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3DS Web Browser MMORPG in Beta Development

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Pay and play for $1

At the start of the year we told you about a Swapnote RPG that had been devised by an enthusiastic game design student. While that involved a fairly conventional use of the app alongside a set of pre-defined rules, there is currently a 3DS web browser MMORPG — massively multiplayer online role playing game — in development.

Traditionally a genre based on PCs and Macs, Project Triniate appears to have some of the functions that gamers would expect: online chat, a world map, inventory and so on. It's currently in its Beta stage and not available to the general public for free, but if you create a login as directed and donate $1 you can access the build in progress.

It's rather primitive, but if you do want to try it out then simply visit on your 3DS web browser. Check out the video below if you want to see it in action first.

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User Comments (37)



CureM said:

very excited to see the end-product and future development of such games!
creativity & originality good job!
I also would like Nintendo to enhance the web browser to support more things like this in the future!



Geonjaha said:

Wow. I thought this was a joke.
Seems cool, but I cant really see it going anywhere, at least anytime soon.
The 3DS Browser can only handle so much...and MMORPG's are really not designed for handhelds.



BenAV said:

Looks pretty cool, but it's got a long way to go if I'm ever going to bother giving it a shot.
I'll be interested to see more as it progresses though.



Flowerlark said:

Looks like a cool idea but the graphics are much too crude for me. YES I am shallow and often need decent graphics to enjoy a game.



AVahne said:

Wow, amazing how they were able to get this running on the 3DS browser, considering how limited the browser is.
Would be great to see a real MMORPG on 3DS, even if it's dungeon based.



Scary_Old_Lady said:

I'm on that site.
You forgot to mention who it is made by. It's made by Robdeprop.
Also I recommend visiting his site which is 3DS friendly. It is



rjejr said:

I'll gladly pay more than $1 to anybody who can build a decent web browser for the 3DS. It doesn't need 3D, it just needs to work like a mobile web browser should. I can't understand why w/ all the mobile phone web browsing in the world (and the iPod Touch and I'm sure some other small screen gadgets I'm forgetting) the dual screen 3DS can't easily browse the web.



SLiM said:

@rjejr I agree. I was completely disappointed when I went to use the web browser on the 3DS. I was hoping it would function much better than the browser on the DS, but unfortunately it's still very slow.



Mercury9 said:

"You have to be logged in to view this"

Um...I am
"No online dating (seriously guys?)" Mod trollism or closet cases?



kdognumba1 said:

This is a pretty cool idea. Hope they can see it through and that they can get the game running well.



cheapogamer4life said:

Looks interesting so i'd be willing to donate to see whats all about. Im sure if it plans out well all the beta testers may get some type of perk when/if it every comes outta beta.



Ren said:

hmm, cool idea. If only the 3ds browser wasn't a flaming pile of...
I'll give it a go when I get bored of the amazing 3d games already on there, like.. never. No, really this could be interesting.
I remember back when I got the ds browser along with that "memory booster" cart thing like the memory was what was holding it back from proper web browsing, I was so excited, until I realized how bad and slow it was.
Now we have the speedy 3ds and it's all... the same? Is it that hard to just hire some techies that have done it for other mobiles already, rather than the game-centric internal Nintendo people? Not everything needs innovation, some stuff just needs catching up.



6ch6ris6 said:

why oh WHY is this for the webbrowser? why not make a reatil or e-shop mmorpg? i would totally buy that



ajcismo said:

Interested... Not thrilled about the webbrowser thing, I could see Animal Crossing doing something in this realm down the road.



Knuckles said:

I think we need to be able to watch videos before, we are able to play MMORPG's



Morpheel said:

@6ch6ris6: I would imagine they don't need to buy any dev kits, struggle with certifications or waste a lot of money this way.



jshon3dsman98 said:

hey ron 1212 do you have a 3ds if you do add me as a friend friend code:356623153841 name:mi mi. ps space on name



Jono97 said:

Looks great, but i'd prefer some better graphics. Prehaps something looking like pokemon



Gameday said:

Thats something too be excited about and definitely looked into the near future.



McHaggis said:

The browser is severely limited in so many areas because it needs to use very little RAM (which is why you can browse the net amidst playing a game). There will never be any possibility of sound or music for this game, and capturing input from any button other than D-PAD, A & B is impossible. The slide pad will always scroll the page and the L/R buttons will always screw your game up if you give them the slightest touch. The animations will always be jerky when the 3DS has to render several things, too.

The guy probably deserves your $1 donation to see the hard work he's done, but don't get your hopes up for this game ever leaving beta.



latiomany said:

actualy the guy who is making this, robdeprop, he knows how to make the d-pad functional on the browser, plus, the game doesnt have java the 3ds cant hold that but hey, 3rd partys are backing away so the fans make the games...ITS ALMOST LIKE CHEATING!!!

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