More fun with a camera-helmet on

After announcing the Spring arrival of Panorama View in today's Nintendo Direct broadcast from Japan, Satoru Iwata possibly surprised a few people by confirming that Google Maps is also on the way to Wii U.

A Google branded app — alongside the likes of YouTube — won't do Wii U any harm, especially as it'll incorporate the GamePad to allow a full 360 degree view of a Street View image. It seems to basically operate in the same way, or similar, to the browser based service, but the ability to pan the viewpoint by moving the controller is a nice touch, and Iwata-san demonstrated the app by looking at Nintendo of America's headquarters. Another example was an underwater scene, and all while wearing a rather snazzy piece of headgear.

This is due to arrive in Japan in January 2013, and will be free to download until the end of March. Considering that this is a Google download, a worldwide release seems inevitable. Are you looking forward to giving this a try?