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Mario and Kim Cattrall Star in New 3DS Advert

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Run Mario run!

Advertising in video games is a funny business, and we've seen Nintendo hook up with a lot of different celebrities to promote Wii, DS and 3DS in recent years. The latest team up is with Kim Cattrall, of Sex and the City fame, who appears to promote Super Mario 3D Land and, sorry North Americans, the Ice White 3DS system.

It's a quirky advert that shows Cattrall playing Mario while lounging in bed and while getting her hair styled for a hot date, though naturally she pops the handheld into her designer bag before heading out for those vital StreetPass hits. She really likes the moustachioed mascot, as she says that despite having many men in her life, she'll 'always find time for Mario'.

On the quirky 3DS marketing scale, this one scores quite well.

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ThomasBW84 said:

@Chicken_Brutus That is a good point, but I refuse to change the headline. There's a first time for everything, and the 'run Mario run' line will go down in legend.



misswliu81 said:

it's nice to see celebrities who are fans of nintendo appear in ads like this.

kim must've got to keep that ice white 3DS too- lucky her!



Chunky_Droid said:

Kim Cattrall is fresh in my mind as my wife has made me watch all of Sex and the City with her (thank god it's just the 2nd movie left.....)

On the flipside, Samantha (and Steve) were the only characters I actually liked, so I like this ad!

And me watching Sex and the City was part of a deal, my partner's playing more core games with me now



BudrSbastig said:

As pants as that ad is, at least nintendo is making ads for the 3ds, unlike new vita ads since launch!!



MAB said:

Kim Cattrall starred in the awesome 1998 horror flick 'Creature' you can always find gold whilst channel surfing after a big night on the turps in the late late movie slot



Philip_J_Reed said:

Wait, what does this have to do with Mystery Science Theater?

It's a line from their riff on Soul Taker. WATCH IT ON YOUR WII IT'S GREAT



Haywired said:

I kind of thought Nintendo UK had given up on wasting money on aspirational celebrity lifestyle ads considering they had little to no positive effect on sales (given that Wii sales plummeted over here around the same time they started advertising every Wii game with a celebrity), turning the Wii from THE hot item into the most uncool product around.

It's like when they used boyband One Direction to advertise Pokemon Black/White on DS. It can't really have helped much as it's the lowest selling main series Pokemon game here. Waste of money. It's all very well trying to reach other audiences, but Pokemon's main audience is boys. Yes, girls like boybands, but boys hate boybands, so you've just alienated your core audience by turning it into a girly game that they woudn't be seen dead with on the playground.

I suppose Kim Cattrall at least has a slight air of coolness/naughtiness to her and I'm hoping there's an element of humour/irony with this ad, but it's so transparent to everyone who Nintendo UK are desperately trying to reach with this sort of thing and that it won't work.



Weskerb said:

@FJOJR That's how we pronounce Mario in the UK. You're not Italian so why pronounce it the way they would, also stop saying 'erbs instead of herbs! You're not French either.



FluttershyGuy said:

Lord, Kim's still so hot, and being in a Nintendo commercial only increases her sexiness! I used to watch Sex and the City just to see what Samantha's sexploits would be from week to week.



lanabanana said:

Dear Nintendo;
My friend wanted that one but she settled down for the purple one.. lol



ATDI said:

@Ulala You call him Oreo too? I thought I was the only one with this speech impediment. I call it Sub-par Oreo Bummers.

The ad is good at making you smile. I don't know if the 3DS should be marketed like Hershey's Bliss or Dove chocolate, but this wouldn't be the first time Nintendo has tried this, so... I dunno maybe it works.



bezerker99 said:

The way she pronounces Mario makes me wonder if she's ever played any games by the famous plumber.



HADAA said:

@bezerker99 Even if most people know how Pokemon is actually pronounced (poe-kay-mon), some will still say Pokey-man. Pronouncing it differently doesn't mean they've never played any said games before, it's just their accent (someone above mentioned that's how they pronounce in UK).

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