On Miiverse, Nintendo gamers can interact with one another and send friend requests to those they want to stay connected to - even if they do not actually know them. Nintendo has recently made a small announcement regarding the service, saying it will be restricting younger gamers from sending or receiving friend requests.

The rule affects Wii U users aged 12 and under, with Nintendo explaining it had decided to take action to protect younger users.

However, users under the age of 13 may still be friends with other Wii U owners, they just need to actually know them first. This can be done by both users entering each other's Nintendo Network IDs in the friend list on the home menu.

Here's a segment of the message from Nintendo:

We encourage younger users to make friends on Wii U only if they are friends in real life (such as friends from the same school or neighbourhood). Therefore, do not attempt to exchange your Nintendo Network ID with other users on Miiverse.

Nintendo has implemented other changes such as a five-minute posting limit on Miiverse communities, however you will still be able to comment on existing posts. There will also be stricter notification controls meaning you will only be notified if the original poster responds to your comment, stopping your notifications getting swamped.

What are your thoughts on these modifications to Miiverse? Are they a good thing? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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