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3DS eShop Set for Maintenance in Europe, Right Before Nintendo Direct

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Speculation ahoy!

Update: Courtesy of a tweet from Nintendaan, it appears to be the case that the Japanese eShop is scheduled to go down for maintenance from 3am until 12pm on 4th October, making this a little more intriguing.

So, Nintendo of Europe is hosting a Nintendo Direct broadcast on Thursday 4th October at 7pm British standard time/8pm central European time. On top of that there's eShop maintenance scheduled for Europe between 7pm BST/8pm CET on 3rd October and 4am BST/5am CET on 4th October, a little over 12 hours before that Nintendo Direct event.

It could all be standard maintenance and one big coincidence, but it could also be the laying of foundations for a new feature or app to be announced later in the day by NoE boss Satoru Shibata. An update is also confirmed for the Japanese eShop — see update above — so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled on Japan and Nintendo of America to see if these regions run their own Nintendo Direct broadcasts.

Let's pretend that this is no coincidence and that Nintendo is about to unleash some eShop related awesomeness. What would you like it to be? Speculate with wild abandon in the comments below.


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clavier141 said:

i hope it's download nintendo club rewards for europe. It's not fair that America can spend coins on download games and we can't. If Japan can already download them as well then I think it's a possibility!



daznsaz said:

Maybe something to bring it inline with what you can do on wiiu when it comes out.



IsawYoshi said:

I am hoping that they will upgrade the review system, so that we can see the global review counting. There are not so many reviews on the norwegian e-shop. Also, it would be great if we could see the sales of the titles.

@jahasnell They have said that it will be on the 3ds after the wii u.

@ziLToiD The e-shop will not go down for maintenance just to launch a game. Anyway, I want those games too



Cipher said:

Most likely to be a regular maintenance update. Don't get your hopes up.



LavaTwilight said:

Expect the worst (least favoursome?) and hope for the best. Don't be disappointed if it's not what you want.



SanderEvers said:

@Boo_Buster You get those in-game

No, I think they'll finally add a webbased eShop on which you can purchase your games and then scan a code to download them onto your 3DS. Or even better: account based.



clavier141 said:

I wouldn't mind a DLC section, especially since I'm planning on getting Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy for my B-day and we can't currently add DLC to watch lists.



SanderEvers said:

Nah it will be an update to allow you buy and play PSVita games on your 3DS. So someone would actually BUY those games
Sad part is that I do own a PSVita and a few games for it.



Cipher said:

@C-Olimar To be fair, maintenance is usually between six and ten hours, and only on rare occasion has it resulted in any major changes. If Nintendo of America announces their own Nintendo Direct or they confirm they're pulling eShop down for maintenance as well, then maybe something is going on.



Geonjaha said:

Problem is that if it was something important then Japan would hear about it first. They wouldn't release a Nintendo Direct solely for Europe to explain a feature that was coming worldwide, as much as I wish they would.



Hokori said:

All current 3DS retail titles as Digital download
Region unlocking
Or link cable for GB games along with a release of Pokemon RBY
Actually Japan gets Mario Golf GBC on that day, maybe there making it connect with Mario Golf 64 on wii?



devilwaffle said:

I'd want flipnote memo, but there would't be a maintinence for that.
Perhaps just updating to add a dlc page on the eshop? But there wouldn't be a nintendo direct just for that either...
I'm gonna expect a nice suprise!



AVahne said:

Finally opening that online website-based eShop they talked about last year and finally making an actual account system for 3DS so that you'll be able to manage your downloads anytime?



NintyMan said:

In the realm of wild speculation, I would say the 3DS is getting ready to implement Miiverse before the Wii U and Harmoknight is coming to the West.



Arcane16 said:

I'm gonna lower my expectations so that if this isn't a major revamp or something useful I will not be disappointed, I'm looking at you e3.



Hokori said:

@NintyFan I agree Harmo Knight is coming, but after B/W2 because it has B/W2 Music in it, kinda like how Pokedex 3D Pro is coming after as well (probably after Meloetta is released)



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh man I'm gonna be pretty disappointed if it turns out to be actual maintenance & no new GBA games or anything awesome like that.



hover3d said:

well it could easily be for somethng new as it wouldn't take so long just to ad a new app but probably for a. new format/s b. more card download games c. more space for eshop e. it's just a complete redesign



PinkSpider said:

I agree with @marc_max a universal account system would be excellent amongst a few other bits, i really dont like the dash board of the 3ds its so ugly and those folders urgh please sort it out Nintendo
GBA games would be sweet but just give me a date for animal crossing I want that permanently on my 3ds, download day 1 for me, dont care about price. Well with in reason
Also would love to see some for 3d classics what happened to those and I want snes games to lol, am I asking to much


Oh and while I think about it please update the dsiware limit of games u can keep its ridiculous that I have to delete old games to make room for new ones. Sort it big N



rjejr said:

When you power on your 3DS the top and bottom screens will show Mario and Luigi dancing gangnam style. Mario gets to be in 3D on top.



Tomires said:

My personal wishlist:
5% - frequent "Steam-ish" sales
25% - option to pay directly by credit card (NSMB2 DLC already allows that mind you)
40% - GBA titles available for download
75% - Picross E - Club Nintendo Edition available for download (already available in Japan)



Beta said:

I hear from GoNintendo that the NoA's eShop is down for maintenance at the moment! Maybe there IS something going on after all...



Hokori said:

They do have 7 past retail games coming, but I hope it's more then that



JLSniper said:

People in North America... if you go to the eshop, its under maintenance right now. I hope this is a good sign.



crazyangrygamer4 said:

Euros are sooo freaking Lucky they get Better much better VC Content than us Americians lucky hay is anybodys wiishop not working mine isnt i wonder why
my internet is on my wifi is on im just not getting anything my mom payed the bills or at least i hope soooo



1takauchiha said:

So why wasn't the maintenance in the North American eShop announced? It's been like this most of the day.



Arianabtd said:

I was reading all about this and I decided to check out my 3DS eShop. (I am in North America)

And yes, It is under maintenance here too.
I was wondering why I haven't read anything about it happening here.



idork99 said:

In NA, you can now go to the eShop but I've yet to notice any changes. Everything looks the same as it did before they shut it down for maintenance.



StarDust4Ever said:

I went to the eShop just now. No changes? Maybe we'll see some new loot (like NSMB2 DLC, perhaps?) on Thursday.



Koapa said:

There is no change in eShop. Maybe after 15:00, when new content comes (as every Thursday).



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

it appears to be the NSMB2 DLC. I don't know since I don't have the game (saving all money for WiiU). But that's what the Nintendo direct mini is about. I wanted more GBA games [cries].

[start of non gaming happiness]

Oh yeah, WAIKATO HAS THE RANFURLY SHIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go the mighty Mooloo! (the Ranfurly Shield is the most important piece of silverware in NZ provincial rugby. More important than the provincial championship title, because it is rare to get a challenge for it) Take that Taranaki. I AM SO HAPPY This will be the last post with a happiness component.

[end of non gaming happiness]

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