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Pokémon Black and White 2 Hits the West in October

Posted by James Newton

7th for North America, 12th for Europe

DS owners will be able to return to Unova in October when Pokémon Black and White 2 launches in the West.

The sequel lands in North America on 7th October and follows in Europe just five days later on 12th October.

As well as new Formes of legendary Pokémon, there are several new features in this sequel. At Pokéstar Studios you can create your own movies using battle sequences and dialogue, which the in-game audience will rate according to quality.

3DS players will also be able to buy eShop accompaniment Pokémon Dream Radar on the same day; 7th October in North America, 12th October in Europe. Pokédex 3D Pro is also set for release in autumn, but there's no specific date for that one yet.

Will you be picking up this DS adventure and its eShop side order?

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A Massive Pokémon Adventure Continues on Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS

28th June, 2012 – Dive into the world of Pokémon like never before when two new Nintendo DS Pokémon games and a downloadable Nintendo 3DS title arrive this October. The successors to the acclaimed Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games, Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, are set to launch for the Nintendo DS family of systems (playable on Nintendo 3DS in 2D mode) on Friday 12th October 2012. Pokémon Dream Radar will also be available for purchase in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on the same day. This downloadable Nintendo 3DS title allows Nintendo 3DS owners to catch their favourite Pokémon, including some very rare ones, via the Nintendo 3DS cameras, using motion control and augmented-reality technology and transfer them into Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2.

Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 bring players back to the Unova Region two years after the events of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version. There are many new areas to discover, and changes to familiar places for you to explore. One new area is Virbank City, home to Pokéstar Studios. Players will be able to visit Pokéstar Studios and star in their own movie with their favourite Pokémon. The movie a player creates premieres at the in-game theatre, where the audience gives it a rating. Movies are rated based on script choices and battle move sequences, and players can even create sequels to existing movies. There are many movie genres to choose from, including romantic comedy and horror.

Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 will also give fans of the original games a chance to catch up with some familiar friends. In this game, Cheren and Bianca return two years after the events of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, and a lot has changed. Bianca is now the assistant to Professor Juniper, helping her with Pokémon research and Cheren is now a Gym Leader and a teacher at a school in Aspertia City – the starting location for this adventure.

In Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, players will also be able to catch some of the Pokémon from outside the Unova region − such as Eevee, Riolu, Tyranitar, Arcanine and Mareep− right from the start of the game. If they are playing on Nintendo 3DS, players can also transfer Pokémon they have caught with the Pokémon Dream Radar into their Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 games (visible in 2D only). Pokémon Dream Radar lets players use several different features of the Nintendo 3DS system, including the Nintendo 3DS camera, motion control and augmented-reality technology, to discover and catch Pokémon. The game includes hard-to-find Pokémon such as the new Therian Formes of Legendary Pokémon Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus.

Also launching this Autumn for purchase from the Nintendo eShop, players can learn all about their favourite Pokémon with Pokédex 3D Pro for Nintendo 3DS. This enhanced and upgraded version of the original Pokédex 3D includes detailed information about every known Pokémon featured in the history of the Pokémon video game series.

For more information about Pokémon Black Version 2, Pokémon White Version 2, Pokémon Dream Radar and Pokédex 3D Pro, visit

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Shadowflash said:

LOL The American date is a month behind my birthday XD. I'm not a fan of Pokemon, so I won't pick it up.



RevolverLink said:

I'm already breeding a race of atomic super-mutant Oshawotts in order to start out, and inevitably conquer, Black/White 2 with an elite squadron that will consist entirely of Dewotts - the greatest species of Pokemon in existence.

I'm going to have to figure how I'm going to have enough time and money for it, though. There's a lot of 3DS stuff I've been really looking forward to coming out that time of year (Virtue's Last Reward, Paper Mario, Code of Princess, Professor Layton, to name a few). I suppose I don't have to eat.



SpaceKappa said:

FINALLY. I'm really excited. Black and White were phenomenal, and I'm confident that the sequels will improve upon their foundation.



Ecto-1 said:

Can't wait! I do hope that this and Luigi's Mansion aren't too close together though, as I think October would be the ideal release month for that game as well and I don't want to have to neglect one to play the other.



Drawdler said:

Still too late for me to enjoy it. Even on a 3DS XL Unova is still going to be a dull region... No Pokemon walking back still... But I know I'll be picking it up anyway.



Emaan said:

Finally we get a release date! Not sure yet if I'll be getting this in October though, since I've been saving up for a Wii U all year.



Marioman64 said:

YAY new things! can't wait for the continuation of the story and a 3ds AR-type game that doesn't involve shooting faces and a pokedex with a 3d eevee i can pet and wooo



Geonjaha said:

Yay! Poh-kay-mone!
"Make your own movies and debut them to your fans" Seriously?
That's just pathetic - and you're not getting a sale from me if that's the primary new addition to the game...



kyuubikid213 said:

I'm going to pick this one up! As for the eShop add-on...I might get the FULL Pokedex, but not the Pokemon Snap style game. It seems REALLY pointless to get that when I can just get rare in-game Pokemon to offer up for trade.



kyuubikid213 said:

I can't wait for the Pokemon game that brings it to the 3D realm on a handheld...Pokemon Rumble Blast doesn't count...



Phle said:

Of course I'm getting the game and the 2 downloads from the eShop (^_^)



Onett said:


No amount of the truth will change their minds. They are too locked into their mindsets to do the research or consider that they are buying the same exact game again. The World Tournament and additional story (which more or less takes place on the same map) aren't enough reason for me to buy this game again.



Nintendo3DSLife said:

Awesome .Can't wait to get this game and the pokemon dream rader app on my 3ds.I have already read alots of info. about pokemon B/W 2 and pokemon dream rader on another site and im sure this game will be little better than pokemon B/W lol.Can't wait.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Dang! I was hoping it was sept. so I could use my birthday as an excuse to get it! Oh well can't wait!



Shotgunryugan said:

@RevolverLink Haha same here except i am racing an army of Snivy's

Can't wait for this GAH! i have the pokemon fever again,although i still need to buy Platinum and one of the Remakes for Gen2



Arcamenel said:

October seems so far away D: But I'm definitely getting this day one. It's freaking Pokemon who cares if it's in the same region just two years later IT'S POKEMON. I love that they are giving 3DS owners a little extra with the exclusive downloads. Black and White had the most interesting story so it'll be nice to see how they wrap things up.



rjejr said:

One release date down, one to go.
My son's birthday is in Sept. so he's very happy he doesn't have to wait long to get this. He's jaded enough to know that when they say "Fall' they usually mean late Nov. I don't know about the rest of the world or US but where I live it's all about the GC birthday presents.
And I understand what people are saying about this being a "double-dip", but my youngest son hasn't played the first yet - I convinced him to wait when I heard this was coming out - so this is new for him.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I heard there's gonna be a black and white 3 D: cause supposedly the story didn't finish (I haven't played it yet or watched a walkthough so wouldent know) I hope that's not the case



Kitsune_Rei said:

Its a shame the Pokedex Pro will be later on. I'll probably get sucked in later, but if I don't have a good reason to preorder, I'm going to wait. Conquest has me well-occupied right now, and there's still other good games coming before then.



Xilef said:

So excited! Would be awesome if Pokedex 3D Pro is released on the same day aswell. Fall can't come soon enough!



pariah164 said:

Mmm... I beat both Black and White. I may put this off till Christmas and get Virtue's Last Reward instead. Because I freaking LOVED 999.



WolfRamHeart said:

Hmm, that is a lot sooner than I expected. I guess I better decide which version I'm going to get. Black or White?



sinalefa said:

Getting this, but not at launch. I will be reading reviews and catchable Pokémon lists first.



adwid said:

can't wait to get this game!!!

I hope they make a remake for the R/S/E series :3 #justsaying



GamerZack87 said:

And, as always, no date is set for Australia and New Zealand. Could we be getting them on the 11th October, or will we have to wait a little longer? Only Celebi will tell!

Celebi: "Serrrrebiiii!"

...this is where it'd be handy to understand Pokelish.



SkywardLink98 said:

As long as Nintendo confirms this will be a DSi-enhanced cartridge I'll buy it (So I can use WPA2 on my 3DS)



SaSoBe said:

Awesome! I've been waiting for a date for this ever since they announced it. Now we got dates for this, Pokémon Conquest, Kingdom Hearts and the new Mario.



hcat said:

As much as I think the new character sprites look cool, I can't justify $35 for an upgrade. I'll stick to my team-building and shiny hunting in Black.



DaJusticeyJDude said:

Awesome i cant wait, the first black version rocked and i got the first black version o n release date dont know if i will this time.Itcomes out 5 day before my birthday so its definetly going on my list right now i might well restart the first black version start up my team and beat the game and eventuelly trade to the 2nd one ill probraly be getting the the black version.



Korbin64 said:

"In Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, players will also be able to catch some of the Pokémon from outside the Unova region − such as Eevee, Riolu, Tyranitar, Arcanine and Mareep− right from the start of the game."

You can already catch Riolu and Tyranitar in Black and White; unless they mean you don't have to beat the game to catch them... but I'm still confused.

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