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Pandora's Tower Reaches Europe on 13th April

Posted by James Newton

Action a-go-go, baby

Nintendo Europe just confirmed it'll release Japanese action RPG Pandora's Tower in just under two months' time

The action game with a dark heart will launch across Europe on 13th April, giving you plenty of time to finish The Last Story, which is released on 24th February.

The announcement also came with this rather delightful Valentine's Day image.

Are you up for some monster heart-eating in April?


Nintendo announces the upcoming release of Pandora’s Tower, the newest epic action RPG on Wii

14 February 2012 – Pandora’s Tower™ is the latest action-packed RPG to come from Nintendo and will be available across Europe exclusively on Wii™ from 13th April 2012. With real-time combat, motion controls, multiple endings and a unique relationship system, Pandora’s Tower offers a unique experience and an epic story that will keep you engrossed for hours.

In Pandora’s Tower you take on the role of Aeron, a soldier, as he battles to save his beloved friend Elena from a mysterious curse that is gradually transforming her into a demonic creature. Only by battling through the towers of a nearby fortress can Aeron save her from her gruesome fate. Using his sword and the magical Oraclos Chain, Aeron must defeat the creatures that lurk there and harvest their meat to feed to Elena. Only by eating all of the “master flesh”, harvested from the largest monsters within each tower, will Elena be fully cured of the curse and free from its monstrous grip.

By returning to Elena to feed her meat from the smaller monsters, you can slow down the transformation - but only temporarily. You will need to carefully judge when it is best to return to her, as not coming back in time could lead to Elena’s permanent transformation into a demonic beast.

Multiple possible endings and a New Game+ mode means that Pandora’s Tower has great replay value and by mastering the unique relationship system you can change Aeron and Elena’s fate. You must not only decide when to return to Elena to stem the tide of her curse, but also what items to give to her. After spending time speaking to her you will become more familiar with her plight and leaving her to continue your quest may become more difficult.
Taking the time to build a bond with Elena could even change the ultimate ending of the story.

While exploring the labyrinthine towers you’ll come across a wide variety of items. Mavda, a mysterious travelling merchant who can upgrade your weapons, can create special new items by combining two or more items that you have found on your journey. The items that you have discovered while exploring the towers can be given to Elena as gifts to strengthen your bond or be used to help you on your quest to battle the 13 masters – the choice is yours.

In celebration of communication with loved ones, Nintendo is today releasing a set of 5 specially themed e-card images. Featuring Aeron, Elena, Mavda and some key pieces of artwork from the game, this unique set of images can make the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day message – although user discretion is advised and it may be a good idea to ensure that the recipient already knows a thing or two about the concept of the game...

Pandora’s Tower features an epic storyline with multiple endings affected by the decisions you make. Explore thirteen challenging towers on a mission to save your friend, set to a powerful soundtrack consisting of some of the most popular classical music in the world, including composers such as Verdi and Tchaikovsky. Every decision you make will affect your ultimate success. The choice is yours.

Pandora’s Tower launches across Europe exclusively for Wii on 13th April 2012. Stay tuned to for more updates!

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Bankai said:

I'm really looking for seeing how disappointed people are going to be with this game.

Hugely overrated title for a bunch of Nintendo fans in the US to throw a tantrum over.



Blaze said:

I'll probably pick this up day one if it gets some good reviews, seeing as it's perfectly timed for after my birthday!



JustAnotherUser said:

Should I hand my Bank Account over to Nintendo now or later?
It's great to see a release date on Pandora's Tower.
I played the Japanese version for a while (just a little bit of the beginning to avoid major spoilers) and loved it!



Blaze said:

@Waltz If you dislike it, then fine, but it's clear that some people are interested in the game. There's nothing wrong with them trying to get a US release, it's not like it's causing anyone any harm.



PixelatedPixie said:

The premise certainly sounds interesting. I've never been particularly interested in third-person character action games but I've always been intrigued by this game for some reason. I'll be interested to see how it reviews here in the West.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Now that we know PANDORA'S TOWER will be translated, it gives me hope for a U.S. release along with THE LAST STORY.



FonistofCruxis said:

Its great that we've got a release date now but I'm annoyed at yet more pointless name changes. I didn't mind it with XBC as only the more odd names were changed which were Fiorung to Fiora and Carna to Sharla but 6 out of the 7 main characters in The last story had their names changed and now both main characters in Pandora's tower have had their names changed as Ende is now Aeron and Ceres is now Elena.



BlueBandanaJake said:

Oh awesome!
Im here in NA, but I'm glad its seeing a release outside of Japan, that's definitely a great sign! I think of the three games everyone was clamoring for, this was the one I really wanted to get my hands on. A release in Europe is a step towards a release over here in NA, so here's hoping that comes to fruition



ArcanaXVI said:

Between the three titles so begged for by Operation Rainfall, this is the one I've been hoping for the most. I pre-ordered Xenoblade Chronicles the moment it was announced for the US, as I will with The Last Story as well (if it, too, makes it across the pond), but Pandora's Tower looks by far the most intriguing to me. I really hope they're just holding back on the announcement and not actually planning on letting it skip the US altogether...



Stine said:

That was quicker than expected. I thought it wouldn't be released before June at the earliest.



misswliu81 said:

the plotline for this game sounds so epic and the screenshots look amazing.

this ought to be fantastic.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Stine Same, I also wasn't expecting it until June.
Also, if I had a girlfriend who was into games and knew about this game, I would totally send her one of those e-cards.Actually, even if I had a girlfriend who wasn't into games, I might just to see what her reaction was.



sinalefa said:

So Europe has gotten the last of the three Rainfall games.

I do hope we get the same this side of the pond. Now that we know the aproximate release date of Wii U, there are many months to fill for the Wii. I don't see the 3DS carrying everything on its shoulders.



BenAV said:

While I'm not expecting anything amazing from this game, I'm still quite looking forward to it and will pick it up on release when it comes to Australia.

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