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TiVo And Google Maps Functionality For Wii U Hit By Delay

Posted by Damien McFerran

Both slip from January to "early 2013"

TVii is one of the Wii U's biggest selling points in North America, but the service hasn't had the best of starts. It didn't launch with the machine and wasn't up and running until December. Even then, it lacked TiVo - something that Nintendo insisted would be coming this month.

It now turns out that TiVo integration is going to take a little longer to arrive - Nintendo has given a vague release "early 2013".

Google Maps and Google Street View have also been hit with a delay - the two services are being adapted to work on the Wii U GamePad, but they've now slipped to "first quarter of 2013". Nintendo originally stated they would be available in January.

While it's a shame that these features have been delayed, we'd rather they be ready before they get pushed out to the public.

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Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.


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Metal_Slugger said:

I don't have TiVo so that doesn't bother me. Google maps could be neat to check out. What bums me out the most is that it's not compatible with Dish network.



Buzzthebatgirl said:

Why am I not surprised? First Pikmin 3 gets delayed outside the launch window and now this, does Nintendo not want my loyalty anymore?



PinkSpider said:

It really isn't that big a deal I use my Wii for games not to look at pointless google maps. Who cares!.

Nintendo you havent lost my loyalty but obviously you can't please everyone.



PALgamer said:

At least NA has TVii, can't say the same about the rest.

These services, like the News or Weather Wii ones, add functionality cheaply and gets people to turn on their consoles more often. The more they use it, there is bigger exposure to games through WaraWara, etc.



Everly said:

I'm not interested in either of those features....but delays seem to be the order of the day when it comes to the Wii U. Looking back, I'm surprised we actually got the system on launch day.



cornishlee said:

A very good point not often stated around here. In the early days of the Wii I started most days checking the news and weather on it.



aronatvw said:

I think most ppl agree that netflix support is more important. I don't know one person that has tivo. lol



FubumblR said:

I'd certainly like to see them flesh out the TiVo portion until it's ready, I can wait. Been waiting to use my TiVo with my WiiU, as the gamepad doesn't work with the receiver I have everything plugged in to, so, it will at least be nice to have TiVo support. I'm never home during primetime broadcasting (work) and I never watch any sports so it'll be a plus!

Your next task, Nintendo, add gamepad support for my Denon receiver!
Make it so!



RedYoshi999 said:

TiVo - Don't care as I live in Australia (and we will never even get Nintendo TVii.)
Google Maps - Meh, it's not exactly vitally important that I have it.



rjejr said:

I don't have Tivo and I don't think Google Maps would get a ton o fuse, BUT, enough with the Wii U delays already.

Hey Nintendo, if you want to sell systems without a price cut at least stop having all your news be bad. The old saying - "all publicity is good" - isn't true.

The more stuff Nintendo delays - TVii, Google Maps, Tivo, Pikmin 3, Rayman, Wonderful 101 - the more people on the fence waiitng to buy a system when something they want comes out - well they aren't going to rush out and buy a Wii U b/c they are going to assume whatever they want to buy is going to be delayed. And when Nintendo delays something - it doesn't seem to be a few days or weeks, it's always months. What's the Pikmin 3 release date?

It's not the product per se, it's the continued pattern of incompetence.



Schprocket said:


(tongue-in-cheek response, Damo. I know you meant it to be an open question.... )



KingEnigma said:

@Metal_Slugger: Really? I have Dish Network and it's working pretty flawlessly.

In regards to the article, I don't have TiVo so it's not particularly relevant to me. Google Maps functionality, while neat, isn't super necessary. Let them work out the bugs and get it right, take all the time they need.

NETFLIX functionality, as others have said, takes way higher precedent if you ask me--



ShortSleevedNook said:

I still don't see why we need Google Maps on a fricking game's like the forecast channel on Wii, just, why? I mean, it's kind of fun for like a few hours...but seriously...



ultraraichu said:

Awell, I will have enought games by the end of march to keep my Wii U active for a long time. Althought it would of been fun to see that donkey in Botswana (google map) on the Wii U.



TOMBOY25 said:

i laughed when i saw the 'delay' tag lets hope it doesn't become a common sight.



Skeletor said:

I wish the TiVo support was up already. Ever since I first saw the logo during E3 while demonstrating the TVii functions, I've been eagerly awaiting to use it!! Now that I have a premiere, though, it may not turn out to be such a big deal. Can't wait, either way.



MarioIdent said:

At least if it's delayed then they can have more of a chance to check for bugs, etc, but I also suppose if there was bugs they could just patch it...



MitchVogel said:

In all honesty, what is even the point of having google maps on the Wii U? Sure it'd be useful if you could take the gamepad with you, but otherwise it seems like a pretty pointless feature...



Ima_Gerd said:

who cares, did anyone ever, in any part of the world... ever ask for this tripe in a nintendo system?




CharbroiledEwok said:

"TVii is one of the Wii U's biggest selling points in North America..."

Really? If you're a diehard sports fan, maybe - but I've yet to find any TV shows that justify the software's existence. I can't even use TV Tags or see highlights of my favorite cable dramas and news programs. It's almost completely useless for me...

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