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This Real Life Tanooki Suit is a Bit Strange

Posted by Orla Madden

Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

If you're the type of person that has absolutely no shame in wearing the most ludicrous clothes, then we have found the perfect item of clothing for you. Say hello to the 'Racanooki' Costume Hoodie! This costume hoodie from 80sTees was inspired by Tanooki Mario in Super Mario Bros. 3, and bizarrely you can pull the strings to raise and lower the tail, as demonstrated by the overly cheerful bloke in the picture to the right. Yes, you can flap your tail to complete the illusion that you are indeed Tanooki Mario. However, we'd advise not to attempt to fly, as that 'Game Over' screen would look quite ugly.

Want to buy one now? Well sadly you're out of luck, as they're currently sold out in all sizes; check back to the 80sTees site regularly if you desperately want one. We won't be in too much of a hurry to purchase one, but what about you?


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HugoSmits said:

well.. it looks good..but does it work ? I want a youtube link to this guy jumping off a building, before I wire over my money



emiru69 said:

I'm not too sure why, but the fact that the tail is so short creeps me out...



jackleapp81 said:

I've seen stranger outfits. Once you've seen a grown man prance around in a My Little Pony costume, this stuff is about as normal as seeing a guy with a plain white t-shirt on.



Codyshelby said:

If you think this is strange you must have never heard of "furries". Those crazy people actually do it like they do on the discovery channel.



iBazly said:

I think it's wonderful! I signed up to received an e-mail when the XL is back in stock! xD



jackleapp81 said:

@GuardianKing Already part of the herd. I just find wearing MLP costumes unusual. No offense to the people who do wear them though. And I really mean no offense too, I truly do not intend to offend, even though I may already have. But regardless, that's what I think. I can't really change it. Well, I can, but...I just..don't see the need right now. It's pretty inconsequential, to be honest. Bigger things to worry about. Like the economy, and global warming. And the next iPhone release



gundam00 said:

I have a Tanooki Hoodie from Hot Topic with SMB3 TanookiMario as the graphic on the front. The hoodie has tanooki ears and pockets, alas no tail.



Dizzard said:

I don't see what's weird about this.

Then again you see some freaky stuff on the internet. This guy might as well be wearing a regular hoodie.



dudey300 said:

@HarmoKnight There is a link in the article which takes you directly to the site that sells them. Out of stock at the moment, but keep checking back!



Morpheel said:

Cool I want one. But, luckily for my reputation, I can't get one

I'm still waiting my Toki Tori shirt though, which will hopefully be equally awkward.



StarDust4Ever said:

I'd get one, but I'd doubt they stock 2XL. Also, I usually have to wear tall sizes so my gut don't hang out.



DarkNinja9 said:

these should be a club nintendo item xDD but yeah to me it looks ok except the string part to make the tail move o_O and its short too wth



FluttershyGuy said:

Looks like a brown nightmare!!!

Subtitle made me smile too. Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert and it's getting two thumbs up! (Geez... Siskels' gone, and they aren't even having X-Files movies anymore... I feel old, LOL.)



lanabanana said:

I wish they sold them at Hot Topic. They have Hello Kitty & Rainbow Dash sweaters, why not Mario? I would totally buy one



burninmylight said:


I know this is TOTALLY random and out of the blue, but remember the Symphony of the Goddesses concert coming to Dallas this Friday? I suddenly will have one extra ticket because my girlfriend cannot make it. So I need to either: find a friend or enthusiast to travel with me (from Tulsa or near, of course), or sell one or both of my tickets.

I couldn't find a way of PMing you here on Nintendo Life, so I had to message you here. If you're at all interested, e-mail me at and we can iron something out.

Mods, I apologize in advance if I'm breaking any rules, but this is an emergency that got plopped on me very suddenly. Like I said, I'd PM the guy myself, but NL doesn't have that function as far as I can see.

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