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E3 2012: Get to the NA eShop for Some New 3DS Demos

Posted by Mike Mason

Try 'em out

If you're hankering for some new 3DS demos, you're in luck. Last night Nintendo announced that there'll be several new third party demos coming to the North American eShop in the near future.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes should be available right now, but you'll soon also be able to get your paws on trials of The Amazing Spider-Man, Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure, Heroes of Ruin and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

We've not heard any word on European demos yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.

Will you be giving any of these trials a go?

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rjejr said:

Good morning everyone, nice to see some good news this morning. I'm a big fan of demos. And when they're Nintendo demos, well I'm still getting used to the fact that Nintendo even has demos. Going to check for Batman now. OK, in 4 hours when it's noon, that's the usual Thurs. update time.



XCWarrior said:

Heroes of Ruin for sure, Kingdom Hearts for sure, maybe Lego Batman. But honestly there should be at least one demo every week since new games come out every week.




EU already has The Rhythm Thief Demo which convinced me to get the excellemt full retail game. Hopefully we'll get all those soon.



Gold_Ranger said:

I'm not complaining here, just asking a couple of questions:
Why is it that the different Regions get different stuff?
Why do the different Regions get the same stuff, but at different times/dates?



rjejr said:

@mumof2kids82 Yeah Batman demo is up now - I'll save you all the trouble looking b/c it can't be found under the "Nintendo All Access" icon nor the "3DS" icon you have to look under the "only available at retail" icon. It's about the 5th one in. Maybe later they'll move it to a more obvious spot?



Dodger said:

I'll get all of them but I want all of them other then Spiderman. Not a huge fan of movie games. Don't dislike Lego ones even though they aren't my favorite, really don't care about any other movie games.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'll download all of 'em! When exactly does the Heroes of Ruin demo come to America? Before the release I hope.



kyuubikid213 said:

I downloaded the Batman Demo last night when Moffitt announced it was at the eShop. It is great! I can't believe I left LEGO games behind for so long! I hope LEGO City Undercover for 3DS is at least this good if it isn't open-world.



CBattles6 said:

I played the LEGO Batman demo last night. It's an entire level! Easily a30-40 minutes of gameplay. Really, really well done.



Darel18 said:

@Rawk_Hawk Yeah don't buy it. It's pretty good and all but the online sucks a lot (because of the searching system), you have to look for a player every time.... Beyond that, the game is good.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Ugh... my SD card is almost full. I had to delete some stuff just to get the LEGO Batman Demo.



Koos said:

cool! Where do you check the size left? in the settings? I doubt I will run into problems with a 16GB.



paburrows said:

Yeah I downloaded Lego Batman 2 and its awesome! I was sooo impressed by the fight animation and the ability to control your batarangs with the touch screen. I have the Wii version preordered at Gamestop (free Lex Luthor in Green suit lego figure) so I'm curious besides better graphics how different it will be?



paburrows said:

Speaking of downloads we also got Luigi's Mansion and Paper Mario downloadable trailers! I'm curious though why only a select few are downloadable and not all, I hate trying to watch online and having it buffer a number of times while watching because of my internet connection.




Think the Wii version has the open world mechanic (not the 3DS) whereas the 3DS has touchscreen and streetpass mechanics. Wii version pre-ordered



paburrows said:

Whats open world mechanic? I should know since I've played them for year, but don't or forgot. I played the DS games through Harry Potter 1 - 4 and then Pirates and Harry Potter 5 - 7 on the Wii.



Kitsune_Rei said:

Nice to see the new Batman demo, and I'm looking forward to the rest!
I wished all the DS trailers at least were downloadable :< I still watch some of the ones from last time for games that still aren't out fondly. But I'll take what I can get, it does use space, but I still have a good amount free on my SD card.



Yrreiht said:

It'd be great if they actually made the games that are playable at E3 downloadable on the 3DS. Also, the demo for lego Batman is really fun!



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'll be trying all of these. I tried the Batman demo last night and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I was a little disappointed about the lack of a New Super 2 Demo though. After the speaker announced that the game would be playable on the show floor he built up like he was about to say "you at home can try the demo, and it's available right now." Needless to say, it didn't happen, and I was a little let down. Either way, more demos is never a bad thing.



Azikira said:

The Amazing Spiderman should be fairly fun (if its not another side scroller fiasco)



WolfRamHeart said:

I downloaded the Lego Batman demo last night and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I never played any of the Lego games before but it was a lot of fun. I am actually interested in getting Lego City Undercover for Wii U now. I'm looking forward to trying out the Heroes of Ruin, Rhythm Thief and Kingdom Hearts demos when we get them. Keep those demos coming Nintendo!



Captain_Hookey said:

i'm serious about this. that batman demo sucked! the actions were all delayed by like, 3 seconds. the 3D wasn't too impressive either. graphics didn't even look like much of an improvement over the DS Lego Batman. thank you sir, but even if i liked lego games, i wouldnt get this. i would easily prefer the Xbox version over this any day.



Captain_Hookey said:

@Shworange i'm dead serious! it takes like, 3 seconds for batman(or robin, or whoever) to attack once i press the button. PLAY IT. i dare you. look hard enough, smash the button over and over like a hurricane(without breaking it, like me. at least, i RECOMMEND not breaking it), and you'll notice a gigantic delay. the actions are delayed by 3 seconds because the movements made by the characters are just SOOOO SLOW.



Raylax said:

@Catain_Hookey "smash the button over and over like a hurricane(without breaking it, like me. at least, i RECOMMEND not breaking it), and you'll notice a gigantic delay"

I think I found your problem. Playing videogames like an epilleptic chipmunk is your problem.



Capt_N said:

@Captain_Hookey I noticed a slight delay, but not a 3 sec. one. Although, it does seem a little slow, &/or difficult to time for executing/performing the grab, & throw move. I didn't really see any 3D. Still, I'll probably get LBN2, maybe not on 3DS, & then again maybe on 3DS. I don't really know. Still a pretty good demo, what appears to be a full-length level.

Edit: I'm convinced from the demo, that I'll get the game sometime, possibly later, depending on other games I want to get for 3DS first.



Captain_Hookey said:

@Capt_N the "3-second delay" was an least SOMEONE knows what i am talking about! anyways, you get my point: the game has a button delay, is slow, poor 3D, and so on. i'd much rather prefer the (open-world)Xbox version rather than this.

and did anyone notice that you cant switch characters in free play on this demo? you can do that on all the other lego demos (on separate consoles). why not here?



Knuckles said:

I'll download all demos, and then erase ones I don't like.
Current chopping block demos
1. M&S 2012 Olympics
2. Crush 3D
3. Nintendogs
4. Mutant Mudds [I own the full version]
5. Pyramids
6. Order Up!!
I like all of the others



Mart2006 said:

I really hope us Europeans get a Kingdom Hearts 3D demo. I really like the look of the game, although I've never actually played a Kingdom Hearts game before, and I'm not the biggest RPG fan ever, so to be able to try it would be nice.

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