Nintendo has unveiled a list of upcoming download titles on the 3DS eShop with some release periods for us to take in. There aren't any specific dates, but we at least have an idea of when we can expect the titles to arrive. These are all North American details, but we'll optimistically hope that PAL region releases won't be too dissimilar.

We have two titles confirmed for June so far. Order Up!! will arrive for budding chefs in need of 3D training, while Planet Crashers looks like a colourful and vibrant RPG dungeon-crawl. For retro gamers in North America there's also the good news that the Game Boy Color version of Prince of Persia, already out in Europe, is due in Q2.

Four titles are confirmed as 'summer' arrivals. Unchained Blades sounds like one to watch, with turn-based first-person dungeon crawling combined with a promised 60 hours of gameplay. Bomb Monkey is the latest from Renegade Kid, with this title being a puzzler where a monkey throws bombs, surprisingly. Nicalis will produce two titles this summer, Cave Story+ is yet another re-release on a Nintendo platform, while NightSky will eventually arrive after a long spell in the WiiWare wilderness.

There are five titles due to arrive in the fall, which a cynic may suggest means 'may be delayed'. First up is Coaster Creator, a rollercoaster creation title where your Mii's test out the finished rides. SpeedX 3D is a tunnel racer with an old-school polygon art style. Aban Hawkins & the 1,001 Spikes is a retro platformer that's also on the way to Wii U, but 3DS will get there first. Finally we have two Pokémon titles: Pokédex 3D Pro is a paid and enhanced version of the launch day app, while Pokémon Dream Radar is an AR shooting game in a similar vein to Face Raiders.

That's all folks, are any of those on your eShop wishlist?