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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Now Available For Free On iOS

Posted by Andy Green

But 3DS offers better value for dedicated players

Earlier this week Square Enix teased the world with a website showing a couple of symbols from the popular Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on 3DS. Was it teasing a sequel? A new Theatrhythm for a different series? Nope, it was just an iOS port.

That iOS port is available right now and can be downloaded free of charge, however there’s a catch: the game only comes with two tracks, One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII and Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X. As you may have guessed you’ll need to fork out some cash if you want some more songs.

There are 111 tracks to download, including exclusive melodies from Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children and even the GameCube spin-off Crystal Chronicles. Extra tracks cost 99c / 69p but there are a few bundles that offer a few tracks for a discounted rate, four tunes for $2.99 / £1.99 - although it's worth noting that the songs in these bundles cannot be purchased separately. There are also 25 additional characters, some of them exclusive to iOS including Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, can also be downloaded for $1.99 / £1.49 each.

If you went and bought every available track and character then, it’d certainly leave a bit of a burning hole in your wallet. The folks over at Siliconera got their abacus out and did the sums to find that if you purchased all bundles, songs and characters you’d be down $143.03 (roughly £89 / €109) – ouch.

As a comparison the 3DS version of the game, which includes 76 songs, costs around $29.99 / £29.99 at retail and has 52 downloadable songs available in North America – each one costing 99c. So to have all songs on the 3DS you’ll need $81.47 (roughly £50 / €62).

So there you have it, should you choose to download every track on the iOS version you'll be significantly more out of pocket than if you did so on the 3DS version. Sure, there are some exclusive songs and characters on iOS but it appears that for dedicated players the 3DS version of the game offers much better value. However if you're just looking to play a few of your favourites the iOS version could be a handy little download for your smartphone.

Have you downloaded the iOS version? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.


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SilentHunter382 said:

Well sure the 3ds method is cheaper but I don't think the IOS version of selling the songs is a bad idea. It would have been better if you could by the songs in the bundle separate.



Marioman64 said:

i want to play the new songs, but i don't have a smart phone... probably for the best (and by that I mean for my money)



Armyboy1994 said:

Considering iOS is better for handhelds this isn't. Some images are still, there are no event music at all. And over £100 of DLC this is why iOS gaming sucks "Free to Play, but you have to buy DLC"



Rashef said:

Still... would not complain if they added some new tracks to the 3DS library.
(and maybe an update with the new characters. xD)



Johnnytommy said:

Way too glitchy on the iPhone, all kinds of notifcations mess it up text, games, or phone calls. Messed up plenty of scores like that



moisesmcardona said:

Downloading it on my iPod Touch 4th gen... Let's see how it is. I don't plan to buy new songs. Only going to test it. I would prefer the 3D effect and 2 screens vs. 1 screen and no 3D.



ultraraichu said:

Not sure if this is helpful but the NA Square Enix online store have the 3ds version for $20 with free shipping within the lower 48 states for the rest of the year (as well as all other games half off).

I hope they release those exclusive songs on the 3ds. The Crystal Chronicles songs are a perfect fit for nintendo's handheld since the series have mostly been on their systems.



edhe said:

Well it wouldn't let me download it. As @WhiteKnight said in the forum topic, it's a way of restricting who can play it, and it's probably for the best. iPod Touch G4 probably isn't advanced enough to run it. But do try it.



ShadJV said:

Lame. I'm not buying it again. Give that extra content to the 3DS version too. Don't you want my money?



Jamouse said:

I love the quote "but the 3DS offers better value for dedicated players".
I mean sure, the iOS version has more songs, but since you have to pay more to get that content it is less "dedicated".
Wasn't that even our argument as for why traditional gaming was more "dedicated" than mobile gaming in the first place.



allav866 said:

@123akis Well, they DO make stylus pens for the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, but even so, I prefer using the touch screen on the 3DS, since nothing obstructs the top screen.



pixelman said:

3DS Game Released For Free On Lame-o iOS Is Better On 3DS

Start having fun bashing it, readers!

In other news... actually, there really isn't any other news today. Stay tuned while we come up with more ways for you to hate on evil iOS games!



WesCash said:

Considering that NL posted an article about the teaser, it is only fitting that they do a follow-up to explain what the teaser was for.
There isn't any iOS bashing in the article, only facts. If those facts happen to make iOS look bad, that's no fault of NL.



Morpheel said:

I can't download it because my iPad is too old for these games. For some reason.



CAiNiAC said:

My only complaint with Theatrythm was the blatant lack of FFTactics tracks.

Now they're released but not on the original and system that matters?

I am livid.



koops330 said:

bought the 3ds version on black friday for $20 well worth it. however I might just pick this up just to try



tgru said:

A nice little game for my Iphone 5. Taking the 3ds to work is a bitt inappropriate... and im using a soft stylus...but the game does not have the same charm as the 3DS version ... maybe it's because of ios diversity of games that makes the game become one of many ...



tgru said:

it's probably my coworkers and boss ... they regard it as ridiculous and non work-related ... but I agree with you ... there is no difference really, if we're talking games .. but in the eyes of others, it is different, I have a hard time in the break room not take it personally ... maybe it's me....



Jgam said:

wish a can get the 3ds one is no where to be found in my country



Folkloner said:

@Armyboy1994 "Considering IOS is better for handhelds..." you can't just state that like it's a given and that everyone agrees with you. IOS is good for games where touch screen control fits the gameplay, such as the Sims etc...but it's poor when a directional pad and buttons work better.



Linkuini said:

This malarkey again? Do iOS gamers actually take notice when these teasers come up? I get the impression they mostly draw attention from those with dedicated game platforms. It's like Square Enix is directly targeting its announcements at the people who will be least happy about them!



Bankai said:

Actually. The creation mode means that dedicated players will get more out of this game than the 3DS version.

I've been playing it on iPad for a few days now and it plays as well on 3DS, looks better on the retina display, and has that creation mode. You can hear samples of songs before you buy them, and there is no need to buy everything. $30 will give you more than enough content.

But let's not let reality get in the way of a good lynch mob!



theblackdragon said:

I like how one person who's said something along the lines of 'iOS sucks' and a few people who are confused or disappointed by this news is somehow a full-on 'lynch mob'.



bonesy91 said:

meh. I love the 3ds version to much to get this. But at least more people will get the chance to play this awesome game



Morpheel said:

Buy whichever version suits you the most and support yourself.

or buy both and support square enix



CAiNiAC said:

I just want FFTactics songs released on 3DS. No excuse now that they're on IOS.



TheRavingTimes said:

I checked this game out on the iOS. The game in my opinion is a mess, it forces you to spend over $40 just to get content similar to the 3DS version. Even with the additional characters (props for the inclusion of Ramza and Balthier) and sound tracks you may miss the Event levels and the iOS port suffers from a linear levelling system (you may notice that Zidane oddly has a SSS rank at level 1) and much more. Square-Enix kind of turned this into a displeasing train wreck.



Henmii said:

My heart skipped a beat (and not in a positive way) when I read "for free"! But then I read that it only comes with 2 songs and the rest should be purchased! So, as a owner of the 3DS version....everything is fine!



Aerona said:

Uh... do you think you could throw those nifty Tactics and CC songs our way?



Gamesake said:

Square Enix tends to overprice all their downloadable content. It's something they have in common with Nintendo.



Phle said:

Well, lets hope Vita owners also owns a new iOS device.

Don't think I'm going to download this, I have a copy of the 3DS version ready to play, but I still haven't tried it yet. Rhythm games aren't really my thing, because I don't have any musical sense.



Slapshot said:

So, a demo is now Free-to-Play?! Really.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy on iOS is not F2P. It's simply allowing you to demo a few songs and then build the library to your own desires. It's a free download, but it isn't F2P!



SYZYGY said:

I would definitely prefer using the 3DS controls on a game like this, but i do want those extra added songs. I have this on 3DS.



rocketdive2001 said:

I downloaded the iOS version with the 2 default tracks and i have the 3DS demo version (which allows unlimited play, compared to 30 times for other demos) .... and that makes for 4 songs for zero dollars. Well ... not good at the game but i'm happy with these options given to me!



Gretski said:

It's very glitchy, laggy, and so riddled with in-app purchases that it's not even worth it.



Pikachupwnage said:

This is a sickening move on Enixs part. Not the fact that its on IOS but that they gave IOS exclusive songs a few months after releasing the 3DS version. What the ****?

Not only that this versions costs 143$ to get all the content compared to the 3DS versions 92$(counting all the DLC)

Sure there are about a dozen exclusive songs but they took out as much as they added(all 13 event songs are gone)

oh and this has worse load times.

Screw you to sqaure enix.

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