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So, you think Nintendo Life is pretty neat?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

If so, then nominate us for a Games Media Award

Nintendo Life has come a long way since it's inception. We've grown from a small personal project into a leading worldwide resource for all things Nintendo. We've seen the site cover every single WiiWare title, break through the 1 million monthly visits barrier and even appear in the 3DS eShop with our very own shelf.

Our dedicated team do all this for the love of the Big N, and the desire to provide accurate reporting and unbiased reviewing of Nintendo games. It's rare that we receive public recognition for our efforts - aside from the feedback we receive via your valued comments - so why not help others take notice of Nintendo Life by nominating us for the upcoming Games Media Awards?

Based on the email nominations, the team at Intent Media and Indigo Pearl creates a list of finalists for each category. This process involves looking at the performance of those nominated media over the past year, plus the information provided by the lobbying emails. We DON’T base finalist positions on the number of emails we receive about a particular individual or media brand.

The finalists for each category are presented to panel of over 150 judges from the games PR and media sectors. These judges ultimately choose the winners of each Games Media Awards.

How to vote

Simply email before the end of Monday 23rd July with your nominations, if you want to vote for Nintendo Life we would suggest the Games Website, Games Blog or Top Tweeter categories. Perhaps you would like to nominate our ex-editor James Newton for the Rising Star award.

If you decide to vote for us, thanks - you're awesome. Don't forget to tell your friends, too!


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User Comments (49)



BenAV said:

Oh, totally voting now.

Edit: There we go, put my votes in.
Good luck to Nintendo Life and James!



MAB said:

Just nominated myself in the 'Best ye olde online gaming forum' category

OH YEAH I also put in a nom for NL in the 'Most awesome dudes & dudettes of all time' thingy



ajcismo said:

I'm in. Joined the site at the beginning of the year and have really like the cut of your jib. Good stuff, keep it up.



CommanderAudio said:

Going to vote right now. Does anyone know what they mean by Speacialist Writer? (I'm gonna vote in every category, because I'm nice like that)

P.S Nominated @antdickens for Legend category.



TingLz said:

You have this American's vote

I can pretend to be British, right?



Kirk said:

K, I sent them an email voting for you as best games website.

Now send me my money!



SaSoBe said:

Voting! I'm active at a lot of different Nintendo and video games sites, but this one is my favorite.



Reala said:

@BudrSbastig Any site with rules and guide lines pretty much 99% of the web does not have 100% freedom of speech, neither does any privately held business for that matter go into any supermarket and voice any extreme view point and you'll be removed, freedom of speech actually does not allow you to say what you want where ever you want never has.



luxoricious said:

Well, I've been reading this site since forever, but never got registered on it.
So no I just did that just to let you know guys that I voted for you.
You all well deserve have at least a nomination, this site is great.



Freak-Show said:

This site is so well put together, I thought it was actually affiliated with Nintendo. Great job guys.



ogo79 said:

my vote is in for all suggested, i got you guys Ant. my site won a few awards so heres to passing on the torch!



baba_944 said:

I voted. Accidently sended 1 was suppose to go to you guys, and the real one. Does that count? I apoligized in the email.



baba_944 said:

@James James! Will follow you on twittter. What is your name on twitter?

EDIT: Oh and i named my Gold Chao in SADX after you



Onett said:

Nintendo life is pretty neat and so is James. My votes have been submitted.



baba_944 said:

@James k actually did a system restore I did not know it was to be deleted I will get it back I swear! Thanks I'm reinstalling it right now

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