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PEGI Rates Rayman for 3DS Virtual Console

Posted by James Newton

Back in the swing

PEGI just rated the original Rayman for 3DS Virtual Console.

Ubisoft released Rayman for Game Boy Color back in 2000, mixing the story of the original game with content from Rayman 2. There's already Rayman DSiWare on the eShop, but that's more faithful to the 32-bit original.

It'll be the second Ubisoft game for 3DS Virtual Console after Prince of Persia launched in January.

With Rayman Origins due for 3DS in the coming months it would make sense for the Virtual Console version to hit around the same time. Here's hoping.

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Gavin_Rozee said:

Nice. I'll buy every Game Boy Color game they throw at me. There should be a lot more of them available by now.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Game & Watch Gallery 2 will be only the second Nintendo published GBC game released in 10 months. That's absolutely appalling in my opinion.



Smitherenez said:

I still have the cartridge for this game! Never came past those 'water rising' levels back then. The quick save function might help me out, and you won't have to you the dreaded passwords anymore!



gusmento01 said:

Rayman DSiWare and the GBA version is way too easy, the hard version was Rayman for the Sega Saturn. I would buy the GBC version if they release to the U.S.



AbuJaffer said:

Never finished the original on my PS1... to this day I still hold this game as a challenge I will one day conquer. I just need a faithful re-release that doesn't require me to use a PC emulator... and no, the DSiWare version doesn't fit those requirements.



retro_player_22 said:


I don't think the GBA version was that easy. To me it was kinda complicated to play due to the zoom-in camera perspective but the game was great. If there's any version of Rayman that I wanted to play the most it's the Jaguar version.



MetalMario said:

If this comes to America, I will buy it. Loved this game on GBC, wouldn't mind having it on my 3DS.



FonistofCruxis said:

I might get this, it looks okay.
@Gavin_Rozee The probably want to space things out so that they don't run out of games too quickly. Having said that, I still think they should release 3DS VC games more often. There was only one 3DS VC game out last month!



kdognumba1 said:

I haven't played the GBC version. Outside of graphics, are there any significant differences?



47drift said:

This was one of my first Game Boy Color games. I always liked the soundtrack a great deal.



Firejonie said:

Played the Gameboy Color version. I sorta liked it, not the best Rayman game I have played but still nice. Might pick this up when it comes to NA.



DraculaX said:

Rayman 1 is still one of my favorite games. I really hope this gets released in America because the DSIware version looks super easy compared to the PS1 version.



eleven59 said:

Sigh... Every time I see some exciting news for the eshop, Im soon reminded it's not for the NoA...



Rensch said:

That's not entirely true. There's also a sequel to this Game Boy Color version that basically is a 2D recreation of The Great Escape. There was also a third one for GBA, that similarly blends in elements of Rayman 2 and Rayman 3 on the consoles.



Rect_Pola said:

But how will it be different? I actually didn't enjoy the first Rayman. It had an awkward clunkiness to it.

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