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Tue 2nd Oct 2012

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Bluewind098 commented on Nintendo Executive Describes Rise of Tablet Ga...:

In some ways I kind of find limiting the Handheld market to be better. Cause do you know who will keep it running? We will! If enough gamers get the product then there will be enough support for it and soon it might be a niche being for more dedicated gamers. Much like PC gaming a lot more worthy investment for gamers at least thats just my thoughts.



Bluewind098 commented on Wii U Will Require Day One Update for Key Feat...:

i can't see a problem with this. I mean if people don't have online then they can't use ANY of these features so you can't update. Another cool thing is that considering it's optional (for the most part) developers won't have to use these things so they can focus on making a good game before extra features. i think this is an excellent idea. if only I can get a Wii U on launch...



Bluewind098 commented on Rayman Legends Won't Arrive Until Q1 2013:

Shame oh well probably can't get a Wii U till this time next year so it doesn't bother me too much. In fact if anything as long as it's good and gets the regognition it deserves after Mario has Christmas I'm not too concerned.



Bluewind098 commented on The Best Damn Half Time Entertainment You'll E...:

That was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. In fact I almost cried tears of joy which I almost never do. Kudos to Ohio State. If I wanted one thing to be included it would be Team Fortress 2 considering the soundtrack is brass based.



Bluewind098 commented on Single Players in Rayman Legends Will be Platf...:

Shame to see Origins not that popular here. As for me I love it easily the best 2D plat former in my eyes. I was going to get Legends anyway regardless of on how much Murfy's involvement is. Definitely getting this with Pikmin and Bayonetta considering I probably can't get it till next year.