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Miiverse Friend Requests Restricted For Gamers Aged 12 And Under

Posted by Andy Green

Nintendo doing its best to protect younger users

On Miiverse, Nintendo gamers can interact with one another and send friend requests to those they want to stay connected to - even if they do not actually know them. Nintendo has recently made a small announcement regarding the service, saying it will be restricting younger gamers from sending or receiving friend requests.

The rule affects Wii U users aged 12 and under, with Nintendo explaining it had decided to take action to protect younger users.

However, users under the age of 13 may still be friends with other Wii U owners, they just need to actually know them first. This can be done by both users entering each other's Nintendo Network IDs in the friend list on the home menu.

Here's a segment of the message from Nintendo:

We encourage younger users to make friends on Wii U only if they are friends in real life (such as friends from the same school or neighbourhood). Therefore, do not attempt to exchange your Nintendo Network ID with other users on Miiverse.

Nintendo has implemented other changes such as a five-minute posting limit on Miiverse communities, however you will still be able to comment on existing posts. There will also be stricter notification controls meaning you will only be notified if the original poster responds to your comment, stopping your notifications getting swamped.

What are your thoughts on these modifications to Miiverse? Are they a good thing? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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Lin1876 said:

People will react, but I think this is a good thing. I'm not convinced that friend features are a good thing for kids under 12, while the restrictions for under 13s seem sensible. Well done Nintendo.



NinFreak said:

I'm liking the Miiverse changes. Kids are safe (sort of ) from bad people, no annoying rapid posts and the notification is definitely helpful.



Kyoto said:

Miiverse is getting better and better. Keep up the good work Nintendo!



MrGawain said:

Although wannabe 'real gamers' begrudge it, Nintendo works best as a family company, looking after the well being of kids. It's the reason I bought my Nephew a Wii U and not a PS3/Xbox.

Admittedly though I bought myself one for Mario and Batman.



TwilightV said:

I understand this, but we seem to be incapable of even replying to their posts. This is a problem because some of them seek assistance in the games they're playing.

And the notification limit is a terrible idea. If someone is spamming or going off topic, just delete the post or report them



FubumblR said:

LOL @MrGawain !

Definitely see this as a good thing.

Confused, though, isn't the NNID listed on everyone's Miiverse profile anyway, or have the 12 and under users had it removed from their profiles? Haven't checked myself...but then again, I don't know any users 12 or younger.

If they are still shown, it would seem working around this would be simple.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm totally fine with this, means nothing to me

Edit: Oh & the notification limitations will take some time to get used to, I always went on Miiverse if the notification icon was flashing, to find comments that others had made on someone else's post. A "watch" button for any particular Miiverse post that I want to be notified of new comments on would be good.



WarioPower said:

I like everything besides the notification thing, it makes it a lot harder to keep up with discussions on Miiverse. They should at least give us the options either allow all notifications or only the OP's..



Prof_Clayton said:

I don't see myself using Miiverse very much, but these improvements sound like a good step forward. Although younger kids on the interwebs can still add strangers. Because I doubt they will know many kids with a Wii U.



drunkenmaster76 said:

Ive already had my wrist slapped by the administrators, im only allowed to post every 5min and my profile as been blocked and i didnt really do much wrong



jayblue said:

this is more positive nintendo getting some things done proper.if it keeps people safe then thats cool.



AbeVigoda said:

I have no problems with these changes. The constant notifications on posts with 400+ replies was annoying, especially with the only way to stop them being scrolling through them all to delete your own post.

I'm fine with posting one message every five minutes. You can still comment on posts as much as you want, just need to wait a bit before starting a new one. I've seen a lot of people spamming multiple messages on the same board so this has now been stopped.



Sean_Aaron said:

Looks good to me and as a parent of an under-12 who uses Miiverse it's reassuring, though I have cautioned her about sharing personal information and people online not being who they seem.
I would like to see a search feature myself so I can look for game tips without posting a query. Hopefully we'll get that and filters soon.



soracloud28 said:

@Nintenzo that's what I'm talking about. These chanes are definitely a positive thing. There are tons of users on miiverse that went up in arms about the changes. But for the most part, this is all good news.



Bankai said:

Better boycott all Nintendo games. Some kids are going to have to wait six months (or even longer!) to use this!



Pichuka97 said:

They still need to update the eshop so I'm not blocked from viewing AC3 and such. I don't wanna wait another year so I can finally download the DLC.




Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. It's good to know that ONE company actually cares more about real life security and safety concerns and not ONLY about the bottom line. I'd rather deal with my kid's disappointment about things like this then contemplate the horrors of some predator trying to make contact with them in the guise of a child their age. Nintendo needs to be applauded for their efforts and not ridiculed.



Capt_N said:

@MAXIMUS: " It's good to know that ONE company actually cares more about real life security and safety concerns and not ONLY about the bottom line." That's debatable. This could be Nintendo, just doing their regular business practice of appearing family friendly/safe. Under these circumstances, a child could still befriend someone they don't know, via online(internet) interaction/trading of ids. They could also have their profile's age different, than their real age. Or like you said, Nintendo is legitimately doing this for kid safety.

This is basically a good thing that Nintendo is doing regardless of either of the possible reasons I mentioned above, albeit it is still the parents' job to be deeply involved in their children's lives, especially when it comes to things like this.

While on the topic, when/if I ever get a WU, I really don't think I'll use Miiverse, or the social functions that much, if at all. Maybe once every now, & then for help, but mostly I like to try to conquer game challenges on my own.



WindWakerLink said:

It's cool reading about this after all that nonsense about Rayman Legends being delay for Wii U users till September...
That notification thing will be nice! It was a little annoying getting 20 notifications at time and it was hard to follow who said what... but we deal. Yea.



Collinhall said:

It's not Nintendo's job to do this. What if little Jimmy wanted to friend his brother/friend/cousin? Aint gonna happen, sorry kiddos!



Neram said:

Nothing wrong with that. At least you won't have 10 year old Call of Duty players trying to send you a Friend Request for no other reason than to fill up their Friend List.



StarDust4Ever said:

When I was thirteen, we didn't even have online games. I didn't ever get Internet for the first time until I was 16 (1997), so I say kids these days are spoiled.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Just like anything else of this nature its not fool proof but its definitly a good thing. At that age kids really don't need to be befriending random people on the internet (remember kiddies, never talk to strangers ) and most if not all forums don't allow people under 13 to begin with.

@StarDust I definitely agree but I think part of it is the changing times. Technology is so much more abundant than it was back in the day and really common place so kids have a lot more access to it. The standards have definitely changed but it seems to me like parents have become more lenient as well, growing up my parents weren't strict but at the same time I knew what would happen if I mouthed off (I still remember when PCs had 80GB HDDs and everybody had dial-up ).



DarkEdi said:

The part of the kids is ok, but limit 5 min without post new messages or don´t receive notification when you answer another post are really bad ideas.



kereke12 said:

I think that a good idea that nintendo is doing kid is in danger and kids these days think there adults that they have to curse every second they got...Good Job Nintendo



Big_A2 said:

@StarDust: Not exactly appropriate use of the word "spoiled". I mean, sure people born later than you are certainly luckier in terms of this, but it's not like letting kids use the internet is going to ruin them. Standard have changed. You can't compare your life then to someone's life now. By your logic everyone on planet earth is "spoiled" because they have greater opportunity than people born a century ago.

@Collinhall: He can, he just needs to enter his cousin's or whoever's Nintendo Network ID into his friend roster, and vice versa.



EaZy_T said:

I don't see anything wrong with these changes; child safety, cutting back on spamming and less home button notifications are good things IMO.



CharbroiledEwok said:

The whining from kids in the Miiverse have been pretty hyperbolic since these announcements, huh? I, for one, am glad to miss out on notifications of pointless conversations, endless Friend/Yeah requests, and other silliness these same individuals were perpetrating...

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