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Nintendo Goes Mobile With iPhone Cases

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Just cases, not games

It's become one of the most persistent arguments surrounding Nintendo in recent years: should it take its games — or versions of them — to mobile platforms? It's an argument with no end, but Nintendo does like to tease, and it's now come up with a series of officially licenced iPhone cases to remind smartphone owners of why they may want to try something different from Angry Birds.

Nintendo has an agreement with iPhone accessory company PDP to produce the themed cases, which show characters and franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Luigi and Boo. Some snazzy designs, though we'd argue that the Zelda franchise wins on style points.

Still, we've attached the images for your viewing pleasure: do any of these tempt you?


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Qeuix said:

I want the Mari Kart 7 iphone case! That would be really cool.



NintyMan said:

Those are stealthy suggestions.
"How about you play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Mario Kart 7 instead of Angry Birds? It would be worth your time."



Chris720 said:

I could see this happening:

"Hey dude... look at my Skyward Sword iPhone! It's awesome right?"

"Maybe, but it doesn't play Skyward Sword though does it?"

"Well... no..."

"Pfft, what a joke! Look at my Angry Birds iPhone case while I PLAY Angry Birds!"



warioswoods said:

These may here be to tie in with the Miiverse feed, which you will eventually be able to check live on your phone much like a Twitter account.



BenAV said:

That's all fine with me.
I won't be getting one though, as I don't have an iPhone, and I don't want an iPhone or an Apple anything else either.



JustAnotherUser said:

This actually makes me want to buy another iPhone when my 3GS bites the dust.
But then I remember... I could just make my own Zelda case with Hylian scribed onto it for my new shiny Ubuntu phone (When I get one).



Cloud-San-VII said:

I would love to get these (and the FF7 ones), but there only for IPhone. They should make them custom for others big smartphones (like Blackberries and Droids).



Korbin64 said:

Who says Nintendo is selling out? If anything this gets the attention of the younger gamers that are playing games on the mobile market. It's product placement, and I hope it works... 'cause I hate Apple products.



RPGShaymin said:

Though I wasn't there myself, PDP's booth got me very hyped to buy pointless crap that still looks really cool.



Morpheel said:

Woow these are cool.

Too bad I don't have an iPhone. Do they make these in xperia play sizes?



SkywardLink98 said:

I just found my parents christmas/birthday/fathers/mothersday presents

Do they come for Motorola Defy, or other android type cases.



Phle said:

I want to buy iPhone 5 with a case like this (been planning on getting an iPhone 5 for a long time, my current iPhone needs upgrading, but I won't buy anything before I can get iPhone 5)! Nintendo should keep their main focus on cool stuff for their consoles though, I want to buy cool accessories for my 3DS, so Nintendo better make some cool stuff I can buy!



mario300 said:

Would the case fit on i pod touch?WHY did i get a red case.And in the image where there is a yoshi case,next to it shows a sky and clouds.SO, that probaly means kid icarus uprising or kingdom hearts?



hYdeks said:

wow, I was close to being pissed with nintendo Good thing its only cases, cause if they started making phone games, I'ld probably be done with nintendo too (like sony and microsoft)



Dodger said:

If they made Android cases then I bet my dad would get one. Mom has Pikachu as her text alert right now and she doesn't even play much. Dad used to have the Zelda Item Get theme as his text alert and Mom used to have Navi. Zedge is an interesting app. I even found Fawful's theme as a ringtone, like anyone would recognize that.



MAB said:

LOL now iphone fanboys can say 'I have Mario/Zelda ON my phone' suckers



ItalianBaptist said:

On the one hand, these look really cool. On the other hand, I'm nervous about something sinister. Remember all of the pokedex apps in the app store that were taken down after pokedex 3d came out? I submit the iPhone cases that look like game boys in the kiosks at the mall and leave you to draw your own conclusions



TimboBaggins said:

I think it would be cool for nintendo to release some exclusive mobile games that are not featured anywhere else. It could be fun to have nintendo on the go, and it could attract more fans. However, I am not in support of taking games that already exist for other platforms and converting them to mobile devices. That would be a fatal mistake.



ajcismo said:

Anyone who doesn't think Big N won't get into the mobile market someday is a fool. I'm not a fan of it, it'll be a cold day in hell before I play anything of gaming merit on a phone. But the fact is it will be a necessary part of Nintendo's future in the next decade if they want to keep their stock above water.
We will see an Apple/Nintendo joint product/console/phone/i3DS by the year 2020. I have no proof or anything, its just my gut.



MeloMan said:

Visual re-enforcement on a device that many people have that both advertises Nintendo and let's people showcase their love for the N... brilliant



Henmii said:

"We will see an Apple/Nintendo joint product/console/phone/i3DS by the year 2020. I have no proof or anything, its just my gut"

Well, your gut is wrong! Because in 2020 Apple DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE!!! Because we all know if Apple doesn't come with something REALLY new soon, it's over for Apple! You can't sell the people a new i-phone or i-pad model every year! Besides the i-pad was never that innovative to begin with: It's just a laptop without buttons!!

Nintendo should never join Apple and never go into the mobile realm. It would be a terrible, TERRIBLE DAY!! And it would probably be Nintendo's end!!

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