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UK Retailers: Wii U Is Sold Out

Posted by Andy Green

Allocation is all on pre-orders

The Wii U has now launched in North America - as if you needed telling - and will emerge in the European market this coming Friday, 30th November. It's fair to say Nintendo fans in the UK, jealous of their North American counterparts, are chomping at the bit to get hold of their new console, but if you haven't got a unit pre-ordered you might have a bit of trouble getting one, as retailers have said the new console is completely sold out.

Several games retailers have confirmed with MCV that their allocation of Wii U units has already been taken up by those early adopters who slapped down a pre-order, meaning that come launch day there might not be many - in some stores any - on the shelves at all. Some have even said that they have taken many orders against future Wii U shipments.

Nintendo had similar stock shortage issues when it launched Wii and hopes to rectify the problem this time around by supplying much more frequent shipments to retailers after launch, with Scott Moffitt saying this is relation to US supply, at least: "our replenishments will be more frequent this holiday time than during the Wii launch."

Hopefully Nintendo manages to get more shipments to retailers in the UK after launch, or there could be many unhappy shoppers this Christmas. It's not clear at this current time if this includes both the Wii U Basic Pack and Premium Pack, but either way it appears stock will not be in abundance.

Are you worried about Wii U stock shortages? Let us know in the comments below.


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RupeeClock said:

I pre-ordered my system months ago, before NSMB2 came out even.
I'm more than ready for the launch, less than a week from now.



Tsuchiya said:

Funnily enough I've literally just received an email from my supplier confirming my pre order

I only pre ordered it about 10-11 days ago too



triforcepower73 said:

I was at walmart yesterday(black friday) and they had one wii u left on the shelf. I could of picked it up if I had had $300.



Mike1 said:

I'm going to buy the system, but I'm waiting until more games I want come out for it. The only one I currently want is Mario Wii U, so I can wait.



Smitherenez said:

I live in the Netherlands and I do worry about my pre-order. I have pre-ordered it 3 months ago, but I am pretty sure that I wont get mine at launch



tsm7 said:

Mine is covered in wrapping paper and I have to wait 30 more days. If you are worried in the UK, the stock has already been replenished once in the US. It's not nearly as bad as the Wii. It is definitely more difficult if you want deluxe/premium, though.



Dambuster said:

Game (gamestation) Northampton and Blockbuster Kingsthorpe still say they have launch day stock, both have basic and full fat versions on offer, hope this helps someone.



drunkenmaster76 said:

Ive not pre ordered my sons wii u. Nnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! lets hope its all just hype as my son said most the kids at school don't even know what a wii u is.



Reef7009 said:

I pre ordered at hmv , was a bit dubious at first given recent woes at hmv but its all good lol



pntjr said:

IS THE US NEXT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was hoping for a Wii U Christmas!!!!



Tsuchiya said:

Apparently, HMV have had more (albeit small amounts of) Wii U's delivered. Whether this is allocated store to store or just online I'm unsure.

To those seeking one, give them a ring. Good luck!



Reef7009 said:

Lucky hmv punters in london get free games on midnight launch . Well the first so many anyway. Oxford st. i thinks. Damn U lol



LavaTwilight said:

Got mine preordered so it doesn't bother me... most people here will have it preordered by now too.



kespino20 said:

I don't have any money at the moment... I think I'm going as much 'Win a Wii U' competitions as possible



aaronsullivan said:

In the US, at least, stores were reporting only a few black consoles over preorders but got shipments overnight before launch day. Then on the next day, some stores had another shipment again. I guess I'm just saying make sure you don't give up early.



SuperJoon said:

Got mine pure ordered from HMV in Cardiff. Will be going down for opening. 1) because im excited and 2) to make sure my previous order is honored.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm not too concerned. Amazon shows the Deluxe is on backorder, but they're still taking pre-orders for the Basic, which I what I ended up going for after finding out you cannot run Wii U software off of SD.

My daughter is pretty happy since I had said we might have to wait to get one of these. Looking forward to getting mine in the post Friday!



Dauntless said:

I was at the local Walmart 2 days ago and I seen a 8GB model on the self. I thought about it, but with no pikmin 3 and 8GB being such a rip off compared to 32GB I passed. I was surprised to see one so close to launch sitting on the self. I remember how hard it was to get a Wii. Maybe the casual audience isn't buying them. That's better for the core gamers actually. Look at how the casual market destroyed the Wii's image. If cheep casual games don't sell, then devs might focus more on quality core titles.



Toothedbuffalo said:

I live in Australia pre-ordered wii u before they anyone knew the release date or price or that there was going to be two models. in Australia there has never really been a prob with getting a new console on day one with out a pre-order anyway



StarDust4Ever said:

Now's the chance to import a North American Wii-U from the States (ebay is your friend) and get it ahead of everyone else. Heck, it may even be cheaper despite the eBay scalpers.



SirSmugleaf said:

Nintendo is great at doing this!

You see, they stock an under supply of systems at launch so people suddenly get nervous and chaotic that the're selling out, so they will frantically buy one in the next shipment!



Tsuchiya said:

Pretty sure that practice is not just exclusive to Nintendo.
At least they didn't need to resort to giving away TV's and taxi fares home in parts of the UK like a certain other company when they launched here in order to shift stock.

Ah, memories



MAB said:

@Drunkenmaster76 post #12

The kids at that school are obviously way too interested in achieving good grades and getting ready for the real world than worrying about vidiot games... Maybe



ToxieDogg said:

Got my Premium preordered from With any luck, I might even get it on Thursday instead of Friday, just like I did when the 3DS launched.



Picola said:

I preordered mine from grainger in oct, and anticipating shortages preordered one from game just last week, as insurance. Sure enough, grainger rang me today saying they could only meet half their preorders and I would have to wait till early December! So off to the midnight launch at game I go...



rjejr said:

From what I've been reading on CAG there are still consoles sitting on store shelves and a few bundled offers online so I wouldn't give up hope in the UK of getting one relatively soon if not at launch.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I'm scared, I preordered on day one on amazon, then thought I wouldn't fancy waiting around all Friday for it to turn up so cancelled my preorder in favour of a Blockbuster preorder. Now I worry that blockbuster had sold out and the guy in the shop was stupid!



Auracle said:

I like the sound of Wii U selling out. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.



drunkenmaster76 said:

I didnt pre order the wii and i remember trying to get one on launch day, i had to wait until march, christmas was ruined that year.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Toothedbuffalo I hope so. The guy didn't fill me with confidence that they had any pre order allocation but I needed my Amazon preorder money to get me through til payday.

They are also letting you pre-order games for £40 a pop!

Most places in UK still have stock though. I went to Blockbuster because GAME only had Zombi U bundles. Blockbuster are doing the ZombiU bundle for £309 too which is pretty decent value!



Tsuchiya said:

They don't have the biggest selection but Grainger Games are selling Wii U titles from £25.
They don't stock the consoles however.
Keep your eye on Tesco too. The NintendoLand bundle is £304 and they sell games from £23.



AddDavey said:

I've had mine preordered at my local GAME since the day after the nintendo direct that first revealed the release date and i've already paid it off on a gift card



Tsuchiya said:

The Basic white model seemed to be the one that went first.
Scour the supermarkets for leftovers.



drunkenmaster76 said:

Went to Game yesterday to pre order and they said there was no need to, just come to the store at opening and you will be able to get one of the shelf.



Dogpigfish said:

Sony is shaking in their boots; that is those who are still working for the company that hasn't been laid off or was smart enough to leave, so when I say shaking I mean the CEO who is deciding how to get people to work for them, that's the CEO that has been with the company under 1 year, wondering when he too will replaced after the Harry Potter idea.

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