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Nintendo Sets 10.5 Million Wii U Sales Target

Posted by James Newton

The power of two

Nintendo expects to sell as many as 10.5 million Wii U consoles in the machine's first financial year.

The company provided combined sales targets for Wii and Wii U for the upcoming financial year, targeting combined sales of 10.5m consoles and 70m software units across both machines. It hasn't revealed precisely how many Wii U consoles it hopes to sell, only providing the combined 10.5m Wii and Wii U target.

These estimates are actually extremely conservative: while Wii has faltered of late, it still shifted 9.84m consoles and 102m software units in the past 12 months. Even with the system dropping off, we'd still expect it to sell a few million in the next year.

With Nintendo aiming for a holiday season release for Wii U it's obviously playing it safe with estimates for both consoles. Wii spikes at Christmas time — 5.61m of its 9.84m sales came between October and December — so is Nintendo expecting a softer launch for Wii U than some had expected?

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Expa0 said:

More games and less talking Nintendo. Currently Wii U's upcoming line-up consist of nothing but ports.



hendie001 said:

they will beat that i hope. if nintendo ever went belly up like sega i would be heart broken. i have been with them through thick and thin since the early 80 s. hope all goes good.



Iggy-Koopa said:

@expa0: E3 my friend, E3 (and TGS, and Nintendo's own conference no doubt). I reckon they are playing the cards close to the chest because whenever they reveal solid facts, they get ripped apart by over zealous fanboys. But one thing is for sure; with 3rd party support this good so far (ports or not), the audition of 1st party goodies is going to make this launch stellar.



Kage_88 said:

Interesting...if the goal of 10 million is 'conservative', could that somehow hint at the cost/profit of the Wii U? Maybe those recent rumours about the expense of the system's components aren't so easy to debunk...



Gamer83 said:

Launching a Super Mario game with the console day one would be a good way to start heading towards that goal. Hope it happens.



James said:

@Kage_88 I think it's more to do with the machine's release, to be honest — if it's out in the last few months of this year, how likely is it to shift 5m before April?

It's an interesting figure for sure — Nintendo expected 4m 3DS sales in its first month, so what percentage of this figure is for Wii U and what is for Wii? Tell me, Mr Iwata!



kdognumba1 said:

There's no doubt in my mind that they'll easily beat this. However, when they do, this will of course make analysts shut it, make their stock rise, and make investors very happy.



Myx said:

they better going to implement some trophies or achievements. otherwise their dlc-aspirations will be doomed on wii u.



NintyMan said:

If Mario is a launch title and there are a few very good 1st and 3rd party titles coming out for it as well, the Wii U should easily go through that estimate. Maybe Nintendo wanted to predict that number so they wouldn't be overconfident and think it'll go higher?

If it has a reasonable price, I hope to be among those that help them reach that target.



kyuubikid213 said:

Nintendo, if you want to sell 10 million units in the first year, You have to...
A. Bring out a BAD-A$$ launch line-up.
B. Make sure the price doesn't pull a PS3.
C. Advertise it like it is a new console, not just a new controller.
D. Keep the Virtual Shop (UShop I guess) on par with the 3DS's eShop.
E. Make a new Mario/Zelda/Metriod within that first year (if it's not at launch)
F. Give one to this guy when he walks up with the money in his hand.



XCWarrior said:

$10 million Wii U units sold and I couldn't tell you one worthwhile non-port on the system? Not to mention no release date for the system? Iwata needs to lay off whatever he's smoking.



Kyloctopus said:

A: I think we should guess that NSMB Mii, and Pikmin 3 are trying to aim on launch date.
B: The price will be ballanced, rest assured.
C: I think they should do it how Apple does, nonchalantly, and yet Phenomenally.
D: Ur kidding right? Every Thursday, I hear that the e Shop sucks, I'm probably going to hear it today.
E: I don't it's good putting those 3 games next to eachother on launch date in Nintendo's perspective.
F: No



C-Olimar said:

XCWarrior Read some comments! Nintendo are clearly waiting until E3 to mention things like that, and Pikmin 3 is certainly a worthwile game!



DeMoN-13ruce said:

i bet they have 1st party games in far development already for the first year of wii u mario game is guarenteed lol. maybe secretly a zelda too or metroid and pikmin 3 is good too:) and the 3rd party is great even if it are port. becuase first ps3/xbox 360 games looked like ps2/gamecube... and the 3ds games look gorgous too:)



Alienfish said:

Look at it this way. Wii has been all but silent the past year. So what has Nintendo been doing? They been making some killer games for their new console, that's what!

To further this theory, I'd like to state that even though some good Nintendo games have been released on 3DS in the past year, they've all been pretty low level and relatively easy to make games that draw from earlier installments (i.e. Mario 3D Land, Mariokart 7, etc.) with the exception of Skyward Sword and Kid Icarus. Skyward Sword is still quite relevant and I expect it to be for quite a while longer so there will be no Zelda game in the launch window and I don't know why people even consider it. Mario is supposed to be there right from the start in very simple form so what's left? Metroid. I think Nintendo is gonna show a Metroid game at E3 for release in early 2013.



SuperMinusWorld said:

A Super Mario Bros. 4 for Wii U would guarantee great launch sales, but they've got to do something different. Plus, a co-op 3D Mario would sell like hot cakes. I'm tellin' ya, guys!



rjejr said:

Nintendo sold almost 9.84 million Wiis the last 12 months and it is expecting to sell only 10.5 million Wii AND WiiU systems over the next 12 months - WITH A BRAND NEW SYSTEM LAUNCH?

Are they planning on not releasing the WiiU until next April?
Are they dropping the Wii entirely?
Is the WiiU going to cost $500?

I just don't see how you can forecast selling the same amount of a new system and old system combined at merely the same rate a 6 year old system.

Oops, nobody saw that, right?



PatcherStation said:

Most gamers have wised up to Nintendo, more so after the 3DS launch and the fact that new releases for the Wii just died. 3DS sales have dropped, new releases have dried up. I can see Nintendo making a profit from the 3DS and Wii U, but I can't see them hitting as high as Wii sales. What with the Vita, then the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, Nintendo won't have it easy this time.



MeloMan said:

It all comes back to the software. Good s/w, 10 mil Wii U's gone, bad software, they won't even meet that number.



MitchVogel said:

I find it funny that Iwata's holding the Wii U controller, while there's a picture of a bunch of Wiis behind him. A bit misleading, eh? Haha, why is that Wii picture even there?



Hokori said:

I see dqx as a launch title, maybe pikmin 3, hopefully a Zelda and Mario, and if we're reliving the snes days..... Fzero or pilot wings for wii u



Henmii said:

They seem to be very VERY confident! Couldn't they better wait until after E3 before making such bold statements? Because last year most people weren't convinced. If the people will be convinced this year has yet to be seen, though New super mario bros Wii u will sure be a succes!



James said:

@Henmii I'd say giving investors a bold statement on the same day you tell them your company lost $529 million is probably a good idea!



Henmii said:

Well, maybe you are right!

But it doesn't matter! Nintendo makes many decisions. And we won't agree with all of them (in fact, personally I would do many things differently). But they still make good games and they are still around. And they will be around in the future! Nintendo knows how to stay alive, even if the analists never agree (they probably have Sony/Microsoft/Apple stock)!

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