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LEGO Batman 2 Trailer Comes Down Like a Ton of Bricks

Posted by James Newton

Visit Gotham City

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for Wii and its 3DS counterpart are out in a month, which is more than enough time to watch this new trailer showing its open-world take on Bruce Wayne's home city.

It's got all the things you'd want from a LEGO DC trailer — The Flash running fast, The Joker laughing maniacally and a pie calling on Lex Luthor's head. It's also got some things you might not have expected: voiced characters for one thing.

Anyway, it's out next month and it looks pretty good to us.

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Seancy said:

I've never played a Lego game so correct me if I'm wrong, is this the first time a Lego game has featured voice acting?



Platypus said:

@2 yes you're right. I' m not sure I like it, but I'll need to wait to see.

I'm betting on this being the best superman game yet.



shingi_70 said:

Going to get the amazon dlc because I cant stand tim drake robin. Will probably play as flash and GL the most.



bezerker99 said:

The fact that the beginning and end of this trailer contains music from the 1989 Batman movie is really awesome!!!!



FonistofCruxis said:

Its weird hearing lego characters talk. Also, in ONM's preview of the 3DS version, it said that it wouldn't be open world like most of the other versions.




Apparantly this LEGO video game has significant differences to the others. Also, there's some rumours it has 50 unlockable DC characters. Insta-buy.

(The 3DS version isn't open world according to the Nintendo Gamer/ONM previews)



Bane said:

Just watched the trailer and it looks awesome!
Why does it say jun22, isnt it on Jun19?



Capt_N said:

Cool Taco! (It's my way of/like saying Cool, & it's other variant/derivative phrases.)

Anyway, I will have to play/try it, to warrant getting it. Look's good though.



Bane said:

@LEGEND_MARIOID Are u kidding me! The 3DS wont be open world!!!!!!!!!! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, Oh and let me guess the DS version will be. >:L



Shotgunryugan said:

Voices and open world? i was already sold,but this definitely got my hype back.

Looks like i'll be buying 2 Lego games,this one and Lord of The Rings(whenever it gets released).



Knuckles said:

I honestly didn't expect voice acting to tear gamers away from this game. I would have expected this kind of conversation from Zelda getting voice acting, but not Lego



Gold_Ranger said:

I dismissed this game because it was ANOTHER Lego game...
I'm now GETTING this game because its an OPEN-WORLD Lego game!!!!
Though I don't have a Wii anymore...
I'll get it when WiiU comes out...



sinalefa said:

Gotham City? It looks like Legotham City to me.

It is nice to see changes made to the Lego formula, although it will be a bummer if you can only use the heroes here.



Bane said:

Well it doesnt matter cause ill get both the 3DS and Wii version



hillbill26 said:

Seems cool. I personally am a fan of the LEGO video games, and i have 2 but i've played about 4. I like the open world idea and i'm excited about how this game will turn out. I will buy this



tertium_quid said:

"Two heroes and Robin"
Harsh. I happen to like Robin. (And by "Robin", I don't mean Chris O'Donnell. I mean Dick/Jason/Tim/Stephanie/Damian.) Robin is a hero.



Tasuki said:

Should have called this one Lego Justice League instead. I really liked the first Lego Batman because it drew alot of inspiration from the 90's animated series but this one I dont know. For one thing I dont like the fact that they added voices. Still I will probably rent this one from GameFly and check it out.



Volmun said:

Wow this looks good! im wandering if it has custom characters? and maybe Online but still i think il be buying this! 8D



roflcap said:

hell ya but marvel needs ti make one XD
but this is cool lego marvel make me lego later



3dsruler12 said:

Voice acting? Really? I <3 the NORMAL way it was. "Mer, her, ner!" "Ber?"
Not this voice acting crap, BUT, other than that, I WILL buy it.



Metal_Slugger said:

Wow the 3 ds demo of this game isn't anything like that trailer. Except Batman and Robin and a few villains. Not open world nor does it have those graphics. All and all the demo was pretty cool though, but after seeing this I may rather have a different version of this game. I thought the use of the boomerang was awkward. Not real responsive to what I was doing.

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