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Tue 2nd September, 2008

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KingEnigma commented on Nintendo Download: 31st January 2013 (North Am...:

Man... I'm not seeing Fire Emblem downloadable beyond the demo. Ikachan and everything else seems to be up. I know the official release date is 2/4, but the update led me to believe it was out. It's not just me, right? lol--



KingEnigma commented on TiVo And Google Maps Functionality For Wii U H...:

@Metal_Slugger: Really? I have Dish Network and it's working pretty flawlessly.

In regards to the article, I don't have TiVo so it's not particularly relevant to me. Google Maps functionality, while neat, isn't super necessary. Let them work out the bugs and get it right, take all the time they need.

NETFLIX functionality, as others have said, takes way higher precedent if you ask me--



KingEnigma commented on Devil World:

So now the whole pointing gimmick in Brawl makes sense. And here I was just thinking that Devil was in the nWo.....