In recent years Nintendo has continually faced the threat of smartphones and tablet devices to its handheld systems, though the Wii U GamePad's inclusion of its own touch screen is now attracting similar comparisons. It's not always a popular topic amongst Nintendo gamers, but the rise in popularity of gaming on non-dedicated devices is an ongoing challenge for the famous gaming company.

Nintendo's not denying it, either. Satoru Iwata has recently spoken of accepting the growing relevance of tablet and smartphone devices, but considering them as allies rather than enemies. It seems to be a stance reinforced throughout the company, as Nintendo of America's executive vice-president of sales and marketing, Scott Moffitt — the spokesman and host of the 3DS presentation at E3 — has spoken in similar terms at the BMO 2012 Digital Media Conference.

It's undeniable the growth of tablets and their ability to play games.

At the same time when we look at our data, the DS didn't have competition from tablets and smartphones, and yet we are outpacing the rate of sale for the DS. These are seemingly conflicting data points. Obviously we see a rise in new competitive products, but we are seeing better results in a tougher environment.

He went on to explain that smartphones and tablets can be treated as allies, as they provide even more means for gamers to find websites and information for Nintendo products. As we also know from this week's Nintendo Direct broadcast from Japan, Nintendo is planning Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID access from other devices.

Do you agree with this positive and optimistic outlook from Nintendo, or are you worried that other devices such as tablets will damage the company and draw some of its gamers away? Let us know what you think in the comments below.