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Thu 31st Jan 2013

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Ogrebix commented on Capcom Releases New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ...:

So I've played all of the Monster Hunter games and loved them. Monster Hunter Tri was where i really got in to it and still play it. First everything was fun got a character to hr 56 and was quite proud since im not very good at the games, cant seem to get a weapon type that truely fits my style. Then my Wii broke and i put everything down, disapointed in my Wii. Then since im such a fan of MH i put Tri in my new Wii U and tried to see if it would work. It did and now im hr 33 and pay attention more to stats/armor/gear/charms/attack patterns and now that i that i can get the right things i need for what monster i truely see all the strategy that must be put into this game and appreciate the weapons i have even if im not good with that weapon type, and now i see my favorite weapon type from older MH's is coming back (the hunting horn/hammer) im counting down the dYs for MH Ultimate.