The film's already out — good, isn't it? — but there's no video game tie-in for The Avengers. Not yet anyway, as Ubisoft's just announced Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth for Wii U.

The motion-controlled superhero game will come to the console later this year with 20 different Marvel characters in tow, so expect to see all the Avengers and then some. Ubi vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key sounds pretty excited:

The idea that we’re making a motion-control version of ‘The Avengers’ is a unique proposition if you compare that to superhero games of the past. This is the perfect type of game for that because these characters are very action oriented. They’re always fighting and throwing things.

We love games where characters fight and throw things. In fact, that's our number one favourite kind of game.

The title's also coming to Kinect and is in development at Ubisoft's Quebec studio, who last year gave Xbox owners the surprisingly decent PowerUp Heroes.

Ubisoft expects the game to launch sometime after Wii U. As opposed to "before it", presumably.

The Avengers game joins Ubisoft's Wii U line-up alongside Assassin's Creed III, Killer Freaks from Outer Space and Rayman Legends.