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Capcom Releases New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Gameplay Videos

Posted by Katy Ellis

Includes humongous swords

As a special pre-Christmas treat, Capcom has released a series of three gameplay videos via its community blog for the upcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U. The videos contain battles with three brand new beasties; the Lagombi, Zinogre and Brachydios, with all three battles taking place on very different terrains. The Wii U version of the game will work with the 3DS edition, enabling players to transfer save data between the two systems.

Check out the following videos below, but don't forget to select HD to witness the full 1080p resolution in all its glory.


Are you excited about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U and 3DS? Let us know your thoughts on the Wii U gameplay videos by commenting below.


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NImH said:

YYYYYESSSSS! I CANNOT WAIT! The WiiU online community will serve this game in a major way and I am super-stoked to be a part of that!



EverythingAmiibo said:

Anyone else notice that the players in this official gameplay video well...SUCK!?! Barely any rolls, no traps, horrible timing for item use, they don't have a clue about the monster they're fighting and they refuse to use weapon combos or even more than 3 hits at one time!?



Jellitoe said:

Does anyone know if you can play this only on the game pad versus always TV?



DarkKirby said:

I've never played a Monster Hunter game, so can someone answer some questions for me? I'm looking forward to Phantasy Star Online 2, although one of the most common complaints for that game is the immense lack of difficulty, enemy AI is often apparently intentionally poor and enemies spend a large amount of time making threatening gestures, pacing around (while being attacked), and spending 5 seconds announcing their attacks. On top of that, most enemies in the game have no way of attacking you're playing a ranged class (or even lose aggro on you if you move away, even while attacking) or jump, which in PSO2 you can jump and stay in the air as long as you're attacking. Are the enemies in Monster Hunter challenging? And how complex is the combat system?



Scollurio said:

Finally. Seen those vids a few days ago on IGN already, and yes the players suck. This is quite frequent actually, people posting videos while not having a clue about the game they're playing. Might finally pick up a Wii U with this, hoping for a bundle though!



TruenoGT said:

I'm glad people have clarified that the videos show bad play at hand. I've never played a monster hunter game, so I was afraid it was like an MMO system where you simply trade blows with the opponent until you or they die, with little to no strategy/skill and perhaps too heavy dependence on stats/gear. Looking forward to finally checking this out.



Jeremyx7 said:

@DarkKirby For me, monster hunter tri specifically was overall very challenging but at the same time extremely rewarding once you figure out just the right strategies, armor, weapons, stats that suit your style for defeating every single unique monster.

One major quality Monster Hunter games have is replay ability. For example, you may come across the same Monster type over and over but that doesn't mean they'll will have the same HP, Attack Speed, Defense, Size, Attack Damage, ect... thus making every encounter unique. I spent well over 400 hours in Monster Hunter tri and it was always fun!

Overtime though some monsters become easy depending on what powerful armors/weapons/abilities/stats/buffs you earn throughout. But the game has a hard mode version of quests after a certain point.

There is more I can go on about but that would take to long. So I hope I was able to help answer your question about it being challenging.



Hokori said:

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to get the 3DS or the WiiU version... I played the wii version but didn't get into it, I think it was the playing on the big screen that turned me off, I think if I played it on the go it would be better, but at the same time, I actually want to play online... And I'm guessing the GamePad will work better then the CCP, but if I get the 3DS version I'm going to have to get the CPP



TobieOBrown said:

This I will definitely pick up. But my god do those upscaled graphics look bad...

@Hokori Online and better frame rate are big enough factors to justify the Wii U version.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Anybodywhodoubtsthegame It is AWESOME, a little slow going at the start (if all you can handle is straight easy action like COD then this isn't for you!) but develops into a truly hardcore Japanese strategy action game with hundreds of properly fleshed out weapons and armor sets that can be combined to make an infinite amount of arsenals. Add to that hundreds more items for your in-hunt pouch, Online or local play with your friends or strangers, Deeply thought out Wyvern (MH's 'monsters') A.I.s and a little bit of Japanese magic (Oversised weapons, creative and verifying Wyverns, A great quirky set of characters and a whole lot more!)



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Hokori I'm getting both for my B-day Wii U one for online for me and 3DS for my brother to play local with me (and for me to play on the go too, of course!)
BTW Monster Hunter Ultimate (3DS and Wii U ver) contain about 50% more content than tri!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@DarkKirby Look at my @Anybodywhodoubtsthegame post and no, MH doesn't have overly easy AI! In fact... well... Just try fighting the Baroth! They require allot of pre-battle prepping strategy and allot of in-hunt skill and strategy, trust me nothing feels better than timing a long combo perfectly and dodging at the last second, It'll have you gasping in relief!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@TruenoGT LOL, just being a Nintendo life noob and Monster hunter fanatic (replying to every post Anyway, MH is sooooooooo worth your time if you are a serious gamer, and will keep you occupied for up to like a year!

disclaimer: 'will keep ME occupied for up to like a year' (I completed Zelda Skyward sword in about 7 days) it should keep not super serious gamers occupied for about... until the next game comes out here!



nindocrash said:

#12:@PvtOttobot i first played MHfreedom unite on psp. and in that games overall content was massive,compared to tri wii. i hope tri ultimate will have the most verity, monsters, locations, and content yet.



Atlaz said:

OMG!! Who would greatly miss used a great sword like that!! That last video was plain out horrible.



Atlaz said:

@DarkKirby You have nothing to worry about this game has had me going for hours on end. The monsters are amazing and well thought out. They respond quickly and and can be difficult to avoid. The first one i ever played was Freedom 2 on the PSP. I put in over 300 hours into that game, then Freedom unite was release and that another 300 hours.



Void said:

@PvtOttobot Yeah, I haven't played Monster Hunter before, but I know that all the people in the clips were terrible at playing it, I mean, how many attacks did they not get hit by? The only ones I could count were when they didn't actually have to move because the monster itself missed.



DerpSandwich said:

I've heard nothing but great things about these games, but these videos don't do a great job of showing them off. To me this just looks like "Swinging the Slowest Sword in the World and Getting Knocked Down Over and Over Again: THE GAME!" To less patient people (probably the majority of the American gaming public) these videos might even be damaging to the game's reputation. I know plenty of people that wouldn't even touch it after seeing this.



EverythingAmiibo said:

I never managed to play online on Tri Wii but somehow clocked 600 hours! I reckon online is bigger or the same as offline, so Tri Wii can last up to 1200, 'course that's with retrying the game but pursuing different weapon and armor trees, I have about 3-4 save files (not including my bro's).
ONM claims 3 Ultimate has about 50% more content (it's got exactly double the weapons, about double the boss monsters [ including re-colored wyverns ] and double the multiplayer modes; now with online AND FULL offline) so I say (and so does the monster hunter wiki [sorry for all the brackets]) that Ultimate is going to be the longest (2400 hours... ish) Monster Hunter game to date, excluding Monster Hunter Frontier of course!



EverythingAmiibo said:

@nindocrash Although I am now a big fan I have to admit I only started at Tri Wii but my I've poured a bunch of my life (yes I did organize every single item in my chest in separate 'paragraphs' for different types of items and somehow clock 600+ hours on the game) but I do know my stuff. One thing I can say that might excuse Tri from its lack of content (mainly weapons) is of course the underwater mode! Only invented in Tri, the underwater mode was a huge leap that, in my opinion was successful but unfortunately stopped half the weapons getting into the game, BTW there is a new (to europe and US I think?) map... MOUNTAIN STREAM! @SMEXIZELDAMAN



DashDG said:

First day buys on U&3DS!!! My +600 Hours on Tri were totally worth it!!!!! Cant wait for this!!!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Does anyone know if this version has the improvements from the portable series?

My favourite weapon type was the Switch Axe and I heard that later games in the series allowed you to manually charge it if it didn't have enough energy.



Tsuchinoko said:

just wondering, as a Japanese speaker and resident, where they get Lagombi from Urukususu?



Zombie_Barioth said:

@ThePillowGolem As far as I know it does. Haven't been keeping too close an eye on things since I've played MHP3rd but 3G/3U is basically MH3 combined with P3rd and more.

Probably won't get both at once, but i hope we get a Wii U bundle. This and Pikmin are the only Wii U games I want. Its gonna get a little confusing after being used to the P3rd translations though, which is odd for me.



sweetiepiejonus said:

I'm usually glad when I see videos of people who "suck" at the games. I used to see videos for Devil May Cry games and think I could pull it off. Dante Must Die modes shoot me down too quick. Then the comments reeking of arrogance and how easy it is.

I can't wait til March, though. Will be buying both versions no doubt.



Megumi said:

Here's hoping the game (well, games, since there's two versions now, lol) will do very well over here. I want Monster Hunter 4 too, you know. (and whatever comes out after that)



Leon_Pryde said:

@DarkKirby First and foremost, I recommend this game. To address your concerns, most of the AI is very smart. It is smart to the point where you can pick up some things a species does to use to your advantage (such as Rathians defending their nest so taking eggs lure them to you). While the animals do make threatening gestures, they tend to do so when they are far from you (unless it's a roar then they'll tend to pick a time which benefits them the most, as roars stun you for a short time). Most monsters don't telegraph their attacks, although some how you pick up attack patterns and eventually learn to avoid many attacks through pure skill. If you play a ranged class, many of the faster monsters go out of their way to attack you even if they are currently being attacked. Combat is very indeph. Each melee weapon has a sharpness, power, and affinity levels, not to mention elements, skills, slots, numerous upgrades, and each weapon plays differently. The blowgun has all of these (except for the sharpness) and it has different ammo types and mixable parts.

All and all, this game has a whole lot of depth and is a lot of fun. I recommend it.



Fuzzy said:

Can't wait to get my hammer onto these monsters.

Annoying though that I'll have to get used to some new monster names (compared to MHP3rd).



EverythingAmiibo said:

jinouga!!! Why have you gone and died?!?! No... wait... it's it's... Zenogre? What in the something out of warhammer is going on?!?



Kirk said:


It looks decent enough but this is really at least how the Wii version should have looked in the first place, if only the machine hadn't been vastly under-powered from the get-go!

It just looks like your average looking current-gen Xbox 360 or PS3 game. I'm most certainly not blown away by these graphics on a next-gen console!

Also, why the hell isn't all the HUD crap moved to the Wii U GamePad?! It's missing obvious opportunities like this that leaves me the most frustrated.



Banker-Style said:

Not only am I glad this is coming to Wii U next year,I'm also glad I'm not as crap as Monster Hunter,as whoever played the game in those videos/



Sean_Aaron said:

I didn't have Tri for long as online play without voice has no appeal for me and the single player seemed like too much life-suckage potentially. I am gratified they're giving it another go on Wii U and I'm hopeful the improved online infrastructure will make for a more compelling experience.



Ed_Rod said:

"The Wii U version of the game will work with the 3DS edition, enabling players to transfer save data between the two systems."
That's great, hopefully more games will follow this strategy.



SCAR said:

Is there local multiplayer for this game? Also, local and online combined? I'm looking forward to this for U and 3DS...



DashDG said:

Theres local WiiU&3DS at the same time. Theres no way to have them combined, since the 3DS version lacks online feature. Only WiiUtoWiiU online.



CocoaKid said:

@Kirk This is a 3DS game ported over to the Wii U with slightly updated textures. The fact that you think it looks like a PS360 game is actually flattering.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Kirk while your right that MH3 could have had more given what was on the PSP, don't forget that it was a reboot too. They started from scratch with (mostly) new monsters and mechanics, where as past games were just updates. Its understandable that there would be fewer monsters with all the work that needed to be done, each monster probably took a month or so alone.

Given that this is a 3DS game I understand where your coming from for the HUD, but the 3DS has a much smaller gap between screens. I don't know about you but I don't want to have to keep looking down at the gamepad to check my stats every few seconds, especially while bringing down a huge monster. It actually makes more sense to keep the HUD on the main screen in this case.




@Kirk Really, the company has been known for doing little in porting games. They don't do much to improve graphical fidelity and features when they port a game to any platform. Are you letting your anger get to you for some reason?



badteddy said:

@mudjo agreed but i am just glad its in this version now i just hope they bring the bow back so i am not using the gun



LittleKing said:

@Jeremyx7 I've played Freedom/MH1, Freedom Unite/MH2, MHT/MH3 and MHP3rd and the only thing that really varies is the HP/Size. Defense and Attack are based on the rank of the quest. TBH, monster variability is not high in the series; once you've got a species down pat, you've got it down pat. At least until you fight a higher ranked version, which sometimes has new moves. This isn't a bad thing, though.

@DarkKirby the Monster Hunter series is infamously hard. Many players say its game mechanics are archaic, such as a lack of lock-on, but in my opinion it fits the nature of the game. MH is a more methodical ARPG then most hack 'n' slash games. Think of it as a more complex version of Punch Out!! and you'll get the idea. From what I've seen of PS it's much more difficult than PS, but much more rewarding. The difficulty depends on the game, however. The first was the hardest followed closely by the second. The third, Tri, was what I started with and was the easiest by far until Portable 3rd came out. The combat is pretty complex but avoids bogging you down in heavy, overly complex mechanics. The complexity depends mostly on the weapon you choose. SnS is easy for beginners to learn; it has a shield to lower damage and recoil of enemy blows and easy to use combos. You can leap into combat with a jump slash, go into a combo then roll out at almost any time. On the other hand, weapons such as the Hammer, Heavy Bowgun and Switch Axe are much more complex. Bowguns can be customized in Tri to a large extent and can use a wide variety of ammo for all sorts of situations. The damage/recoil/reload speed formulas are somewhat more sophisticated, too. You want to hit the right points with the right ammo at the right distance. Hammers need good timing to hit the head and KO monsters while Switch Axes can change between Axe and Sword mode in the middle of combat, requiring good judgment as to when to use which. Each weapon has its pros and cons but none of them clearly beats the others. I'd say picking up a weapon and mastering it in a MH game against all the different types of monsters is one of the most rewarding things in any game. The moment everything clicks and you go from getting your butt handed to you to dodging all of a monster's blows and landing your own is great.



Ogrebix said:

So I've played all of the Monster Hunter games and loved them. Monster Hunter Tri was where i really got in to it and still play it. First everything was fun got a character to hr 56 and was quite proud since im not very good at the games, cant seem to get a weapon type that truely fits my style. Then my Wii broke and i put everything down, disapointed in my Wii. Then since im such a fan of MH i put Tri in my new Wii U and tried to see if it would work. It did and now im hr 33 and pay attention more to stats/armor/gear/charms/attack patterns and now that i that i can get the right things i need for what monster i truely see all the strategy that must be put into this game and appreciate the weapons i have even if im not good with that weapon type, and now i see my favorite weapon type from older MH's is coming back (the hunting horn/hammer) im counting down the dYs for MH Ultimate.

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