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Nintendo TVii Service Coming To Europe In "Selected Regions"

Posted by Andy Green

Will be available sometime in 2013

Nintendo's Wii U launched in North America recently without the TVii application that allows users to merge all of their video streaming packages together into one comfortable little hub. The app will be made available in December, however, once Nintendo has given it one final polish.

It seems North Americans won’t be the only lucky ones though, as Europe looks set to be getting the application as well – at least in some territories. According to Nintendo’s UK website, “TVii will be available in selected regions throughout Europe in 2013”.

There has been no more information about this regional version and what it will offer, but Nintendo promises to announce more details in due course.

What do you think, Europe? Are you hopeful that TVii will be coming to your region? Let us know in the comments below.


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darkgamer001 said:

No hope, I live over here in Malta...we even have to change region on our settings to get access to basic Internet features on the Wii and 3DS.
And ofc with IP checks running on stuff like Nintendo Video and probably this, we're most other small countries
But of course no one is willing to speak up for gamers in small countries. We don't really matter in the big picture



Sjoerd said:

They'll probably bring this to Amsterdam, but I doubt I'll use it often. I don't have any VOD subscriptions, or whatever this is for. Just bring the bloody system!!



Einherjar said:

Because Europe always overcomplicates things regarding licensing rights. Look at the mess on youtube. If you make a video in wich you hum a movie theme, chances are that youre going to be blocked in countrys like germany -.-



TrueWiiMaster said:

Do you guys in Europe get Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime? Or are there similar European services Nintendo TVii could use?



Jack_Package said:

Nintendo will never be able to take on Smart TV, in the long run. But its a nice feature for 2013, all the same



sinalefa said:


I don't live in Europe, but I feel your pain. That is why I don't think the "downloadable only games" future will be possible. It is not really an universal thing.



TourianTourist said:

It's not something I want from a Nintendo console. At all. So, I wouldn't be unhappy if Germany isn't one of the "selected regions".

Nintendo's strength was once to make timeless games. That's what they should focus on again and not some features which become worthless after a few years...



Red_Acteur_2 said:

France probably won't have it, as there isn't any real Video-on-demand service here... Well we have one, but it really is lame compared to Netflix or ctHulu :/



Bluezealand said:

I'm pretty convinced, it will be implemented in Germany. We have Lovefilm, some other Video-on-Demand Services, Sky and only two big cable companies. Since we are the largest video game market in Europe, it should work out.



belmont said:

I live in Greece and it is obvious that this service (like many similar ones) will not be available here. I don't really care though.



Moshugan said:

Yup, pretty useless in some regions. Which is sad, since I would like to have a digital movie service with my Wii U.



Kirk said:

Come on!!!

This is one of the Wii U's touted USPs and it's not even working yet and possibly might not be available in certain regions at all.

This kind of stuff should have been nailed on day one.

The Wii U really does feel very rushed and half-a**ed imo.



Void said:

If it does go to Europe, it will probably just be the UK, maybe if you're lucky France and Germany as well, I doubt much more than that if it does happen.



adrenochrome said:

no netflix in france, majors are too powerful here : they make us pay separately for each episode of any serie
so i dont have any hope to see tvii release in my country



alLabouTandroiD said:

If it works well, it might make this German right here spend 20€ more on the system than he intended before.



Monsti said:

Selected Regions = Britain

There isn't much to put on in anywhere else...we got lovefilm in Germany...that's basically it...



timp29 said:

I wonder what the chances are of it reaching Australia? (totally unrelated to Europe I know )



spikain said:

We've got some VOD services here in Poland but still it's obvious we're not getting Nintendo TVii



MAB said:

Considering Aussieland doesn't even have Netflix the chances of us getting this is like catching a cold in hell



Eldir said:

There's a 100% chance it won't come to Portugal.
We don't have netflix, hulu or stuff like that.

Aparantly the only Portuguese here



ClockworkMario said:

I'm betting that it will (at least) arrive to regions with Netflix, so I'm crossing my fingers for a release here in Finland. Can't be too hopeful though since the Nintendo around here is pretty lazy.



Monsti said:

@Tsuchiya Not quite. I think Northern Island isn't part of Great Britain...but I'm not the expert. ^^ All I wanted to say is, that that's the only place where they'll get Tvii I guess...



ljmorgan said:

It can be called both yet the official name which is recognized by the U.N. the E.U. and the I.O.C. is Great Britain



theblackdragon said:

@ljmorgan: I don't think drunkenmaster76 meant to say that the UK wasn't a part of Europe by that — the general feeling in this thread is that 'selected regions' is going to mean 'just the UK' in practice, therefore 'The UK isn't Europe!' is more like a complaint that 'Europe' doesn't solely consist of the UK.



moroboshi said:

@TrueWiiMaster In the UK we have Netflix, and a video service from Amazon called LoveFilm. We also have famous BBC iPlayer, as well as a bunch of smaller on demand services from TV networks.

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