3DS Web Browser MMORPG in Beta Development

Pay and play for $1

At the start of the year we told you about a Swapnote RPG that had been devised by an enthusiastic game design student. While that involved a fairly conventional use of the app alongside a set of pre-defined rules, there is currently a 3DS web browser MMORPG — massively multiplayer online role playing game — in development.

Traditionally a genre based on PCs and Macs, Project Triniate appears to have some of the functions that gamers would expect: online chat, a world map, inventory and so on. It's currently in its Beta stage and not available to the general public for free, but if you create a login as directed and donate $1 you can access the build in progress.

It's rather primitive, but if you do want to try it out then simply visit http://triniate.com/ on your 3DS web browser. Check out the video below if you want to see it in action first.

[via youtube.com]