While Nintendo has been keeping the Wii U's download retail system under wraps, the first picture of the console's eShop has now been released on Nintendo of Japan's website. The lone image shows off the system's interface, which looks similar to the 3DS' online storefront, and Nintendo is also promising similar content with demos, images, and trailers of upcoming games.

Similar to the 3DS eShop's star rating system, you can check how others rated a specific title and you can also check Miiverse comments related to that game. Downloadable content can be purchased in the online store while software is running - unlike the 3DS - so you won't need to shut down your current game session. Simply boot up the eShop and buy to your heart's content.

Although only a small snapshot, what do you think of this interface? Sound off in the comments below!

[via nintendo.co.jp, nintendoworldreport.com]