i think its very unlikely we'll see one this year since he just finished Kid Icarus.