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Wii U Resident Evil: Revelations To Feature Off-Screen Play and Pro Controller Support

Posted by Damien McFerran

Exclusive features coming to Nintendo's console

Details relating to the Wii U version of Resident Evil: Revelations have been divulged in the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, and it has been confirmed that the game will allow off-screen play and will also offer Pro Controller support.

It has also been confirmed that the GamePad screen can be used to switch weapons and peruse maps during play.

Speaking to ONM, producer Tsukasa Takenaka had this to say about the Wii U version:

I wouldn’t want to be so presumptuous as to say that everyone will enjoy one version more than another, but there are definitely features in the Nintendo Wii U version that are not found on other consoles.

Sounds pretty positive — looks like the Wii U edition will offer something extra over the other ports, at least — although with the 3DS edition already available, is off-screen play really that big of a deal? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.


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Koapa said:

I'm so dissapointed.
Capcom doesn´t know what means word "Exclusive".
They should lower prize, not bringing game to other platform.
Biggest problem is, that RE6 is no more like original series and sales are poor.



Kirk said:

What is going on here?

Upscaled 3DS game ports are now passing for next-gen home console experiences...

To be fair though, the screens do look nice and I think I'd actually rather play this as a Resident Evil game than the likes of RE6.



19Robb92 said:

The visuals don't look as improved as I would have hoped.. It's nice that they're adding some GamePad features though. But it doesn't seem like there's enough content to warrant another purchase.



gaDronilDdos said:

The gun mechanics will stay the same.
60e price tag.
upscaled graphics, but still no 1080p.
This will be the next Case west.
Metascore 30/100

Calling all of it now.



Will-75 said:

I'm just hoping for some online play and a couple extra chapters and it'll be a day one purchase for me.



Tate24 said:

Am sorry but i wont buying this as already got 3DS version! and new features aside its still same game! I love 3DS version so much Ive played for about 131 hours on game



drunkenmaster76 said:

Who wants to put money down that nintendo are working their fingers to the bone to get there big hitters out sooner than expected in light of all this negative crap about wii u and all these ports.



Araknie said:

Yep, Nintendo's Wii U has native 1080p running but developers are downscaling to 720 because they ported console versions without re-texturing.
Probably we can tell the true detail on screen with Lego City Undercover.



belmont said:

RE Revelations is a good and fan game but I strongly disagree on the argument that it is better than RE6 or that it is the best game since RE4.

RER feels and plays like a watered down port of the big counterparts. Surely is visually stunning but by no means it is better that RE6.

I may get a home version (PS3) if it is clearly a 1080 port and it is not full retail priced (60 euros).



SetupDisk said:

It is a better game than RE6 or RE5, it's not watered down at all and is more of a full experience than either 5 or 6. Plus hard mode is actually hard.



MAB said:

5 million sales is very poor for a main game in the Resident Evil series spread over 2 systems with a massive install base that would only cover the coffee and biscuit expenses for the employee lounge.



WanderingPB said:

I truly hope aside from the gamepad features they also allow the nunchuk feature because it was awesome in RE4 but i need to see more b4 i make my decision to by this one especially since ZombieU still has me in its clutches…



NImH said:

I won't be getting this... But not because of some way that the game lacks. Revelations is my fave of the series so far. I love the episodic structure of the story (the least cheesy one so far) and the sweet balance they hit between horror and gunplay.
I just don't see what sells this to someone who already adores the 3DS version.



SCAR said:

To be fair, that game was poor quality to alot who played it. It sold very badly in the heart of fans. Haha. I mean RE6 BTW. I know plenty of people who bought it, and played it for 5 minutes and set it down. Some were more brave a tried to finish it.
If you don't have it, get this one for whatever console you have. Wii U versions of game are my top priority.



3Daniel said:

by far the better direction for the series over 5 and 6. love this game on 3ds and more people should experience it. i may even snag a wii u copy if the timing is right.



Knux said:

You know, I might actually buy this instead of the PS3 version. The enhancements that is in this port and the simple fact that the Wii U version likely won't have an online pass (which means I can buy the game used if I want to) makes this one one of the few times that the Wii U version might actually be a better purchase.

I still need to get a Wii U first...



Azikira said:

Off Screen Play? This makes me want the Wii U version even more now just announce that SINCE Wii U has offscreen that means 2 people can play on one console and I will be pleased. :3



Tasuki said:

I have this on the 3DS so I will just wait till this hits the bargain bin. Not interested in paying 60 bucks for a game I have already played and beat.



NiBar said:

I don't care about boring Pro Controller support, but fine for those who can't play without . Hopefully there will be Nunchuck + Wiimote support, the best, relaxing, realistic and funny way to control a game. Game publishers should realise that many customers won't buy again a game if the right control for them isn't supported..



jayblue said:

played through on 3ds so i will not bother with this,am playing res 4 which is a lot cheaper and the last great res game.on the xbox for just shy of 15 notes bet this games about 50 think they see folk coming with these prices on eshop 100.



WaveGhoul said:

I know hey? How bloody hard is it for capcom to include Pointer controls? having that, along with Gamepad and Pro controller support would make EVERYONE happy. Instead they're going back in time and dismissing 'Next Gen' pointer controls for Clunky dual analog sticks while instead including a map and item inventory on the game pad screen. Real original... seems like the standard for the 3rd party developers....sigh* Some of these developers seriously have me scratching my head. If they truly think that dual analog is superior or the more ideal control scheme than they're out of their minds....It's not the future, it's a massive step back. Have they not played the metroid prime trilogy before? RE4: Wii edition's pointer controls were also pretty darn awesome and that's exactly what i want to see in Revelations U.

Anyways, As for Revelations...It had it's moments but it's truly a mixed bag. Taking down Ooz's isn't all that fun compared to Gonando's/majini's or zombies. The Episodic Gun heavy filler stages felt really cheap, out of place and felt like a lame way to extend the game. Keith and his goofy partner also felt really out of place, the storyline felt anime-esque, convoluted and uninteresting, Jessica's outfit was ridiculous(lol), they cut out that amazing cut scene where that woman(with the blonde hair covering her eyes)
gets attacked by the Ooze's..and the lead villian was realllly weak. It still has solid amtosphere, a good soundtrack, retains some of that classic RE goodness, and delivers one of the most amazing final boss battles in RE History. And that stereoscopic 3D? amazing

But I'd still say RE4 and RE5 are the bettter games. I'm mixed now on this Wii U edition. If it doesn't support Pointer controls, i probably wont even bother. This goes for Aliens U as well.



renaryuugufan92 said:

@belmont it is the best RE game since RE4~

i played the PS3 version of RE6 when it came out because my friend got it, the presentation was good, the story good, the gameplay... -twiddles my fingers- unless you like having quicktime events everytime you stumble too close to a zombie ((literally every 2 seconds especially during ambushes)) then its definitely the game for you, RE6 was the first game to truely frustrate me in years to be honest, and the only time i enjoyed it was during the cutscenes..

Revelations on the other hand made me feel like I was playing a original RE game with RE4/5 gameplay, which was great in my opinion, and unlike RE6 the gameplay in Revelations is addictive and barely if ever becomes frustrating (i even found the swimming levels to be fun).

so in the end i probably won't get the Wii U version for awhile due to the fact that I have it on the 3DS~ but to me Revelations is the better game of the two, especially in the gameplay department~



Neram said:

That's neat and everything, but I still don't like that they are porting this to consoles, making the 3DS version completely obsolete. Thank you Capcom, for making the people who bought the 3DS version feel like they wasted their time and money. Thank you.



WaveGhoul said:

I wouldn't say the 3DS version is obsolete at all.
The 3DS version still has that amazing Stereoscopic 3D which is a big advantage, and the ability to play it on the go.



lanabanana said:

If they got time to make Resident Evil : Revelations on Wii U then I don't see why it should be a problem to make RE6 on Wii U as well -_-



jayblue said:

ive got a feeling a 3d gamepad will get a release just after this goes out,like the add on stick when this came out on the 3ds.



DePapier said:

@Ryno_Choryzo Completely agree with you on those pointer controls. I'm not shooting at my screen without my Wiimote since Metroid Prime Trilogy.
(Hell that Meta-Ridley was real.)

@Knux In the end I feel your pain for not having a Wii U. Hopefully you'll get one soon.

I'm glad somebody is considering to make a proper port for the Wii U version. I've had this following idea for a long time but I know they won't implement it: the ability to play with the Wiimote while being able to switch between pointing to the TV and pointing to the GamePad.
It's basically playing on the TV screen with the Wiimote while having the GamePad on its stand visible at all times next to you (on the coffee table or something). The TV screen is seamless with no HUD whatsover: it's all on the GamePad with the inventory. And then, by just pressing a button (like C on the Nunchuck), pointer priority is switched to the GamePad, and you're free to just point on your inventory to choose whatever weapon you may need, and see it on the big screen. You could also manipulate the map that way without even touching the screen...

I honestly think that IS the future and hopefully Retro is working on this right now on the next iteration of Metroid Prime, but a guy can dream...



Lilifish said:

I would get a WiiU just to play Revelations again if it had co-op for campaign mode...

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