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Renegade Kid's Upcoming FPS Will Focus On Single Player

Posted by Andy Green

More info coming in March

Last week Jools Watsham, co-founder of Renegade Kid, revealed more about what we'd find in the upcoming Wii U eShop title Mutant Mudds Deluxe. He also spoke of a new 3DS project: a first-person shooter that will hopefully be released in time for this Christmas.

Watsham has since taken to Twitter again to answer people's queries on the upcoming FPS, revealing that the game will be solely focused on single-player and not multiplayer.

The developer said it would be revealing more details on the new game, which is a new IP, at PAX East this coming March.

Are you looking forward to hearing more about this one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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brandonbwii said:

Sounds good since it's likely a horror title like Dementium and ZombiU. Don't want them to put in multiplayer just to add a bullet point on the eshop page.



Burn said:

Hopefully it will have some StreetPass features. That would kind of make up for it being strictly single player.



shinobi88 said:

I crave great games. Does a game need multiplayer to be great? Negative. It just needs to be great. And Renegade Kid only makes great games. Multiple difficulty levels would do well to extend the games longevity



DefHalan said:

I think this is a good sign that it is Dementium 3D. I personally feel if they were making Moon 2 then Multiplayer would be something to look into to.



Azikira said:

Aaaand my interest dwindles. All these handhelds try to focus on multiplayer connectivity and yet the offerings are very shallow at best.



SkywardLink98 said:

Multiplayer would've been nice, but I'd rather have a strong single-player game than a week single/multi-player game.



KnightRider666 said:

I kind of lost all respect for Renegade Kid when they threatened to pull their support from the eshop due to piracy. They shouldn't have used that as a excuse for poor sales when in fact most of their games sucked. Bad games + poor sales = profit loss.



pntjr said:

It's a 3DS title. Not a Wii U title. Do people actually use local multiplayer on 3DS?



SirQuincealot said:

so the atv game will have multiplayer, but not the fps? curiouser and curiouser

on a side note they are slowly but surely winning me back after there pirate statements, having said that they should lower there prices, 8 bucks for mutant mudds is to much



Windy said:

@pntjr Local Multiplayer is just lame. They use it as a selling point then there is just nobody to play Local wifi with. I was extremely disappointed when Dragon Quest IX which is a great game only featured local wifi co-op. It's like Nintendo thinks because they hook up with each other in the offices in Redmond Washington everyone in the world does that. All I can say is you need to get a job at Nintendo headquarters to play local wifi

As far as this new FPS goes I hope its a great game for those who like FPS games. An FPS style RPG would be awesome if thats what they are working on.



Tony_342 said:

That's great news as far as I'm concerned. I would never bother with multiplayer anyway. Focus on making the game itself as good as it can be instead of adding in side attractions that I would never touch.



moomoo said:

Just a heads up, the article says it's a new IP, so it isn't Dementium.



Windy said:

@moomoo Ive said it before and I will say it again......Best Avatar ever! TurboGrafx Lives! Hee hee Air Zonk would be an awesome 3D Classic



Gate_Shikimuri said:

@Windy It's up to developers on whether they include local wifi or internet wifi. You make it sound as if Nintendo only put local in the 3DS. On another note, the Dragon Quest series wasn't made by Nintendo.



KAHN said:

i never bother with multiplayer, so i really couldn't give a flying hoot.



Windy said:

@ speedyExpertist Ah you are right. my point is they use the local wifi as a selling point for the 3DS and its a lame duck in North America. You work in the offices in Nintendo you get a game of local wifi but nowehere else.

I ran an ad in Craiglist for a Dragon quest IX get together at a local library it turned out pretty cool 7 people showed up and we played Dragon Quest IX local wifi. However there is a creepiness to doing this on craiglist but it worked out pretty cool in this case



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Windy That wasn't Nintendo's fault, though I have to agree somewhat. That sorta thing happens a lot and even Nintendo has a bad habit of doing that, you can't expect them to rework the game but they should keep the difference in mind in the first place. Even Capcom knows online play is as big everywhere else as local play is in Japan.

Glad to see someone understands FPS don't need online to be fun though, Halo gets a lot of hate these days but 1 and 2 were still a blast without it. So were a lot of others.



russellohh said:

@Windy I couldn't disagree more. Even when I lived on a farm, I could name 2-3 people off the top of my head who would be ready for local multiplayer. Very few of my friends have Xbox Live anymore, but we all own DS' and Wii's and local Xbox and PS3 games. Even PC games are far more fun for local co-op.



rayword45 said:

That's disappointing, but whatever. If the single-player campaign is good and lengthy enough for the price (and come on, the expectations are low for a first-person shooter) then I'm in.



WebSlngR said:

Finally! Multi-player or not, I'm just thrilled the 3DS is getting a FPS. The fact that Renegade Kid is producing it is icing on the cake. Dementium, Dementium II, & Moon were 3 of my favorite titles on the DS. Can't wait to see what they can do with the processing power of the 3DS!



gekslupis said:

I think the lack of multiplayer is good for the sake of having a better focus on the single player. Personally I don't like FPSs that are focused more on on multiplayer than single player



Undead_terror said:

Well if there is no multiplayer, there should at least be a solo survival mode/endless mode so the game can last longer.



Gretski said:

Even though I find it super cool that the 3DS is getting a FPS, I think it should have some form of a multiplayer mode whether it's a multi-person campaign or players fighting other players.




They probably don't even the capacity to handle a multiplayer game. Nevertheless, this sounds interesting.



KnightRider666 said:

@brandonbwii: You're absolutely right. Renegade Kid's comments DID piss me off. It was a stupid move on their part, and I can imagine I'm not the only person they left a bitter taste with. They made a bad judgement call on their part and I'm calling them out on it. Like anybody else, I'm entitled to my own opinion. Please respect that.



KryptoKrunch said:

More FPSes should focus on single player so I'm happy to hear this. RK's previous FPS titles were pretty good so I'm hyped for this.



Senate_Guard said:

There needs to be more FPS games with interesting single player. The Conduit games on Wii kinda got it, even if they're intentionally campy. But it seems most reviewers "hated" Conduit 2's ending; which is the most awesome ending to an FPS I've ever seen! (George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in sci-fi battle armor. How could someone NOT grin at the thought of that?)



ProdigyP00P said:

I hope it's a horror like Dementium. I loved the DS Dementiums. Either way, I'm already saving a spot on my virtual 3DS shelf simply because it is Renegade Kid title. High hopes for this one.



Araknie said:

I hoped that the main focus would be in having a finished health. I cannot play FPS if they have even a 10% ultra hardcore safe system of regenrable health.



RenegadeJools said:

Thank you for all of your awesome comments, chaps! We're super excited about developing a FPS for the 3DS. We'll have more details at PAX in March!

@KnightRider666 I am still surprised and saddened that people can have this reaction to what I said. You're absolutely right that you're entitled to your own opinion. I have no problem with that. My hope is that you misunderstood what I said and why I said it.

I don't mean this in a rude way, but have you read this:

I wrote this as a follow-up blog in an effort to explain where I am coming from. If you did read it and still have no respect for me, then there's nothing more I can say I guess and we'll agree to disagree.



Windy said:

@russellohh Man I wish I knew just a few people who had 3DS's to hookup local wifi cause yes It would be a blast as it was when I ran the Craiglist ad to have a Dragon Quest IX get together. I dont doubt that local wifi rocks when you use it. Just hard to find peeps to have a get together. I think my problem is most people my Age think videogames are stupid. I'm an older gamer 47 and have just loved the hobby since the old days.



Windy said:

@RenegadeJools Keep up the good work. Your company is doing a great job. Not all games can be perfect for each individual, some good some bad. I hope your FPS will be great for those who like them. I plan to get your ATV game if its fun all will be right in the world LOVED Mutant Mudds and looking forward to part 2. Also read an interview you gave nintendo power last night in an old issue that I keep laying around. Great stuff! Have you considered making a Documentary on what you go through to get these games out?

@Everyone if you get a chance Checkout Indie Game the Movie on Netflix to see what these guys go through to make a game. It's an excellent watch.



Gustoff said:

About time the 3DS is getting a FPS. Sheeesh! This one is one to keep an eye on. Heard good things about their previous FPS games, so here's hoping they use the 3DS capabilities to its max. As far as the multiplayer goes, i really don't mind it not having it. I do hope that it has the focused single player mode along with a skirmish/combat training mode where you battle bots. Or a survivor mode...that would give the game replayability far beyond the single player campaign.



CanisWolfred said:

Suddenly my interest is piqued. I'm happy to see someone focusing on the campain for a change. Though I know that's been Renagade Kid's thing for a while now.



Undead_terror said:

@RenegadeJools Good job with the games, im looking forward to you're game like when dementium 2 was coming out, hope the new game will be as awsome as dementium and have a survival mode like in dementium 2.



KnightRider666 said:

@RenegadeJools: I read your article, and you made your point. I'm sorry I doubted your intentions in the first place. I now understand where you're coming from. Thank you for being REAL. I do like and own both Dementium DS games, Moon DS, & Mutant Mudds. I do not support any form of piracy, as I own all my games legit. Bottom line: If you don't pay, it go away...



KnightRider666 said:

@RenegadeJools: You're welcome, but I do have something I wanted to ask you. Was there any influence taken from Wario Land on the Virtual Boy when you developed Mutant Mudds? It was the first thing I thought of when I played it b/c like Wario Land VB, you just in and out of the background.



Windy said:

@RenegadeJools You don't have to respond to this. But I am blown away that you read Nintendolife. It just shows me that you Probably consider what gamers have to say and man that is something you don't find. Thanks for responding to us. I get pretty excited sometimes about some issues and write with my heart. I have just loved gaming since 1976 when I got my first atari system. I wish I had the Patience to write games. I've tried and did do a couple of just bad games on pc. You guys are special in this industry and thank you so much for sticking to what you do. There are so Many peeps out there just ready to fry you when a bad game is made. To keep going through that and try to do it better the next time makes us all better in whatever we do. **windys Philosophy lesson for the day** Haha



Windy said:

Haha anyone interested in playing the crappy pc game I made? it's a Pang clone using Megaman. It was made using Gamemaker and took me 6 months and alot of time consuming Nights LOL I wish there was a gamemaker program for making games on Consoles. I might consider trying again. However even a simple program like gamemaker is time consuming like nothing I've experienced. I can only imagine that true programming would be 10 times worse



Gustoff said:

Cool, i'm barely learning how to program. Probably not a language that most games use but still, it's very hard understanding. It's taking me a long time to understand the basics. It's like learning a whole new language. I'm learning C#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and a bit of SQL. I may have to learn Python in the near future. So yes, i can imagine what these developers go thru.



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 Do you have any Online multiplayer games you play on 3DS? I have a bunch but really haven't found a real good one to really get into. I do have Mariokart which would be awesome to hookup with you or any others here who like to play. I don't know why but I don't play mariokart much. I played the heck out of the DS version. I have just about every online multiplayer game that has come out so far. Yep Ive plowed a ton of money into my 3DS



KnightRider666 said:

@Windy: Not as much money as I've invested. I have 93 3DS games, plus all 19 NES VC games, and a bunch of other eshop games. I mostly play my DS games though. I'd love to play you in Advance Wars Days of Ruin if you have it.



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 I will pick it up let you know when. Also you don't happen to have Phantasy Star Zero do you? I'm going to Start a thread on the forums listing what online games we have so we can stop gunking up the FPS thread

On Topic: The FPS that Renegade Kid makes will be AWESOME!



KnightRider666 said:

@Windy: I believe Gamestop currently sells AW: Days of Ruin used for $8.99. I do have Phantasy Star Zero, but I never played it. I have around 400 DS games. I've bought so many games in the past over a short time that I never have the time to play what I actually have. It has to be something I can't put down to play through to the end.



KnightRider666 said:

@atariman: I own a top loader NES and an Atari 7800(plays 2600 games too). I've been playing Donkey Kong 2600 a lot lately. Say what you will about it being the worst version, but it holds a special place in my heart from my childhood:)



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 when I get Days of Ruin I will Send you a swapnote. you should try Phantasy Star Zero. If you ever want to let me know. I would even start over I have 3 level 100 characters but have been looking for a reason to play again. I've been currently spending alot of time playing Arcane Legends on Android with an old friend who used to play PSZ with me. I only have about 80 DS games. I actually have been clearing out some old stuff. Dont kill me I sold my TurboGrafx/PCEngine with 400 titles just recently **ducks** It was collecting some dust and I just wanted it to go somewhere that it would get played



KnightRider666 said:

@Windy: Believe it or not, I never owned a TG-16! I hope you got a pretty penny for all that stuff. I will pull Phantasy Star Zero out of my collection and check it out. If I get into it, I'll let you know. Are you selling anything else?



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 Not selling anything at the moment. If I do I will swapnote you. I just recently got rid of a bunch of stuff and yes I got alot for the TG16. The guy who bought it was very happy and I was happy with what I got. I know at some point I will miss that system I loved it very much. But it was time to pass it on to someone who would play it. I was just selling to Narrow down to things I play. I still have a bunch of stuff

I'm not much for first Person Shooters maybe Renegade Kid can lure me into the world of the FPS. I did like Halo 1 years ago and haven't really played since. I know Assassins Creed isn't an FPS but its the closest i've gotten to that Genre and I love all of them and excellent series

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