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Isaiah Triforce Johnson Grabs First Wii U at Launch Event

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Reunited with his old pal Reggie

To join in with all of the hubbub of North American gamers picking up Wii U systems today, Nintendo has sent out some pictures of the midnight launch event in New York for us to enjoy. As the headline makes clear, Isaiah Triforce Johnson was on hand with his trusty Power Glove to seize the honour, once again, of being first in line for a new Nintendo system. It seems fair enough, as he had been queuing for a long time.

The gallery below also shows the queue of eager Wii U fans waiting to get their hands on the system, while being entertained by some real-life Mii characters that perhaps aren't as cute as the system avatars. We also have an excited Reggie counting down to midnight, and another happy customer making off with a Wii U Deluxe Set.

Of course, we had our own midnight man, Ron DelVillano, documenting his Wii U adventure over on our Wii U launch live-text, and we now have Joe Walker and Morgan Sleeper sharing their own first-day excitement on the same page. You can get in on the action too with your comments and photos by emailing

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Shining-Void said:

People like Triforce whats his face never cease to amaze me. Anyway it looks like most people have gotten their Wii U's.



Shiryu said:

And so begins a new, wonderful world of home entertainment. This next 12 days of wait are really killing me...



FluttershyGuy said:

We need a three-sport superstar, al a two-sport legend Bo Jackson, to have the triforce nickname. Then again, a three-sport superstar wouldn't likely do enough gaming to know what the Triforce is.



RupeeClock said:

Credz to the photographer who took Triforce's pictures from the LEFT side.
Thanks for not capturing his signature power-glove in the photos!



NintyMan said:

It took days of camping and a distraction from Sandy, but Isaiah got his Wii U in the end. Here's to the start of the Wii U era!



hendie001 said:

The wallmart i pre ordered mine at is not open on sunday so i have to wait till tomorrow morning :<



SheldonRandoms said:

Hurricane Sandy didn't stop Triforce Johnson from getting the first Wii U, I remembered I saw that guy at the Super Mario 3D land launch event, there was a picture of him and me at the event on Super Mario's official Facebook.



Ferethor said:

almost 2 weeks left ugh, come to Europe faster Wii U
Congratulations USA, enjoy your Wii U`s



Auracle said:

Rats! I just learned that my Wii U may not be delivered until Wednesday. I hope it comes sooner than that.



daveh30 said:

He wishes he got the first one... They always ignore the fact that there are two time zones in Canada ahead of EST. Atlantic, and Newfoundland. The Newfies were home from their local midnight launch and downloading the update an hour and a half before anyone in the states got their hands on one.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

I'm not jealous, but this guy's done this waaaaaaaay too much, he needs to let someone else be first and i'm not talking about me. Wasn't there somebody on NL who knows the real Isiah triforce Johnson? I think he shouldn't be first if his friends are placeholding his spot in the line when he's not there. Since he does this a lot and we are hearing all about this, it just makes me think he's had his spotlight and now he should give it up to someone else.



XCWarrior said:

I had mine at midnight, so I was a happy camper. But getting it from Reggie would be pretty cool.



siavm said:

I waited in no line. Walmart shipped mine on Saturday. So while him and others were waiting in line, I was playing with my wii u.



pariah164 said:

Am I the only one who is just chilling with my 3DS XL and not really caring about the Wii U...?



WaveGhoul said:

Apperantly my copies of NSMB.U and Nintendo Land have just shipped, but my Wii U is still tucked far, far away in the depths of Video Land. Seriously, i hope this doesn't take too long. But i guess it's no suprise considering I pre-ordered a little late in the game.

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